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A: Multinationals operate internationally, but are still restricted by national laws.
AA: Megacorporations have gained sufficient af- fluence to be recognized by the Corporate Court and are granted extraterritorial status.
AAA: These megacorporations are among the top 10 largest economic entities in the world, each holding at least one seat on the Corporate Court and co-owning the Zurich-Orbital Gemeinschaft Bank (ZOG).

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Today's solution to Tomorrow's Problems

Originally Keruba International, Renraku changed its name after the Crash of ‘29 when a corporate hotshot named Inazo Aneki bought it and completely restructured it. The company became a key player in re- building the information network after the Crash, and made wagonloads of money. But it overreached when it began dabbling in the creation of semi-autonomous knowbots (SKs) in 2049. Although this research launched Renraku further ahead of the tech curve and increased its market share, it also laid the groundwork for events that played important parts in the second Crash.

Telestrian Industries Corporation

High tech solution, military contracts, shipping

People who think that elves are all about poetry and fine wines should check out Telestrian’s high-tech portfolio. The largest corporation to come out of Tir Tairngire, Telestrian’s interests range from high-yield genetically-modified crops to military-grade IC. The multinational is so closely tied to the Tir’s authorities that more than a few analysts have maliciously suggested it is the government’s corporate branch.

The Telestrian family used to be the sole proprietor, with a history of vicious infighting and nepotism. They accepted a few investors in 2065, but their identities remain an enigma — private corporations are not required to publicly disclose this information in the Tir. Still, all of the major figures in the company bear the Telestrian surname.

James Telestrian III

Telestrian Biotechnology

Division Head
Marie-Louise Telestrian

Genetically Engineered food crops and bacteriophanes.

NeuroTech Computing

Division Head
Thomas Telestrian

Neural networks and expert systems

TIC Seattle

Division Head
Sean Telestrian
Personal Assistant
Evelyn Braswell

TIC Denver

Department Head
Sterrin Telestrian

Daiatsu, Inc.

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