• Race is on!
  • Party begins travel towards Kalabuto
  • After 4 days of travel they encountered an abandoned wagon and campsite. Quick investigation shows there was a fight. Imbasa manages to figure out here were 4 people in the camp and two attackers. All six seem to have traveled away from the camp. Also a chest of coins was found.
  • After 12 hours of tracking the party settles down for the night. A few hours later the camp is attacked in the dark. A group of six wights is defeated.
  • The group determine that the wights were traveling towards Fzumi Salt Mine. A quick commincation with the main expedition shows that there could be a shortcut through the mine which could save travel time, especially due to the delay
  • Near the salt mine the party reconned the entrance. They were approached by young woman of colonial heritage speaking in broken common and polyglot. She demanded the party to not hunt for dinosaurs and it's her hunting ground. A quick round of convincing proved her that the party was headed to the mine. She introduced her self as Athyra and her companion was a dinosaur called Jaji. She warned the party that the mine is haunted and filled with death. She asked them to bring a silver locket from her father, apparently the previous foreman of the mine. Athyra promised to wait at the entrance of the rumoured other mine.
  • The the party visited the mining camp at dusk, found a wight pretending to be dead which was dispatched quickly. The party found a logbook which detailed that the mine wasn't providing enough produce and the owner of the mine was looking to find a new vein by connecting to a neighboring mine at the otherside, rumoured to be haunted. The last pages ominously were written in different handwriting "They’ve come up from below! They’re all dead, and their touch withers the flesh! May the gods have mercy on us!"


  • Chest of coins 1000gp in total

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