Jungle, Canoes and Epic Bear fight

A new home

After securing the hill top and securing the prisoners, the survivors resettle to their new camp. The Queen's "general" seems to be more rational than the queen herself. It appears he is part of a Hellknight contingent bound fro Eleder, some 30 years ago. A storm stranded the company to the island. Most Hellknight survivors and survivors of the crew went after natives on the island after being repeatedly by them. A few of the Hellknights and the remaining crew stayed at the camp, along with the Hellknight commanders daughter. After some unfortunate event's the daughter became Queen Ballinger and more or less unhinged mentally. The Hellknight convinced te Queen to allow the survivors to share the camp, instead of fighting again.

After moving all the resources to the camp, Eugene with some of the survivors began to build a watch tower and securing the surroundings. Krondike and Bertram on the other hand began to make a couple of canoes for exploring the island along the shore instead of walking through the jungle. The week contains a few encounters with local Fauna, including Tom and Eugene fighting a python, which ended with Tom shoving a grenade into the snake's mouth.

Threat in the Night

Almost a week later the tower is finished and canoes just about ready. During one night a sudden roar and a gust of wind from an unseen source surprises the encampent. Sasha, scared by this and low moral flees screaming into the jungle. Eugene sprints after her into the pitch black jungle. Others prepare to defend against what ever threatens the camp. A few minutes later when nothing seems to appear, Krondike runs after Eugene and Sasha.

In this jungle there be bears, at least one anyway

Eugene stumbles through the dark jungle following Sasha's sounds. Slowly though the sounds seem to distance. Soon though Eugene hears Krondike crashing through the jungle. He easily catches up to Eugene. After some time of tracking and following the sounds of Sasha, Krondike and Eugene hear her scream. A fast sprint brings the pair to a small clearing. A brown bear is growling at one edge of the clearing and Sasha is dangling on a rope trap on the other. Krondike quickly moves in front of the bear and roars mightly, putting the bear unease. After a exchange of roars, Krondike swings his axe first, seeing that the bear won't budge. A quick exhange of blows is followed and bear lies dead on the ground and Krondike is badly mauled. Meanwhile Eugene has climbed up th etree and released Sasha. The Brave heroes return to camp, along with the dead bear.


  • Bear meat
  • Bear skin

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