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Artwork of Harhapolku, is a collection of inspiring works form various artists. Open licensing of these works enables us to promote the artists while the works add color to the setting and feeling of Harhapolku.

The Collection

All artworks used in Harhapolku are collected on this page. Each entry links to 1) artist, 2) license and 3) location of the Work inside Harhapolku. All works are used in accordance of the license granted by their respective creators, as listed on this page.

If you are an original creator of one or more of these works and wish them to be removed from Harhapolku and this collection, please contact us at mailto:myrrysmiehet@sange.fi.

We give our sincere thanks to all the creators and copyright holders of the works for making this collection possible.

A public domain example image, by Sir John Tenniel.

Creative Commons works, licenses and references

Original works

These images are produced by the Harhapolku project, and are released under the same Creative Commons Lisence as the game text (CC-BY-SA).

Public Domain works

Some of the images and pictures are from the Public Domain.

Sir John Tenniel

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