The party continues to explore the ruins. The very well hidden door reveals a secret room with a number of very old magical weapons and artefacts. Gthe grabs these and heads onward to explore the rest of the ruin.

They have some trouble with a fire breathing dragons head trap, but other than that they manage to comb through the ruin peacefully.

They do find a crystal from a dead creature that Shambula manages to decipher. It plays a recorded message.

"En-Taro-A-Dun Whoever may be listening to this, this is the sad accounting of the failure of our mission. I am Praetor Fenaris of the 2nd Templar Expeditionary Force sent to this world to establish a series of outposts as a fallback point in case our war with the Scourge turns for the worst.

We were transported to this world several cycles ago. The local inhabitants seem primitive with swords and arrows. Some seem to be able to wield powers similar to the Templars, bending the psionic energies, which the locals call magic, to their will. We decided to steer clear of them whenever possible. After a while we discovered these ruins and repurposed them to house our outpost.

We established the gateway and were preparing to set up the defences and head back to home when the floating creature and it’s cohorts set upon us. It took us a moment to understand the danger we were in and by then it was too late. Many of my brethren had already entered their psi chambers and the few still out were no match for the beast. I managed to activate the defences and have it destroy anything approaching to prevent them from escaping this place.

One by one my brothers became his slaves, minds stripped of all reason.They are using the gateway to lure additional Protoss to their doom. I am all that is left, powerless to do anything as long as this collar is upon me. Soon it shall most likely be my turn I fear. I pray that whoever finds this recording, destroy my mindless form and ensures the gateway is destroyed as well along with the wretched fate of my brethren."

The party eventually leaves Shambula to continue to investigate the ruins, and to see where the portal or gateway as the creature called it leads to...

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