Ship building, sailing, shipwrecks and giant flying lizards

We're sailors, maybe

The following morning after the surprise of the night and the bear fight Krondike is badly ill. According to Jask, the wounds of the bear fight have been badly infected. Krondike is left to rest and recover in the camp.

Tom, Eugene and Bertram head over to the canoes to finish them and make a quick test of their seaworthiness. It is quickly apparent that they aren't stable enough for the skills of he heroes. Side pontoon are added for more stability. The following day the party head out westward along the coast. After several hours on the rough seas, the party see a shipwreck on the coast. The read end of the ship shows it to be called The Tattooed Lady. A quick scavenge through the wreck shows little salvage. Bertram finds a dead dwarf priest along a masterwork warhammer with Torag's symbol.

After leaving the wreck the journey continues westward. After clearing the northern tip, the seas become more rough, but after some arduous paddling they manage to circumvent the peak and reach the calmer waters of the lagoon. After an hour more of traveling a suitable landing site is located before nightfall.

Flying lizards!

The landing site required some climbing but Eugene easily makes the climb and leaves a rope for the others to climb up. Shortly after heading back to camp, the trio is attacked by flying lizards. The fight is short and one of the lizards is captured for Sasha to make as a pet. Upon returning to camp, Eugene presents his prize to Sasha, who deems the bird too wild and old to train, and promptly ends it's life. She asks Eugene to bring her an egg next time.

The next day the group return to the boats to find the nest and to make a better trail to the boats. Nest is found almost atop a cliff near the landing site. A larger lizard is near the nest. Eugene sneaks into the nest, finding a number of items there, including a skeleton with a breastplate with Hellknight insignia and tabbard. He ignores the items and concentrates on taking the one egg found in the nest. Like a shadow he takes the egg and sneaks back out of the nest. A little later they hear the angry scream of the mother but she doesn't find them under the jungle canopy. Sasha is overjoyed of the egg and tells about her past with the Red Mantis Assassins. She also agrees to teach all willing members of the party some Red Mantis tactics.


  • Tattooed Lady's wreck
    • Masterwork Warhammer with symbol of Torag (Bertram)
    • Bag of 10 Pitons
    • Sickle
    • 10 x Tiny Wooden Box
  • Flying lizard nest
    • Lizard egg for Sasha

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