Following the tragic events of last night, the morning rays light up the tragic hill top. On it, two persons wake up. Bertram, returned by his god Abadar, and Kyra, a priestess of Sarenrae, likewise returned on behalf of her goddess. After quickly realizing that their goals coincide, they return the cabin where Bertrams friends are lodging.

Krondike is the first one to sort of greet the new arrivals, much to his dismay identifying the supposedly dead Bertram. A quick conversation clarifies the situation and everyone scatter to do chores for the day. Eugene is bedridden due to his illnesses but under Kyra's administration he fares better the following morning.

Swimming is hard...

The following morning Eugene is faring much better and the group decide to move out. They decide to explore the multiple shipwrecks around the hill. The trek to the hill is relatively quick and thanks to the party's experience with the island they can avoid most of the local fauna and hazards of the jungle. From the hill they head south to the first wreck.

The wreck is down a 40 foot cliff and a hundred foot swim. Thanks to the knotted rope the descent down is easy and safe. The swim on the other hand proves to be a much more of a challenge. The rough waters stop all but Krondike and Eugene. From the ship's hold they find a pair of skeletons. One seemed to be a noble of sorts and the other one a prisoner. After liberating the pair from their worldy possessions the clandestine duo return back to the shore, using a crate to float he loot back to shore. The crate proves to be heavy but is hauled up and back to the hill.

From the hill they head to the next wreck regardless of the time of day and the slowly setting sun. After several hours of work the group arrives to the cliff above the second wreck but decide to camp out. During the night a dead goat, drained of it's blood, fall from the sky directly into the camp fire. The group is alert for the remainder of night, but nothing else happens.

War on Windwar

In the morning the group descends down again with the help of the rope. Again, the swim proves difficult and only Eugene and Krondike cross the rough stretch of water. They enter through the sideways turned ships rear, into the captains cabin, through the rear windows remnants. This disturbs a air of undead skeletons, the deceased duty bound soldiers of the ship. They attack both Eugene and Krondike but the two quickly dispatch the walking bones to a pile of bones. The res tof the party, upon hearing the combat begin to rush to the ship. Kyra and Bertam strugle and with determination manage to swim to the ship while Tom fabricates a floation balloon from a potion. The trio arrives as Krondike and Eugene are looting the cabin.

After a short discussion of sharing, Kyra and Bertram don their armors and the group continues to the cargohold of the ship. Upon entering, a host of additional skeletons wake up and attack the intruders, along with their commander. A quick battle ensues, with Kyra channeling her holy power to crush the undead, Bertam engaging the commander and exchanging several blows from the dangerous foe. Eugene, Krondike and Tom dispatch the remaining skeleton warriors. The ship's hold revealed some good condition combat equipment.

Dwarf pirates?

From the Windwar wreck to party continues to the third wreck. It is easily accessed without any swimming to much of the groups delight.

New Lootz

  • Bearded Harpy
    • Coins
      • 11 gp
    • Magic Items
      • Potion of remove fear
      • Scroll of Eagle's Splendor
      • Wand of Aspect of the Falcon
      • Wand of Inflict Light Wounds
    • Stuff
      • 2 Amphoras of Vinegar ( 80 lb)
      • Artisan's Tools (5lb)
      • Bottle of Olive Oil (used in cooking)
  • Windwar
    • Coins & Gems
      • 6 sp
      • 74 gp
      • Chrysoberyl
      • Citrine
      • Opal
      • Rose Quartz
    • Equipment
      • Masterwork Chainmail
      • Masterwork Falchion (Krondike?)
      • Masterwork Light Crossbow (Kyra)
      • Masterwork Longsword
      • Breastplate
      • Heavy Steel Shield
    • Magic Items
      • 2 x Oil of Light (Eugene)
      • Potion of Reduce Person
      • Scroll of Resistance
    • Stuff
      • Bag of 20 Sling Bullets (Kyra)
      • Bottle of Vinegar (4lb)
      • 4 x Grappling Hook
      • Hammer (2lb)
      • 2 x Riding Saddle (25lb)
      • 2 x Small Magnet (1lb) (Tom)
  • Scallywag
    • Coins & Gems
      • 13 cp
      • 22 sp
      • 52 gp
      • 30 pp
      • Black Pearl
      • Chrysoberyl
      • Citrine
      • Jasper
      • Lapis Lazuli
      • Onyx
      • Rhodochrosite
      • Sardonyx
      • Sardonyx
    • Other valuables
      • Copper scepter with gold inlay
      • Decorated silver plate
      • Gold bowl with dragon engravings
      • Ivory drinking horn with copper ends
      • Silver bowl with lion engravings
      • Silver brazier with religious markings (Torag)
    • Equipment
      • Masterwork Heavy Steel Shield (Bertram)
      • Masterwork Light Pick
      • 2 x Masterwork Longsword
    • Stuff
      • Amphora of Common Wine (80 lb)
      • Anvil (200 lb)
      • 2 x Armchair (10 gp)
      • Bottle of Brandywine (4 lb)
      • 13 x Box of 20 Arrowheads (1 lb)
      • 11 x Box of 20 Candles (1 lb)
      • Chariot (200 lb)
      • 7 x Clay Tankard (2 lb)
      • 2 x Common Wig
      • 10 x Courtier's Outfit (6 lb)
      • Desk
      • Explorer's Outfit (8 lb)
      • 9 x Glasscutter
      • Iron Bar (5 lb)
      • 10 x Ladder (10') (20 lb)
      • Noble's Outfit (10 lb)
      • Piton (1/2 lb)
      • Pouch of Tobacco (1 lb)
      • Sack (1/2 lb)
      • 11 x Sack of rotten Wheat (50 lb)
      • Shrine (Torag)
      • 14 x Sledge (10 lb)
      • Small Cask of Dried Figs (8 lb)
      • Small Cask of Oil (5 lb)
      • 2 x Small Magnet (1 lb)
      • 2 x Tongs (2 lb)
      • Vial of Ink
      • 12 x Wedge of Cheese very rotten cheese (4 lb)
      • 4 x Wooden Holy Symbol (torag)

Old Lootz (from previous games with PCs)

  • Coins
    • 3500 cp
    • 2000 sp
    • 1000 gp
    • 50 pp
  • A pouch of Garnets and Amethysts (not appraised, see page 21 for value when appraised)
  • Bejeweled Masterwork cold iron starknife
  • Masterwork very nice looking darkwood buckler
  • Mithral watertight scrollcase
    • 1 scroll (not read yet)

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