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Enkelten Kaupunki on käynyt läpi lukuisia niin hallinnollisia, kuin fyysisiäkin mullistuksia. Kaupunki on silti säilyttänyt asemansa kaupallisen musiikin, median ja viihdeteollisuuden mekkana.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles ennen ja jälkeen järistysten


  • 2022—Massive race riots in LA cause the creation of “El Infi erno.”
  • 2027—First of the cold fusion water plants go online along the LA coast.
  • 2028—First of the so-called “Big Ones.” LAX destroyed.
  • 2045 – Green Tide—an offshore reactor explodes causing a radioactive tidal wave to hit along the coast, resulting in massive toxic destruction.
  • 2046—Hackers in LA fi x the gubernatorial election, causing the CalFree government to send in troops. After several days of fi ghting a losing street battle in El Infierno, the overnment in Sacramento declares LA a free city.
  • 2061—Another massive earthquake results in the walls going down around El Infierno, Arcology Mile, and Fun City. Looting and rioting wrack the city. Less than a week later, the Pueblo Corporate Council moves in to quell the chaos and annexes LA with the blessing of city elders.
  • 2063—Several high-profile media and industry players in LA meet and draw up the charter for the Horizon Group. They appoint former action simstar Gary Cline as their CEO.
  • 2064—The Crash 2.0 takes out LA’s Matrix, crippling the city for weeks, until Horizon’s newly licensed wireless grids come online. Horizon becomes the wireless provider for LA and much of CalFree.
  • 2068—Virtual World Disney is bought out by Horizon, officially making the corporation the largest in the LA sprawl.
  • 2069—On March 8, simultaneous earthquakes from the San Andreas Fault line and the San Pedro Shelf rock Southern California. Los Angeles, at the epicenter, is especially hard hit. A major tsunami follows. 100,000 people perish as the geography of the Southern West Coast is forever changed.
  • 2070—As reclamation and reconstruction ensues, researchers discover the presence of massive underground tunnels and chambers under much of Los Angeles, San Diego, and the rest of the coast. The tunnel network is named the Deep Lacuna and appears to be only part of a major magical phenomenon that has changed the face of the City of Angels.

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