The Pathfinder expedition is close to 30 members strong, consisting of some the most experienced Pathfinders in the area as well experts of various fields. Most noteable members are mentioned below

Amivor Glaur
Amivor is the Expedition leader. Usually a jovial man, but stern and serious when needs to. He has arranged and lead many mission and expeditions in the Mwangi region and has shown on numerous occasions to be skilled at organizing and leading such missions, as well as appraising and exploring historical sites

Kaptra Dorethain
Kaptra is a good and long time friend of Amivor and cleric of Torag. Having grown up mainly among Humans, Kaptra has adopted a more human based last name. He is married to Latelch Strongmaster, a dwarven blacksmith, also a member of the expedition.

Latelch Strongmaster
Latelch is a friendly female dwarf. She has a tight bound pony tail at the back of auburn hair. She works as the blacksmith of the Expedition along with her husband Kaptra.

Varrio Cassius
Varrio is an elder scholar, well versed in history and cartography. He is along in the Expedition to examine many of the artefacts as well to draw a detailed map of the route and surroundings.

Robin Crewe
Robin is the quartermaster of the Expedition. He is responsible of making sure everyone has equipment, resources and provisions. He also keeps up the morale with a so-called mobile tavern which is usually nothing more than a bunch of foldable tables and chairs and some shade. He is usually accompanied by a Dachshund called Fury.

Atheena Laughingsteel
Atheena is a 44 year old female human alchemist She has long, wavy, auburn hair and green eyes. She has silky brown skin. She stands 157cm (5'1") tall and has a slender build. She is always very excited. She is non-materialistic. She has a very regal look. She is always joking, even at innapropriate times.

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