The party discusses in the evening and decides to sleep in the main house of the mining camp. Some shore up the house by boarding up the windows and Eugene setsup a trap of caltrops to the stairs. Part of the party also assemble a bonfire near the entrance of the mine to illuminate the entrance. The night is calm bu in the twilight dawn Desini sports a group of the undead creatures returning to the mine. She takes a quick shot with her bow but misses. The creatures hiss and rush towards the building as she shouts a warnig to her allies. The creatures bash in the door on the bottom floor while half of them climb up the walls and begin to slam in the window shutters. The shutters and doors give the group enough time to get up and get ready to defend themselves. Imbasa's implores blessings of Desna while Eugene gets ready to stab a creature through the quickly splintering shutters. Soon a full on flurry is on going as the creatures bust in. Eugene stabs the creature in the window repeatedly and while a normal human would have died, the creature just hisses and pushes forward but Eugene manages to hold his ground and kills the creature with a few quick stabs to the creatures neck. In the meanwhile Desini holds her ground at the top of the stairs as the creatures bas against her shield. Tom finds an opening and drops a frost bomb that coats the stariswell in a glazing of frost. Meanwhile Glendemick has flown outside and keeps slamming the creatures with his electric blasts, frying them one after the other. Soon the creatures climb up the stairs past Desini and the upstairs foyer becoms a flurry melee. Imbasa swings his spear stabbing wildly, Desini slices the creatures left and right and Eugene finds the openings to sink his daggers to the creatures sides, necks and backs. The fight is over in a minute with the party being victorious. A quick preparation is taken and the group ventures in to the dark mine.

The moist dark salt rock tunnel winds down and ends up to a widening with a pool of water that seems to continue further into the mine. What ever kept the accumulating water has been long not operating the water has accumulated in to the mine. Desini and Imbasa go to investigate the water and are surprised by a huge dark amorphous creature identified as a Blackpudding. It slams Desini and she feels pain as the acidic hit burns her flesh. She retaliates by slashing the creature and much to her horror, instead of taking damage it simply cut in two, both part moving independently. She then thrusts her sword at the monster again and again it is divided instead of actually getting cut. Glendemicks electric attacks and Toms bombs have more effect and soon the creature, including all of it's copies are slain and they disolve back into the murky water.

The party continues, wondering does the mine truly offer a passage to the expedition and it's wagons but eventually trust Amivor's judgement. They explore the mine further, coming on to a abandoned campsite with a few desicated dried husks of donkeys. They also find a rusted lockbox that Eugene deftly opens. Inside they find a hefty bag of gold pieces and a scrollcase made of bone. Tom opens it and finds a deed to the mine, appointing Athyra Crinhouse as the sole heir to the mine.

They continue onward and after a good while of moving around they are ambushed by a much larger similar creature and a few normal sized ones. The large creature stomps down between Eugene and Desini and takes a mighty swing at Desini. She holds up her shield in time and takes in the brunt of the hit, her feet firmely sinking an inch to the salty surface of the mine. She takes a series of quick slashes at the creature and Eugene stabs its back at the same time and the quickly bring the creature down with Eugene hopping on the creatures back and sinking his shortsword in it's brain. Mean while Tom takes a surprising series of stabs with his dagger at one creature that strikes him back and he feels moisture being drawn from his body. Imbasa likewise has some trouble with his opponent. Finally though all creatures are slain and the group takes a breather to patch up received wounds. In the meanwhile Glendemick flew to a unexplored passage and finds a curious device half submerged in water but finds nothing else of note.

The party ventures forward again coming to a faintly lit large cavern with a small island in the middle. The light is coming from a large dome on the island, giving off a blueish glow. One side of the dome seemed cracked and Glendemick flew to take a closer look. He is greeted with a gaunt human, much like the creatures theyve been fighting but this one has glowing eyes that flash towards Glendemick as his light shines into the dome. In addition Glendemick sees a woman in tattered clothes and apparently undead remains of yet another miner. Unlike the previous creaures, the blue eyed one speaks to Glendemick: "Ahh... so you are the ones intruding upon my domain. I shall take great pleasure rending flesh from your bones and dragging your souls to my service! Azrakh naz khutan!"


  • Coin puch containing 500gp
  • Deed to Fzumi Salt Mine, appointing Athyra Crinhouse as heir

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