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Some of the software here is made available as an APT repository. The packages are typically compiled against the stable distribution. You can add the following line to your /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb debian/

Most of my projects can be obtained with darcs from the repositories at
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m4, sed here here A system for producing output in different formats from structured text (Stx). Also available as a debian package.

cg, vg, wg, dpr, gres, xwall

sh, sed here here Small but handy scripts for the command line. cg is for searching text from multiple (code?) files, vg is for editing the hits; wg is for browsing the web from the command line, dpr for instructing double-sided printing in a postscript file, gres for substituting text (sed wrapper), xwall for notifying all users who have graphical sessions on a host. Also available as a debian package.


sh, C here here Set of scripts for unix group self-provisioning: the users can manage their groups themselves. Also available as a debian package.


Python here here A galaxies clone for Linux. Includes a server and a client, both written in Python. Sadly, the server is not very robust against error situations (the game owner cannot kick people who have lost their connection). Even so, the game is very enjoyable.


Python here here A simulation-like game (framework) for playing with sound.


Python here here A simple curses-based editor for sokoban levels. Not quite mature yet. Also available as a debian package.


Python here here My modified version of PikiPiki with a lot of extensions, a WikiWiki clone I use for my net diary. The distributable version here is stripped of net-diary specific stuff.


Scheme here here A macro processing system and functional language. Also available as a debian package.


C here here An optimising compiler for the language brainfuck. Also available as a debian package.


Scheme here here A learning chatterbot (conversation program).


Python here A utility program for creating (DC/RDF) metadata for files. Designed to be run as a web utility, and also available on the web.


Scheme FSA, logic Grand unified Scheme environment has been my project to create compelling reusable components which can be used to build intelligent-looking user interfaces in Scheme. The work has thus far produced two results: FSA, which is a library to handle finite-state automata (and, for instance, enumerate all strings matched by both of two different regular expressions), and logic-utils, which contains utilities for finding out all the consequents of a given set of clauses, as well as some utilities for generalisation logic.


Scheme here here An experiment in doing statistic morphological analysis.


Ocaml here here A (functional?) esoteric language for the Essies 4 competition / event.


Python here here An object-based wrapper around the system call select().

iag, brainfunk

C here here Small esoteric languages.


C here A small utility to check who's keeping the Unix/POSIX fcntl lock of a particular file.


C here A simple two-player strategy game where the players conquer atoms by sending their neutrons there in a fission reaction. The game is language neutral. :)


C, m4 here here Homebrewn sound synthesis utilities - the punk of sound programming


sed here A sed script that converts English (and other languages) into Italian.