Male Elf Rogue 9 / Fighter (Lore Warden) 3
CG Medium humanoid (elf)
Player Atteisti (43900-1)
Xp 33
Faction Grand Lodge
Prestige/Fame 50/56

Init +7
Senses Low-light vision, Perception +24 (+28 to find traps)

AC 26 , touch 19, flat-footed 18; (+6 armor, +5 Dex, +1 Dodge, +1 Natural armor, +1 Insight, +2 deflection)
hp 99 (9d8+3d10+con+9 favored class (rogue))
Fort +14, Ref +16 (+3 on traps) , Will +13 (+2 on enchantments)
Special Defenses Immune to magic sleep effects, Evasion, Trap Sense +2 (+2 to reflex and AC when traps), Uncanny Dodge (cannot be caught flatfooted), Maneuver Mastery (+2 CMB and CMD), Improved Uncanny Dodge (Attacker must have 13 rogue levels to sneak attack), Deathless armor

Speed 30ft, climb speed 20ft
Melee Full Round Attack:
+1 Agile Rapier +13 (1d6+6 / 18-20/x2), +1 Menacing Silver Jutte +13 (1d6+1 / x2), +1 Agile Rapier +8 (1d6+6 / 18-20/x2), +1 Menacing Silver Jutte +8 (1d6+1 / x2)
Standard Melee Attacks:
+1 Agile Rapier +15 (1d6+6 / 18-20/x2)
+1 Menacing Alchemical Silver Jutte +15 (1d6+2 / x2)
Masterwork Cold Iron rapier +15 (1d6+1 / 18-20/x2)
Cold Iron Dagger +14 (1d4+1 / 19-20)
Ranged Attack Longbow +14/+9 (1d8)
Special Attacks Sneak Attack 5d6

Str 12 , Dex 20, Con 14 , Int 16 , Wis 14, Cha 12
Base Atk +9/+4; CMB 14 (+18 when using finesseable weapon) (+4 to disarm, +11 disarm with Jutte); CMD 32 (36 disarm)

Disarm CMB: +25
CMB breakdown: Bab +9, Dex +5 (When using a finesseable weapon), +2 Ioun Stone Resonance, +2 Maneuver Mastery, +2 Improved Disarm, +2 Greater Disarm, +2 disarm weapon, +1 enchantment bonus

Feats Weapon finesse, Dodge (Rogue Talent: Combat Trick), Weapon focus (Rapier) - > Improved Two-Weapon Fighting, Iron Will, Two Weapon Fighting, Combat Expertise, Improved Disarm, Gang Up, Greater Disarm, Improved Iron Will, Shadow Strike

Acrobatics +20
Bluff +13
Climb +6
Diplomacy +12
Disable Device +30
Escape Artist +21
Knowledge (Arcana) +10
Knowledge (Dungeoneering) + 9
Knowledge (Engineering) +7
Knowledge (Geography) +7
Knowledge (History) +7
Knowledge (Local) +12
Knowledge (Nature) +8
Knowledge (Nobility) +7
Knowledge (Planes) +14
Knowledge (Religion) +11
Linguistics +12
Perception +24 (+4 vs traps)
Sense Motive +6
Sleight of Hand +11
Spellcraft +7
Stealth +20
Swim +6
Use Magic Device +7

Traits Reactionary (+2 initiative), Indominable Faith (+1 on will saves)
Languages Common, Elven, Ancient Thassilonian, Dwarven, Giant, Terran, Azlant, Celestial, Infernal, Abyssal
SQ Trapfinding, Vanity: Thieves Guild (+2 sleight of hand), Rogue talents (Trap Spotter, Ninja Trick (Wall Climber (ex)) Sihedron Brand (+2 fort, 2*lvl temp hp once per day as a standard action, +4 Bluff and Diplomacy on Lissala's worshippers), Rune Tattoo (+2 natural armor bonus for one minute, swift action)

Magic Loot:
Headband: Headband of Wisdom +2
Eyes: Eyes of the Eagle
Neck: Amulet of Natural Armor +1 or Golembane Scarab
Shoulders: Cloak of Resistance +4
Chest: Vest of Escape
Hands: First Aid Gloves
Ring: Ring of Feather Falling
Ring: Ring of Protection +2
Belt: Belt of Physical Might (Con&Dex) +2
Feet: Feather step Slippers

