Game 16 Happenings

  • After spending a good 2 week in Eleder, the party has started hearing rumors that clues to a lost called Saventh-Yhi might have been found and that several expeditions to said city might be prepared
  • Ishirou purchased a treasure map from a "very reputable" looking person
    • He recruited two new party members to come look for the treasure
  • The party gathered in One-eyed Kraken and prepared to go for the treasure the next day
  • Thanks to Imbasa's expert guidance the group manages to travel swiftly and easily for the next two days ending up to a clearing very much described in the map
    • In addition, Glendemick manages to see a tower in the distance, about a day's walk east
    • From the clearing the party made it's way to a nearby hidden stone structure, apparently guarded by a red basilisk
    • The group decided to ambush the basilisk with Eugene, Ishirou and Imbasa going around the structure to surprise it from behind while Tom and Glendemick waited in the front to strike at the the beast once combat began
    • Much to the surprise of the trio, there actually was a hole in the backwall and there were 3 persons hiding in there, one of them being the man who sold him the map. After a short discussion a battle began with the combatants. In addition Glendemick and Tom attacked the Basilisk.
    • After a short battle, two of the men ran after Ishirou showed his mastery of katana in a dazzling display. Eugene managed to strike down the Basilisk in a daring show of bravery and surprise, covering himself in gore.
    • After the battle Imbasa hunted down the two men and brought them back to the temple.
      • They told the group that they lured people here so that the Basilisk kills them and they then loot the bodies while the basilisk slept
  • The group decided to sleep the night in the temple and continue to the tower in the morning


  • +1 Longsword
  • Ring of Protection +1 - Ishirou
  • +1 Leather Armor
  • +1 Studded Leather Armor
  • Hat of Disguises - Ishirou
  • MW Chainmail
  • MW Light crossbow - Ishirou
  • MW Swordbreaker dagger
  • MW Longbow
  • MW Manacles
  • Longsword
  • 2x Potion of Cure Light Wounds Used

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