A return to Eleder

The group return from their journey in the late evening. Two bored guards let them pass after Imbasa flashes a pair of gold coints to them. Once in the city proper they spot a man getting mugged in a side alley. They quickly scare of the attacker and help the man who was getting beat back up. They take him with them to the Kraken.

They make their way back to the One-Eyed Kraken, only to find the name of the Inn has changed and is now called the Dancing Piglet. A quick winddown of the journey is held and each enjoys the comfort of city again. The man they rescued tells his name is Magum. He shamefully admits ha has a 5gp gambling debt which Glendemick happily gives him. Magum thanks Glendemick and quickly leaves to "payoff" his debt.

Eugene shortly return back to his and Sasha's apartment, only to find it ransacked. A quick search finds signs of strugle and bits of blood. Eugene rushes back to the tavern and after a quick discussion the group head back to the apartment. Further searching proves fruitless as no new information can be gleamed. A door-to-door reveals a fair maiden who rejects Imabasa's advances, a drunken shouting man and the nice landlord who didn't have any information on the happenings in the room but describes a man who has a insignia on his hand which then identified as the insignia of the Red Mantis Assassins. The group return the next day back to their Inn to rest for the night, leaving a distraught Eugene.

A day of offers

The following day during breakfast, a messenger arrives summoning Eugene, Ishirou and Tom to meet the Grand Custodian Baron Utilinus.

The meeting took place at 1pm, where only Eugene and Tom, Ishirou is nowehere to be found, meet the Grand Custodian, a general of the Sargavan guard, Rotilinus Havelar, and Jask, the cleric they rescued and absolved from the Smugler's Shiv. The meeting is about having the group lead the Sargavan expedition to Saventh-Yhi. They are offered a fair share of the wealth as well as Land and Title. The group is asked to respond by next evening. On their way out they have a discussion with the general to get more information on the Red Mantis. The general point them toward a captain of the guard, Saurus.

At the same time Varrio, Glendemick and Imbasa are conducting trade and selling the accumulated loot. During the day they meet Amivor Glaur, a Venture captain belonging to the Pathfinder Society, looking similarly help with their expedition. They agree to discuss further in the evening in a location used by local Pathfinders.

Eugene and Tom arrive back to the Inn first, and there is a small box waiting Eugene. The tavern lady could not describe the man bringing the box. The box contained a short note "We have your girl. Come to the Blackened Seabass at 8pm" and a bloodied cloth, containing a severed little finger, which looks to be Sasha's. The news of this is brought to the rest of the group quickly.

While the group discuss what to do, Ishirou brings up an offer of expedition from the Aspis Consortium which he happened to come by in no way especially mentioned.

Next the group decide to head to meet the Pathfinders, but unfortunately the venture captain is not there. So they decide to visit the captain of the guard instead.

The meeting with the captain yielded a little bit more information. The Red Mantis and the Free Captains of the Shackles are not on good terms and maybe able be of use in rescuing Sasha. Also for Sasha's safety the use of the guard may not be very useful as subtelty is not their strong suit.

The party try to visit the Pathfinders again but again, unfortunately the venture captain is not there. The group decide to head to the Blackened Seabass to scout the place out.

The party arrive to the Blackened Seabass as a thunderstorm that has been looming breaks out. The torrential rain makes the day even more depressing. The group decide to scope the place out and follow the man matching their description of any man Imbasa points out. Imbasa goes in first to scope the place and find a good vantage point.

The tavern is packed full and it is hard to find a good place to monitor but Imbasa manages to find a decent location.

Eugene enters the tavern and spots a man matching the landlords description at the bar. He pushes to the bar and sits next to the man, getting a drink himself. The man says nothing, leaves a gold coin and leaves the tavern. As Eugene gets up to follow him, a prostitute entices him, almost begging him to follow him upstairs. Grudginly he follows, feeling that this is the correct course to find Sasha. The girl leads him to the second floor room where Eugene meets Chivane, a lean elf woman. She tells him that they have Sasha and if the group agrees to serve their expedtiion, she wil not be harmed, otherwise they will return Sasha in pieces to Eugene. A true offer you cannot refuse type of offer.

Meanwhile the girl has returned downstairs and Imbasa hires her to get access upstairs. She takes him to the third floow, where he quickly gets much neede information of the slender girl before planting her to the bed with a handful of gold and a promise to not say anything. He then heads back down and meets Eugene in the stairwell.

The clock is running as Sasha will be hurt every hour until he accepts their demand. Tick-tock tick-tock.

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