On person 2 Bandoliers, Masterwork backpack (4 lb.), Masterwork Cold Iron Rapier (2 lb.), +1 Agile Rapier (2 lb.) 2 Cold Iron Daggers (1 lb.), Longbow (3 lb.), +1 Agile Silver Jutte (1 lb.) Cold Iron Arrows (16) (3 lb.) +2 Deathless Mithral Shirt (10 lb.), Masterwork Thieves tools (2 lb.), 2 potion of CLW, 2 Holy Waters, 1 potion of Touch of the Sea, 2 Springloaded Wristsheaths, 2 alchemist fires, Wand of cure light wounds (50 charges left), Cloak of Resistance +4 (1 lb), Belt of Physical Might +2 (Dex&Con) (1 lb.), Amulet of Natural Armor +1, Eyes of the Eagle, Feather Step slippers, Ring of protection +2, Ring of feather falling. Wayfinder (Dusty Rose Prism inside), 2 potions of protetion from evil, two weapon cords, First aid gloves, Potion of CMW, Headband of Wisdom +2''
In Handy Haversack Silk rope with grappling hook (100 ft, knotted) (5 lb.), Bedroll (5 lb.), Flint and Steel, Waterskin (4 lb.), Scroll of lesser restoration, Trail rations (2) (2 lb.), Glass Cutter, Glue paper (3), 2 Smokesticks, Universal Solvent, 8 weapon cords, Triaxus Sphere (4 charges), Potion of Darkvision, Feathertoken (tree), 2 antitoxin
In Lodge Locker Hooded Lantern (2 lb.), Oil(3) (3 lb.), Cold Weather Outfit, Traveller's Outfit
Wealth 8413 gp
Encumbrance 28 lb. without backpack, 48 lb. with backpack (50 lb. light/ 51-100lb. medium/101-150 lb. heavy)

Feather step slippers: These fine silken slippers allow their wearer to ignore the adverse movement effects of difficult terrain as if subject to the feather step spell, including granting the ability to take 5-foot steps in difficult terrain.
Ring of feather falling:This ring is crafted with a feather pattern all around its edge. It acts exactly like a feather fall spell, activated immediately if the wearer falls more than 5 feet.
Gang Up: You are considered to be flanking an opponent if at least two of your allies are threatening that opponent, regardless of your actual positioning.
Shadow Strike: You can deal precision damage, such as sneak attack damage, against targets with concealment (but not total concealment).
Deathless armor: The armor absorbs the first 10 points of positive or negative energy damage per attack that the wearer would normally take. The wearer has a 25% chance to ignore negative levels from any attack
Menacing quality: When the wielder is adjacent to a creature that is being flanked by an ally, the flanking bonus on attack rolls for all flanking allies increases by +2. This ability works even if the wielder is not one of the characters flanking the creature. You are considered your own ally.

Relentless Aspis Hunter: +2 morale bonus on attack and damage rolls against Aspis agents in the Hao Jin Tapestry.
Glimpse of the Future: At any time in the future, you may gain the benefit of augury with 60% success rate.
Greenheart's Blessing: +2 on all day job checks.
Lissalan Library: +2 on Knowledge (Religion) related to Lissala.
Magnimarian Debt: When you would pay for the casting of raise dead, resurrection or true resurrection, you may call upon this favor and reduce the price by half. Applies to paying with gold or by prestige points.
Formidable Renoun: +2 to demoralize Lissala's worshippers, one attempt per encounter as a move action.
Foiled Plans: Spider and the other rogue shadow lodge agents will remember you. I'm so scared..
Debt of Cyphers: When in Riddleport, you gain +2 bonus on Knowledge (Arcana) and Linguistics when you consult Gurukaza before making the check. In addition you gain +2 on Diplomacy checks made in the city to gather information.
Riddleport Respect:: When you flex your muscle, folks in the City of Cyphers pay attention. You receive a +2 bonus on Intimidate checks made in Riddleport.
Averted Mauling: You gain a political favor; While in Ustalav, you may trade this political favor for any non-magical item worth up to 400 gp, including but not limited to masterwork weapons and armor, and courtier clothing and jewelry.
Master of Blades saved: You gain a +4 circumstance bonus on Diplomacy and Intimidate checks when dealing with members of the Pathfinder Society of your level or lower when you mention this boon.
Nemesis of the Aspis: During any scenario in which you encounter the Aspis Consortium, you may, as an immidiate action, force an enemy Aspis agent to reroll a single d20 and take the worse result. Used 1/1 times.

