Our heroes, now rested and ready for the the days adventure, head out to the wreck of the Jenivere. Jask asked the heroes to bring his belongings from the ship.


The Jenivere's wreck quickly shows that the ship has sailed it's final voyage. But before the wreck can be explored any further, a few local were encountered, looting some of the crates from the cargohold. The leader identifies herself as Queen Ballinger of Ballinger Island and demands the right of the wreck. Bertram manages to skillfully negotiate a shared ownership of the wreck and reluctantly the queen and her escorts participate in the exploration of the wreck.

Access to the wreck proved harder to Bertram than he thought. The 150 foot journey to the wreck by swimming or climbing proved hard to all but Krondike who quickly traversed the distance via the cliff face. After helping the others by throwing a rope, he quickly went to the captains cabin, ignoring violent thrashing on the lower decks, where he found some maps, the captain's log and an assortments of valuables and ptions. In addition, he found Jask's belongings. Due to a stroke of misfortune, the maps were lost to the wind before others arrived but the log explained some of the reason why they've been shipwrecked on this island.

Once the rest of the party caught up with Krondike, the journey continued to the lower decks. The middeck contained the larder, with a dead body of the cook as well some provisions. As they continued lower, they found out that the thrashing was caused by a large Eurypterid which came crashing through a thin wall. In the ensuing fight, one of the escorts were mortally wounded and the rest fled. After a few swings and misses Krondike embedded his greataxe to the creatures brain and it fell down, twitching. Before continuing, Bertram heals the unlucky escort, saving his life.

The lower deck contained a supply room, with a deadman inside. The deadman proved to be Alton Devers, the ships firstmate. He seemed to have several punture wounds and festering stingmarks on his body. The supplyroom also contaied tools and building materials that were salvaged. The party returns to the campsite with the matrials, but leaves the wounded unconcious man in the shade near the wreck.

The mood in the campsite has clearly lessened and the heroes try to brighten everyones spirits. Krondike talks to Aerys Maeven and after offering her a swig of the brandy he liberated from the captains cabin, Aerys tells him that she would lie to kick her drinking habit and tells him that Vipernettel berries could help. In addition Eugene talks with Ishirou whom confesses that he has a fondness for Aerys and would appreciate help with that. In addition he tells that he's looking for a treasure here on the island, Eugene shares this information only with Krondike whom is more than excited to look for it. The heroes also return Jask's belongings to him, except for a well made dagger, which Krondike kept for himself. Jask also tells them that he was a Sargavan official who was framed for corruption. The proof of his innocence can be found on the island from a ship called Brine Demon.

Queen Ballinger

After a uneventful night our heroes set out to explore the island. As the Queen and his cohorts are deemed as a possible threat, it is decided that their camp should be found and the situation resolved. They return to Jenivere to see if they can pick the the trail of the people who ran. The unconcious man they left, has left and a trail of his foot steps is easy enough to follow for Krondike and Tom. The trails leads to a nearby hill and on the hilltop they find Queen Ballinger, dressed in a Hellknight fullplate, and her courtiers, one of which is wearing a hellknight tabbard. The encounter quickly escalates to fight where Krondike is badly hurt, Eugene takes a nasty arrow to the shoulder, the wounded man is engulfed in Tom's fiery bomb, the second man from the Queens party is mortally wounded by Krondike as is the queen by several well placed axe swings. Bertram decides to save both the queen and the man but only enough to staunch their bleeding. The encampent is decided to be a better location as it provides visibility over the norther portion of the island as well as ready made structures.


  • Jenivere
    • Captains room
      • 4 x Potion of Cure Light wounds
      • Potion of Cure moderate wounds
      • 4 x Potion of lesser restoration
      • Potion of remove disease
      • Potion of Water breathing
      • Potion of Water walking
      • Bottle of fine brandy (Krondike, half empty already)
      • Darkwood model of Jenivere in a bottle (not appraised yet)
      • Small coffer of coins (350gp, Krondike)
    • Larder
      • 24 days worth of food
    • Supply room
      • Alton Dever's MW shortshord
      • Alton Dever's MW studded leather armor
      • Tools and construction equipment and supplies
  • Queen Ballinger
    • Hellknight plate
    • MW Greatsword
    • Chainmail (with Hellknight tabbard)
    • Heavy Steelshield (With Hellknight insignia)
    • Composite longbow (str +1)
    • Journal Ballinger's Journal
    • Small chest containing an assorment of coins
      • 28 gp, 7 sp, 13 cp
    • Dried food for 9 days (1 person)
    • Smoked meat for 12 days (1 person)
    • Barrel of salt
    • Masterwork Padded Armor
    • Masterwork Quarterstaff
    • Masterwork Scythe
    • Oil of Purify Food and Drink
    • Potion of Cure Light Wounds
    • Potion of Remove Sickness
    • Potion of Virtue
    • Scroll of Expeditious Retreat
    • Scroll of Magic Weapon
    • Scroll of Stone Fist
    • 20 x Artisan's Tools (5 lb)
    • Bag of Common Spice (1 lb)
    • Bag of Wheat (rotten) (1 lb)
    • Barrel of Ale (240 lb)
    • Bottle of Spiced Wine (4 lb)
    • 5 x Box of 20 Arrowheads (1 lb)
    • Explorer's Outfit (8 lb)
    • Flask of Oil (1 lb)
    • Hemp Rope (50') (10 lb)
    • Merchant's Scale (1 lb)
    • Piton (1/2 lb)
    • Portable Ram (20 lb)
    • 9 x Pouch of Tobacco (1 lb)
    • Rope Ladder (50') (25 lb)
    • 2 x Sewing Needle ()
    • Small Cask of Molasses (8 lb)

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