Our interpid heroes start their adventure as passengers or members of the Jenivere crew. Whilst the voyage towards Eleder is mostly a calm one, some signs of trouble show up just days before arriving to their destination.

Pirates Yarr!

Eugene as the lookout spots a smaller vessel approaching the Jenivere soon after departing from Senghor. The ships turns out to be a smaller and much faster ship than Jenivere is. Within hours, the pirates attack Jenivere. Krondike is severely wounded in the beginning of the battle. Soon though the Jenivere crew and passengers manage to push back the pirates and they decide to retreat. Tom throws the pirates an explosive parting gift, which seems to badly damage the aft section of the pirate vessel. The surviving pirates onboard Jenivere are dispatched by the Jenivere captain and thrown overboard as shark food. Bertram heals Krondike and the two become more close as comrades in arms.

Arrival to the Island

The next evening after the pirate engagement, the crew and passengers sit down to the galley to feast on a fresh grilled giant eel the crew managed to catch during the day. After the evening meal, everyone goes to sleep in their bunks. Bertram is the first to wake up... on a beach, being nibbled by a Ochre Euryptorid, commonly known as a sea scorpion. He quickly gets up and spots two more creatures as awell as the wreck of the Jenivere on some rocks some mile away. Others of the party soon wake up as well and quickly dispatch the critters. But not before Eugene gets stung by one of the creatures and is harmed by the creatures venom. On the beach, is also five of the six other passengers on board Jenivere.

After assessing their situation, the group decide to shortly head a bit inland and set up an encampment. Some search for food and water, others set up defensive traps. By evening time, the castaways have enough food and water to survive to the next day. The jungle already reveals it's hostility in the form of two giant centipedes, though killed by the traps laid earlier. The group settles for the night and plans their move for the morning to approach the wreck of the Jenivere.

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