Glendemick sees the blue eyed gaunt figure and it speaks to Glendemick "Ahh... so you are the ones intruding upon my domain. I shall take great pleasure rending flesh from your bones and dragging your souls to my service! Azrakh naz khutan! Come here!", and Glendemick feels as if compelled to fly into the dome. Inside the dome he feels a pulse of necromantic negative energy wash across him and drain the very life from his body and soul. He quickly snaps out of the trance like state and flies out of the dome, dodging swings and stabs from the the creature and it's companions. As Glendemick flies out he sees his companions have started to rush up to the dome and are at the end of the bridge. More powerful spell words are said from the dome and the creature rushes out, walking on air and catches up the Glendemick again. Also the creatures from the dome also rush and start combatting Eugene who takes a swing at one of them. Glendemick keeps flying away and throwing lightnings at the creatures and it growls as the lightnings hit. Tom also throws his bombs and the flames singe the creature. "Argh! Insolent whelps! Slay them!", it shouts, cast another spell and it now moves with surprising speed, again next to Glendemick. He desperately tries to get away from the creatures again, this unable to dodge the swing of the heavy pick and a nasty gash it torn to Glendemick's back. He also feels his lifeforce being pulled from the wound by the weapon. Glendemick return next to his friend, gauding the creaure to come at him while he flings another lightnign at it, which finds it's target and the creature again growl. Tom takes the opportunity to fire attach one of his bombs to a bolt and fire it with his crossbow at the creature, detonating right at it's chest burning the creature further. "You will pay for this! Drop you weapons!", the creature shouts with a commanding voice that resonates in everyone's head. Everyone except Tom manage to resist the urge to simply drop their weapon. The crossbow drops to the ground with a thud. The creature then rushes again next to Glendemick. This time he takes his stand, transforming the lightning to a blade and hitting the creature with a melee strike. Tom and Desini join the fight but their weapons aren't quite as effective, as the creatures flesh seems to resist the damage from their weapons. The creature then grins and take's a series of lightning fast swings at Glendemick, first one heading straight to Glandemick skull, which Desini manages to deflect in the nick of time and the blow strikes a nasty gash across Glendemicks chest. Second swing hit's him straight in the side sinking deep into his ribs, and Glendemick feels darkness enveloping him. The third strike goes to Tom who dazed by the sudden fall of Glendemick is unable to dodge the hit and the pick sinks to his shoulder, again draining the very life force from his body. The following seconds are a blur of action as two more creatures emerge from the water and the group has their hands full. Desini, Imbasa and Eugene manage to bring down the four creatures in a minute or so, while tom throws one more bomb at the creature. As the creature begins to fallback, Desini sees the opportunity and hit's the creature once in the chest, draws it a little closer and swings the head clean off the body. As the head fall on to the water, it floats for a second and it says in a eerie voice "This is not over or the end. I will rise again and consume all life from this world..." and the head sinks in tothe water as the voice trails a ways and the blue glow fades from the eyes. Party quickly heals Glendemick and fishes the body and head from the water.

The party heals up while Desini rumages through the body. She finds a silver locket with a picture of a man and a smiling girl and blue orb from the body. As she touches the orb, she feels her life force being drained from her and she drops the orb. The party decide to haul all the bodies out of the mine and burn them all. They also decide to destroy the orb outside, and Glendemick after several tries manages to hit the orb hard enough from a safe distance. The orb pulses with the electrical energy and explodes to a thousand shards and pulse of energy radiates from the explosion, leaving all plants in the area dead and withered. The party then set out to go through the mine and emerge on the otherside where there are crumbled remains of another mining camp and Athyra waiting. Tom hands her the locket and deed to the mine. She thanks for the locket and gives the deed back to Tom as she has no need for it. She also will gladly guide them through the region and showing a good shortcut back to the road, and also being a guide up to Kalabuto area.

The part camps calmly the evening and by noon next day come upon a group of wagons. Upon closer inspection it seems to be a makeshift meeting place and they here sounds of cheering and some guards mention a fighting pit. Desini immediately gets excited and goes to investigate further. Much to her disappointment there is a cockfighting pit and two birds were fighting each other while the crowd cheered and bet on the birds. The group quickly ignored the fight and were about to leave when Eugene spots a group of Sargavan soldiers eating lunch and among them Jask. As the Sargavans are their rivals now they decide to leave unseen. Later in the day the two dozen riders catchup to them and the group is wary, but Jask greets them with a little apprehension. Curtious hellos are exchanged but he quickly moves along due to the rivalry situation. During the discussion Tom notes that Jask isn't wearing his holy symbol of Nethys on his neck like he did on the island and when they met a week ago, but brushes the issue aside.

The group camps for the evening and travels the next day. Near dusk they notice a trail of smoke, and Athyra knows to tell there is a Zenj village over there. The party makes their way there and finds a jovial village that happily greets them and offers them food and shelter for the night. The party is suspicious of this at first but as the evening progresses they relax and enjoy the evening. As they're getting ready to go to sleep the village shaman comes to greet them and asks them to kill a bloodthirsty hald-ape half-bear like beast that have tormented their village for a couple of weeks now. The party agrees and the shaman draws bloody markings of fresh goat blood to the huts door. The party settles down to an uneasy night, ready for a fight...


  • +1 Heavy Pick
  • Ring of Jumping
  • Helm of Comprehend languages and read magic

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