The following day at noon Tom, Eugene and Krondike wake up lying against a massive tree. They also encounter a friendly dryad called Aycenia. She tells them that they arrived last night exhausted and just passed out against the tree. She tells them she patched them up while they slept. The trio don't ask much more from her except that were they the only ones to come to her hometree. Kyra is still missing.

The trio decide to first head to the site of battle to recover their backpacks and the much needed food and water. On their way to the backpacks, hey hear arguing. The source reveals to be Aerys and Ishirou from the camp. According to them, the camp was attacked by someone and everyone from the camp taken. They've been slowly trying to track the attackers, which lead them here. It seems the cannibals are responsible for the attack on the main camp.

Viper nettles, the ultimate cure to hangover


Blaze of glory


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