It has been a long and arduous trek thus far for the party. After their encounter at the hilltop, lots has happened.

The party returned to the hilltop after some respite, only to find it empty, their assailants also retreiting along the same route the party is planning to travel. The party tried to follow and ambush the group but was unsuccessful in catching up the apparently mounted group.

From the hilltop the party ventured onwards towards Kalabuto, their mid journey waypoint. Just before Kalabuto they discover a tree full of hanged colonial bodies, which upon inspection, wake up as undead and attack the party. A bloody fight ensues from which the party does emerge victorious. From the tree the party travels to Kalabuto.

In Kalabuto they find their contact, Cheiton, who arranges the party for some boats. The party also purchase various equipment from local vendors and find out a way to revive Nkechi as he was slain in the hilltop battle by Ankhegs. During their stay they are again assailed by the same group as before, ambushed in their respective housings. The party flees in the cover of darkness along with Cheiton.

The party makes their way to a nearby witch called Shambula, who agrees to bring Nkechi back to life, for a price. He wants the group to help him enter a ruin along the way to examine it further. After retrieving the needed resources from Kalabuto, the ritual is performed. It is successful, mostly. Nkechi is brought back to life, but the magic transforms his body to that of a foul smelling Troglodyte. Fortunately Tom manages to make a cocktail of herbs and flagrances to covers the stench. It's time to hold up their end of the bargain. Shambula joins the party for now along their travel, first down river to the lake, and then upriver towards north.

The next leg takes them to a local Zenj fishing village and the party remembers the map they got from the village that was attached by Chemosits. They ask around and a ship was wrecked and sunk some years ago and the party decides to go investigate for a day. They travel to the location of the wreck and after some searching find it. Imbasa and Eugene dive in and very carefully investigate the wreck a little. A quick search discovers a puch of gems from the captains cabin which they decide is enough and do not risk digging deeper to the wreck.

From the shipwreck they begin their journey northwards along the river. After several days of traveling they are ambushed by a group of Mzali headhunters. After exhanging a number of shots, the party canoes onwards frantically, leaving the Mzali behind. The group warns the main expedition of the danger and the expedition prepares for a possible encounter with the headhunters.

Finally after several additional days of travel, the group arrive at a location which according to Shambula is their destination for the ruin. A large clearing surrounds the entrance to the cave and supposed ruin. A floating metallic orb and an adjoining crystal are outside the entrance. It quickly becomes apparent that the orb is a defence mechanic of somesort, discharging bolts of energy and surrounded by a force field. The party finally manage to beat down the field and destroy the orb to silcence the device.

The entrance to the ruin reveals several dead decaying charred bodies and scorch marks along the walls suggesting the orb has fired inwards to the structure as well. The party makes their way in, encountering traps and a apparently the ruins current occupants. A fight ensues with a pair of large hulking armoured creatures (which no-one managed to identify) and some Kobolds. A few Kobolds are taken a prisoners, which reveal that they serve a great floating eye. The party ventures onwards, encountering additional creatures, Kobolds that would not stay dead apparently, human soldiers fighting in tight formation and a half-orc mage of somesort. After a grueling fight which wounded grievously some of the members, they decide to withdraw and regroup for another try.


  • 573gp worth of gems, divided already

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