1. #3-19: The Icebound Outpost
2. #4-01: Rise of the Goblin Guild
3. #3-23: The Goblinblood Dead
4. 23: Tide of Morning
5. #4-11: The Disappeared
6. #4-07: Severing Ties
7. #3-16: The Midnight Mauler
8. #3-25: Storming the Diamond Gate
9. #4-15: The Cyphermage Dilemma
10. #3-06 - Song of the Sea Witch
11. 48: The Devil We Know part IV: Rules of the Swift
12. #4-14: My Enemy's Enemy
13. Pathfinder Module: Fangwood Keep GM REWARD
14. Pathfinder Society Special: Race for the Runecarved Key GM REWARD
15. #2-03: Rebel's Ransom
16. 07: Among The Living
17. #4-08: The Cultist's Kiss - Larppasi Valerosta
18. #4–06: The Green Market - Larppasi Merisieliä
19. #4-17: Tower of the Ironwood Watch - Larppasi Valerosta
20. #2-08: The Sarkorian Prophecy
21. #4-22: Glories of the Past, part 1: Halls of Dwarven Lore
22. #3-12: Wonders in the Weave, part 1: The Dog Pharaoh's Tomb - GM REWARD
23. #3-14: Wonders in the Weave, part 2: Snakes in the Fold - GM REWARD
24. #22 - Fingerprints of the Fiends
25. #5-05: The Elven Entanglement
26. #2-10: Fury of the Fiend
27. Pathfinder Module: Doom Comes to Dustpawn
28. #3-26 - Portal of the Sacred Rune - GM REWARD
29. #4-26 - The Waking Rune

Tausta: Caladreililla ei varsinaisesti ole ollut kotia, vaan hän on kulkenut kylästä toiseen, tehden mitä tahansa vastaantulleita töitä. Hanttihommia tehdessään hän oppi erilaisia taitoja, ystävystyi erilaisiin ihmisiin ja kerran jopa rakastui.

Mutta niin kuin monille muillekin haltioille käy, ihmiset kuolevat vanhuuteen ennen kuin hän kasvaa oman rotunsa mittapuun mukaan aikuisuuteen. Menetettyjen ystävien ja rakkauden takia Caladreil menetti kiinnostuksensa seurustella ihmisten tai muiden rotujen kanssa. Miksi jutella toisille, kun kohta he vain muuttuvat tomuksi, hän ajatteli.

Aikansa maailmaa kierreltyään hän kuuli tiennäyttäjistä, ja päätti liittyä heidän järjestöönsä. Valmistuttuaan hän on nyt käynyt jo useammalla vaarallisella tehtävällä, muutaman kerran kaatunut kanveesiin ja nähnyt millaisia muut tiennäyttäjät ovat. Ja nyt Caladreil onkin dilemman edessä. Hänen vuosia vanhat ajatuksensa ovat rikkoutumassa. Muihin tiennäyttäjiin saattaakin olla turvallista ystävystyä, sillä heistä on ollut paljon apua. Lisäksi järjestön toverit ovat osottautuneet hauskoiksi persoonallisuuksi ja päteviksi taistelijoiksi. Aika näyttää, onnistuuko hän luomaan ystävyyksiä.

Ulkonäkö: Caladreil on noin 190 senttiä pitkä haltiamies. Hän on useimmiten pukeutunut haarniskaansa, mutta kaupungilla ollessaan käyttää seikkailijamaisia vaatteita. Caladreilin toisesta korvasta on silvottu puolet pois, merkkinä nuoruuden hullutuksista. Hän ei suostu puhumaan siitä muille. Caladreilin kaulassa on simpukankuorista tehty kaulakoru.

Luonne: Caladreilin luonne on hänelle itsekin sekava asia. Aikaisemmin hän on vältellyt liiallista seurustelua muiden kanssa, mutta nyt viime aikoina on löytänyt itsestään merkkejä että hän haluaisi olla enemmän sosiaalinen. Caladreil tarjoaa mielellään apuaan tarvittaessa, ja tykkää erityisesti siitä kun häneltä erityisesti pyydetään sitä. Taistelussa Caladreil tietää, että ei ole suurin vahingon aiheuttaja, mutta luottaa omiin kykyihinsä ja näkee niiden hyödyn muulle porukalle.

Hän on viimeaikoina aloittanut kirjastossa käymisen ja on kiinnostunut maailman kielistä ja historiasta. Caladreil löysi myös uuden harrastuksensa, kun näki Absalomissa vapaa-ajallaan kauppiaalla näkinkengistä tehtyjä koruja. Nykyisin hän ylimääräisellä ajallaan väkertelee koruja, tai kerää aineksia niitä varten.

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