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Cheat Sheet

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Perception Test Thresholds

Item/Event is:TresholdExamples
Obvious/Large/Loud1Neon sign, running crowd, yelling, gunfire
Normal2Street sign, avarage pedestrian, conversation, silenced gunfire
Obscured/Small/Muffled3Item dropped under table, contact lens, whispering
Hidden/Micro/Silent4Secret door, needle in haystack, subvocal speech

Perception Test Modifiers

Perceiver is distracted-2
Perceiver is actively looking/listening from it+3
Object/sound not in immediate vincity-2
Object/sound far away-3
Object/sound stands out in some way+2
Interfering sight/odor/sound-2
Perceiver using AR-2
Perceiver using minimised AR-1

Visibility Modifiers

Lighness ConditionNormalLow-LightThermoUltra
Full Darkness-6-6-3-3
Near Darkness-4-2-2-2
Partial Light-20-2-1
Light Fog/Mist/Rain/Smoke-2-10-1
Heavy Fog/Mist/Rain/Smoke-42-2-2
Thermal Smoke-4-2-6-2

Modified attacks

Aim Head-6Hit locarion set
Aim Body-2Hit location set, 1/6 change to hit vitals
Aim Vitals-4Hit location set
Aim Arm/Leg-4Hit location set, if Pain Threshold is ecxeeded drops items in hand
Aim Hand/Foot-6Hit location set, any drop items in hand, max dam. 5
Aim Upper Body-2Hit location 1d10+10
Aim Lower Body-2Hit location 1d10
By-pass armor-1Increase AP by 1
Increase damage-3Increase DV by 1
All Aim-modifiers are halved in melee. 
Most melee fights use upper body hit locations.
Attacker running-2 Tracer rounds with short burst+1 
Attacker in melee combat-3 Tracer rounds with long burst+2 
Attacker in a moving vehicle-3 Tracer rounds with full auto+3 
Attacker firing from cover-2 Recoil, semi-automatic-1(max ½ dam.
Attacker wounded-w Recoil, burst-2 
Attacker wounded-w Recoil, burst after 1st-3 
Attacker using laser sight+1 Recoil, long burst-5 
Attacker using smartlink+2 Recoil, long burst after 1st-6 
Attacker using image mag.*Half range modRecoil, full auto-9 
Attacker using 2nd firearm*Split dice poolRecoil, heavy weapon*2x uncomp recoil
Attacker using off-hand weapon-2 Recoil compensationv 
Aimed shot+1max. skill/2Gyro stabilizationv 
Blind fire-6  Target point-blank+2 
Called shot-v  Visibility impairedv 
Multiple targets-2Per add. target   



Running Horizontal
Agility + Gymnastics + Augmented strenght x2 (Max. Agility x 1,5)
Standing Horizontal
Agility + Gymnastics + Augmented Strenght (Max. Agility)
Agility + Gymnastics + Augmented strenght / 2 (Max. Agility / 3)


Assisted Climbing Down(Rappeling)
Assisted Climbing Upward
Distance in meters

Acid Damage

  • Body + Impact/2 + Chemical protection
  • Acid damage continues for (Initial DV) rounds
  • Combat spells only continue for 1 round

Cold Damage

  • Body + Impact/2 + Insulation protection
  • Liquid components freeze, lubricants gum up and other parts become brittle.

Electricity Damage

  • Body + Impact/2 + Nonconductivity
  • Lack of grounding and other factors might apply
  • Shock Test: Body + Wil + Impact/2 Nonconductivity [3]
  • Failure: 2 + net hits rnd incapacitated
  • Success: -2 same duration
  • Electronic equipment, vehicles, and drones
  • Body + Armor or Armor x 2
  • Failure: Malfunction 2 + net hits rnd +reboot


  • Body + 1/2 impact armor + Gymnastics + Agility above 5
1 - 2
3 - 4
5 - 6
7 - 8
8 +
+1 / m

Fatigue Damage (Rules suck! -PJP)

Fire Damage

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