Hyödyllisiä varusteita aloitteleville Tähdenetsijöille

Tästä listasta voi poimia hahmolleen sopivia varusteita rahan ja kantokyvyn puitteissa. Tässä ei toki ole kaikki mahdolliset varusteet, vaan vain sellaisia, joita aloitteleva seikkailija saattaa haluta mukaan. Tässä ei myöskään ole lueteltu aseita ja haarniskoja.

Sallittujen esineiden lista löytyy täältä. Tarkemmat kuvaukset varusteista: Archives of Nethys,

Level: esineen taso (vaadittu hahmotaso esineen ostamiseen, jos eri kuin em.)
Bulk: L = light bulk, - = negligible bulk

Personal ItemsLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Minor Equipment05Lalarm clocks, digital keys, headphones, cameras etc.Armory
Aerosol Spray180Lreveals adjacent invisible creatures & laser beams, 10 usesArmory
Backpack, Consumer13(1)treat STR as 1 higher for carrying capacityCRB
Backpack, Industrial125(1)treat STR as 2 higher for carrying capacityCRB
Book, Holy Text12L Armory
Book, Standard15L Armory
Gear Clamp1100Ldraw attached item like a weaponCRB
Gear Maintenance Kit15L Armory
Hygiene Kit131 CRB
Map, Navigational180-+2 to Piloting/Survival to navigate/orienteer in the areaArmory
Map, Survey120-+1 to Piloting/Survival to navigate/orienteer in the areaArmory
Religious Symbol / Badge12- Armory
Rope (per 50 ft.)11L Armory
Tool, Manual1251crowbar, hammer, pick, rake, saw, shovel etc.Armory

Athletic Clothing15L+1 to a specific Athletic activityArmory
Ceremonial Clothing15L Armory
Environmental Clothing110Lprovides some protection from an environmental conditionCRB
Everyday Clothing11L CRB
Formal Clothing151 CRB
Party Clothing15L Armory
Professional Clothing15L+1 to Profession checks to earn a livingCRB
Travel Clothing110Ladd 2 miles per 8-hr day to overland movementCRB
Uniform15L+1 to Disguise as a member of a groupArmory

Food & DrinksPriceBulkEffectSource
Dining (chain restaurant)2/10/25n/apoor/common/good qualityArmory
Dining (independent venue)20/50+n/acommon/good qualityArmory
Field Ration (1 week)11long-keeping, nutritious and utterly flavorlessCRB
Intoxicant1/10+Lminor/superior potencyCRB
Meal1/3/5Lpoor/common/good qualityCRB
R2E (1 day)1La day's worth of tasty meals in a packageCRB

Hybrid ItemsLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Starstone Compass13L+2 (insight) to Piloting to navigate in Pact Worlds SystemCRB

Magic ItemsLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Spell Gem, 0th lvl150L[scrolls IN SPACE]CRB
Spell Gem, 1st lvl2 (1)140L CRB
Spell Ampoule, 0th lvl2 (1)200L[potions IN SPACE] – harmless non-divination spells onlyCRB
Spell Ampoule, 1st lvl3 (2)300L CRB

Medical GearLevelPriceBulkCapacityEffectSource
Medicinal, Antitoxin, Tier 11150-1 use+4 to Saves Vs. Poison for 1 hourCRB
Medkit, Basic11001n/aTreat Deadly Wounds with DC 25 Medicine checkCRB
Medpatch150L1 usemake an untrained Medicine check w/ +10 bonusCRB
Serum of Healing, MK I150L1 usecure 1d8 HPCRB

Portable LightsLevelPriceBulkCapacityEffectSource
Flashlight11L10, 1/hourincrease light level in 20-ft. coneCRB
Lantern11L10, 1/hourincrease light level in 10-ft. radiusCRB
Spotlight125110, 1/hourincrease light level in 100-ft. coneCRB
Beacon125110, 1/hourincrease light level in 50-ft. radiusCRB

Technological ItemsLevelPriceBulkCapacityEffectSource
Binders15-1 userestrains 2 limbs, Acrobatics to escapeCRB
Binoculars150Ln/a+1 to visual Perception vs. objects far awayPactW
Chemalyzer1150L20, 2/use+4 to identify chemical substancesArmory
Detonator1150L5, 1/usedetonates preprogrammed explosivesCRB
Fire Extinguisher115L20, 1/rndends burn effectsCRB
Oxygen Candle120L1 useprovides oxygen in enclosed spacesPactW
Personal Comm Unit17L80, 1/hr[smartphone IN SPACE]CRB
Radiation Badge1100L7 dayswarns before entering irradiated spacesPactW
Titanium Alloy Cable (per 10 ft.)15Ln/a CRB

Tool Kits, basicLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Disguise Kit120Lrequired for Disguise checks to change appearanceCRB
Engineering Kit120LEngineering checks without one take a -2 penaltyCRB
Hacking Kit120Lrequired for most Computers checksCRB
Navigator's Tools120L+4 to Survival when orienteeringCRB
Professional's Tools120L+4 to a specific ProfessionCRB
Rider's Kit120L+4 to Survival to ride creaturesCRB
Trapsmith's Tools120L+4 to Engineering/Mysticism to arm/disarm trapsCRB

Tool Kits, specialtyLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Animal Trainer's Kit1200L+4 to Survival to handle an animal or rear a wild animalArmory
Astrogator's Kit1200L+4 to Piloting to navigate or astrogateArmory
Aura-Translation Kit1200L+4 to Mysticism to identify magic itemsArmory
Board-Spectrum Scanning Kit1200L+4 to Perception to searchArmory
Climbing Kit1200L+4 to Athletics when climbingPactW
Demolitionist's kit1200L+4 to Engineering when arming/disarming explosivesPactW
Light-Scattering Sniper's Blind1200L+4 to Stealth when snipingArmory
Linguist's Kit1200L+4 to Culture when deciphering writingPactW
Mental Interpretation Kit1200L+4 to Sense Motive to discern secret messages out of combatArmory
Personal Gravitational Redistributor1200L+4 to Acrobatics to balance out of combatArmory
Portable Weather Station1200L+4 to Survival when predicting the weatherPactW
Starship Repair Kit1200L+4 to Engineering when repairing the hull of a starshipPactW
Survivalist's Kit1200L+4 to Survival when enduring hard weather or living off the landPactW
Thieves' Tools1200L+4 to Computers/Engineering to open doors & disable locksArmory
Armorcrafter Kit2 (1)445L+2 to Engineering to repair, resize or upgrade armorCRB
Weaponsmithing Kit2 (1)445L+2 to Engineering to repair weaponsCRB
Library Chip (Culture)3250-+4 to Culture to recall knowledgePactW
Library Chip (Engineering)3250-+4 to Engineering to recall knowledgePactW
Library Chip (Life Science)3250-+4 to Life Science to recall knowledgePactW
Library Chip (Mysticism)3250-+4 to Mysticism to recall knowledgePactW
Library Chip (Physical Science)3250-+4 to Physical Science to recall knowledgePactW

Näitä varusteita tarvitaan lähinnä vain, kun matka suuntautuu tiettömien taivalten taa, kauas sivilisaatiosta ja kodikkaista avaruusaluksista.

Camping GearLevelPriceBulkEffectSource
Bedroll1151 Armory
Blanket13L Armory
Canteen11L Armory
Cot1251 Armory
Hammock120L Armory
Lighter11- Armory
Mess Kit12L Armory
Self-Heating Pot11001 Armory
Sleeping Bag110L Armory
Tent, Mass Produced121 CRB
Tent, Mobile Hotelier150120 charges, 1/8 hours; protects occupants from environmentCRB

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