Calistrilin 15.-16. päivä, 4716 AR.


  • Ambrihama, astraalideva ja pyhän Ilnean lähteen vartija
  • Jelbi, ohrasiltalainen seikkailija, bardi
  • Koss, ohrasiltalainen seikkailija, velho
  • Nedowyn, ohrasiltalainen seikkailija, Cayden Caileanin pappi
  • Tanti, ohrasiltalainen seikkailija, varas


  • 62 250 XP/lärvi
  • 207 gp
  • 2 potions of bear's endurance
  • 2 potions of cure moderate wounds
  • 2 potions of shield of faith
  • scroll of air walk
  • scroll of heal
  • +2 chain shirt
  • +3 full plate
  • +1 studded leather
  • +2 defiant angelskin hide armor
  • Large masterwork breastplate barding
  • 2 +2 bucklers
  • +1 holy glaive
  • +1 shock kukri
  • +2 disrupting warhammer
  • ring of protection +1
  • belt of incredible dexterity +2
  • belt of mighty constitution +2
  • belt of physical might (Dex, Con) +2
  • 2 cloaks of resistance +1
  • staff of fire (6 charges)
  • wand of break enchantment (5 charges)
  • wand of confusion (CL 10th, 15 charges)
  • wand of cure serious wounds (8 charges)

Hellfire Halo

This tarnished ring looks like a fiery halo set ablaze in evil-looking fire. The flames are harmless and shed light as an everburning torch; the wearer can suppress or activate these flames as a swift action. A hellfire halo functions as a headband of mental superiority +2 that grants ranks in Intimidate. If the flames of the halo are burning, the wearer becomes immune to the effects of an archon’s aura of menace and ignores the protective aura of any angel he attacks. In addition, up to three times per day as he strikes any creature under the effects of a holy aura, the wearer can attempt to dispel that effect as if casting a quickened dispel magic (CL 16th). The first time each day that the wearer is attacked by a creature using smite good, that smite effect immediately ends and is wasted, and the creature making the attack must succeed at a DC 20 Will save or be staggered for 1d4 rounds.

Karash'etor's Razor

Karash’e’tor’s Razor (a +2 adamantine bastard sword). A side effect of the blade’s magic makes it impossible for nonevil creatures to wield, pick up, disarm, or sunder the sword; if they try to do so, they find that it acts as if nothing more than an illusion.

Karash’e’tor’s Razor behaves differently if wielded by a character who can cast divine spells and worships or otherwise serves a demon lord. In the hands of such a character, the weapon functions as a +5 unholy adamantine bastard sword that also deals 1d6 points of bleed damage to any creature damaged by the blade. This damage does not stack with itself, but whenever a creature takes damage from this bleed effect, the wielder of Karash’e’tor’s Razor heals an equal amount of damage. When a demon-worshiping wielder of the weapon uses it to successfully deliver a sneak attack or a coup de grace, the character gains a +2 morale bonus on attack rolls, saves, and skill checks for the remainder of the next round.


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