The group retreats from the tower and rests for an entire day, seemingly undisturbed. The following day late in the afternoon they risk another foray into the tower. Eugene going first in spots a pair of clever Javelin traps but misses the third one which launches a painful Javelin to his abdomen, not an auspicious start for the group. It seems the denizens of the tower have been preparing as well.

The stairwell is now guarded by the happy tail wagging shocker lizard which is agai nspared by distracting it with food. The group quickly and quietly make their way to the fourth floor where they ambush and engage four more foul smelling Troglodytes which leaves Ishirou nausious. One of the troglodytes alerts a fifth on in the next room, which enters the fray wielding a bardiche. The fight is quickly turned to the heroes favour and the larger troglodyte retreats to the fifth floor.

Shortly after the large troglodyte retreats the group take a minute to heal up and regain composure before charging up to the fifth and final floor.

The top floor houses a another troglodyte as well a large crocodile. The ensuing fight sees another 3 crocodiles summoned by the new trgolodyte, apparently the leader. As the battle again turns to the heroes favor the troglodyte summons a wall of fire but even that does not deter the party and they push through the flaming wall ignoring the searing pain of the flames and heat. The final troglodyte get felled quickly but not before one of the heroes is struckdown, but fortunately the rest of the party revive him quickly.

The aftermath and clean up of the battle field yield many magical items, some of which Varrio manages to identify. During this time, Eugene finds a magical orb which he touches and a great reptilian eye emerges in it. The eye demands to know where his servant Tasskar is and Eugene straight up tells that they killed him. The eye seems furious and spells doom to the party. At this point Eugene threw the orb away and starts running down stairs to get out of the tower. The tower begins to rumble and everyone quickly begin to run out of the tower. Glendemick grabs the orb and flies out as well. During the haste, Varrio being an older man has a hard time and hits his head quite a few times and Imbasa just grabs him along. The pair manages to get out of tower in the nick of time as it sinks back into the chasm where it appeared from. After a short discussion it is decided to toss the orb into the chasm and it disappears into the darkness.

The party begins their journey back to Eleder where they arrive very late in the night.


  • Level 5
    • Tulok
      • MW Bardiche
      • MW Breastplate
      • Belt of Giant Strength +2
      • Cloak of Resistance +1
    • Tasskar
      • +1 Great Axe
      • +2 Wooden Armor
      • Belt of Incredible Dexterity +2
      • Scroll of Meld into Stone
      • Bag of Gemstones, valued to 200gp


Not looted

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