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Witch (Rune patron) 19
Player Nostrix

Ancestry Catfolk (Nine lives), Background Mystic seer
Speed 30, PerceptionE +25, Gr. darkvision
Alignment CN
Languages Common, Amurrun, Draconic, Elven, Iruxi, Sylvan, Undercommon

Str 10, Dex 20, Con 18
Int 23, Wis 14, Cha 14

AC 41; (+4 armor, +5 Dex, +23 Trained)
HP 217 (Catfolk +8, Witch +114, Con +76, Toughness +19)
FortM +30, RefE +29, WillM +28
Special Defenses
Half damage from falling, not prone

Melee Sickle +26 1d4 S
Special Attacks

Arcane spells prepared
(see roll20)

Spell Attack +33, DC 43
Arcane Focus Spells pool: 3
1st - Phase familiar, Discern secrets, Life boost, Malicious shadow, Curse of death
Spells known by familiar
1st - Befuddle, Mage armor, Magic weapon, Magic missile, True strike, Grim tendrils, Life link, Burning hands, Floating disk, Animate dead
2nd - Acid arrow, Blur, False life, Final sacrifice, Sudden bolt, Telekinetic maneuver
3rd - Chilling darkness, Fireball, Haste, Slow, Invisibility sphere
4th - Dimension door, Fly, Stoneskin, Phantasmal killer
5th - Cone of cold, Shadow walk, Telepathic bond
6th - Raise dead, Chain lightning, Scrying, Wall of Force, Teleport, Disintegrate
7th - Eclipse Burst, Contingency, Force cage, Magnificent Mansion, Shadow raid
8th - Polar ray, Maze, Mind blank, Prismatic wall
9th - Meteor swarm, Implosion, Weird
10th - Wish


  • AcrobaticsT +27
  • ArcanaL +35
  • Athletics -1
  • CraftingT +28
  • DeceptionT +23
  • DiplomacyT +23
  • IntimidationT +23
  • Lore (Scam)T +27
  • Medicine +2
  • Nature 0
  • OccultismE +30
  • PerformanceE +25
  • Religion 0
  • SocietyT +26
  • StealthL +34
  • Survival 0
  • ThieveryT +26

Ancestry Feats Cat's luck, Expanded luck, Shared luck, Black cat curse, Reliable Luck
Class Feats Basic lesson (life), Reach spell, Greater lesson (shadow), Shadowdancer dedication, Major lesson (death), Hex focus, Quickened casting, Effortless concentration, Shadow master
General Feats Toughness, Incredible initiative, Fleet, Canny acumen (Fort), Diehard
Skill Feats Arcane sense, Quick identification, Recognize spell, Foil senses, Skill training (acrobatics), Swift sneak, Disturbing knowledge, Legendary sneak, Unified theory
Class Features

Bulk Limit: 4 || Worn + Weapons = || All = 3
Worn +2 Gr. Resilient Shadow Explorer's outfit, Gr. cloak of elvenkind, Diadem of intellect
Weapons Sickle, Gr. Staff of divination
Stowed Repair kit, Witch kit, antidote, wand of mage armor, scroll of personal rain cloud, sea surge, Invisibility potion, Dust of appearance, Bag of holding type 1, Staff of divination, Occult pendant, L2 Wand of Longstrider, Scroll of dragon form, Scroll of Stone to Flesh
Wealth 6sp 8cp
At the Lodge



Tiny familiar
Movement 25
AC 38
HP 95
Fort +27, Ref +28, Will +25
Skills: Perception, Acrobatics, Stealth +20

  • Familiar focus
  • Restorative familiar
  • Spellcasting (sudden bolt)
  • Spell battery

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