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Itse olen tehnyt niin, että jokainen loitsu, feat, skill yms. on omalla rivillään ja jokaisella on linkki d20pfsrd:n vastaavaan asiaan, esimerkiksi:

1st (3/day) — Acid Arrow, Comprehend Languages
Feats Power Attack, Dodge
Skills Appraise +4 (1), Craft (alchemy) +4 (1),
Tällä tavoin asiat ovat edes jonkinlaisessa järjestyksessä muokkausruudussa, ja linkit eivät huku sotkuun.


Venture-captain Meldanya

Minä tiedän paremmin.

Female Half-elf Cleric of Irori 14
Lawful Neutral Medium Humanoid(Half-elf)
Player mmultima (97350-1)
Xp 39
Faction Cheliax
Prestige/Fame 77/77

Init +6
Senses Perception +10

AC 20, touch 11, flat-footed 19; (+6 armor, +2 shield, +1 natural, +1 dex)
AC 26 (with 2*magic vestment), 30 (with shield of faith), 32 (with reduce person)
hp 143 (13*5+8=73 base, 42 Con, 14 toughness, 14 favored class)
Fort +16, Ref +9, Will +19
Special Defenses Immune to sleep, +2 racial saving throw bonus against enchantment spells and effects.

Speed 30 ft, ACP -1 (0 for climb & jump)
Melee Unarmed +10/+5 (1d3) x2 B
Melee Dagger +10/+5 (1d4) 19-20x2 P/S
Melee Silver cestus +10/+5 (1d4) (unarmed) B (P with prof)
Ranged Greenwood composite long bow +12/+7 (1d8) x3 P
Special Attacks Cure against undead DC 10 + 6 (Wis) + 1 (Spell focus) + spell level

Spells prepared
1st (4+1+2) — Cure Light Wounds (1d8+5, * 1,5 if heal) (domain), Bless (self, 50ft burst, 14 min) x2, Shield of Faith (touch, +3 AC, 14 minutes) x2, Obscuring mist (self, 20ft radius, 14 minutes), Remove fear (close, 3 creatures no more than 30ft apart) (+4 against fear, 14 min, ongoing fear suppressed)
2nd (4+1+2) — Cure Moderate Wounds (2d8+10, * 1,5 if heal) (domain), Grace (Swift, no AoO), Shield Other (close, 14 hours), Spiritual Weapon (medium, +16/+11 1d8+4 (+1 against demons), 14 rounds) *2, Bull's Strength (14 min, +4 str), Remove Paralysis (close, 1 free, 2 new save +4, 3-4 new save +2, 30ft separation)
3rd (4+1+1) — Cure Serious Wounds (3d8+14, * 1,5 if heal) (domain), Magic Vestment (14 hours, +3 AC) * 2, Daylight (touch, 140 min, 60ft radius), Remove Blindness/Deafness (touch), Remove Curse (touch)
4th (4+1+1) — Cure Critical Wounds (4d8+14, * 1,5 if heal) (domain), Air walk (touch, 140 min), Summon Monster IV * 2 (close, 14 rounds), Freedom of Movement (touch, 140 min), Ward of the Season (14 hours)
5th (3+1+1) — Breath of Life (5d8+14, touch) (domain), Summon Monster V (close, 14 rounds) * 2, Plane Shift (touch, 8 joining hands), Dispel Evil
6th (2+1+1) — Heal (touch, 140) * 3, Summon Monster VI (close, 14 rounds) * 2
7th (1+1) — Heal (touch, 140) (domain), Summon Monster VII (close, 14 rounds) * 2
Cantrips/Orisons (at will) — Detect Magic, Guideance, Light, Create Water
Concentration +20 (6 wis, 14 level), ranges close 55 (25+5/2 lvl) medium 230 (100+10/lvl)

Str 10 , Dex 12, Con 16, Int 10, Wis 23, Cha 18
Base Atk +10; CMB +10; CMD 21
Feats Skill Focus: Knowledge: Religion, Toughness, Selective Channeling, Spell focus: Conjuration, Improved unarmed strike, Augmented Summoning, Quick Channel, Blind-Fight, Alertness, Eldritch Heritage, Reactive Healing
Skills Diplomacy +20 (11) +21 if sexually interested +23 Mendev (+2 from ioun stone) +21 if gnome, Heal +10 (1), Knowledge: Religion +22 (11), Knowledge: History +4 (1), Knowledge: Arcana +4 (1), Knowledge: Nobility +4 (1), Sense Motive +12 (1), Spellcraft +4 (1)
Traits Heirloom weapon (longbow), Charming
Languages Common, Elven
SQ Channel Positive Energy 9d6 (7/day) DC lvl/2+Cha=21 5/4 in area not affected 2/day swift, Touch of Law (9/day), Rebuke Death 1d4+7(9/day), Cure spells empowered when healing, Staff of Order weapon touched axiomatic lvl/2 = 7 rounds 2/day, +2 perception, low-light vision

On person Mithral Agile Breastplate 12,5 lb, Darkwood Heavy Shield 5 lb, Wand of Cure Light Wounds (7) 0,1 lb, Monk's Vestment 2 lb, Cloak of Resistance +4 1 lb, Silver Holy Symbol of Irori 1 lb, Spell Component Pouch 2 lb, Deathwatch Eyes 0 lb, Phylactery of Positive Channeling 0 lb, 2 scrolls of invisibility purge (25ft radius) 0,2 lb, Scroll of Breath of Life (in wrist sheath) 0,1 lb, spring-loaded wrist sheath 1 lb, Pathfinder's Pouch 1 lb, Wand of Lesser Restoration (44) 0,1 lb, Amulet of Natural armor +1 0 lb, Cracked Magenta Prism Ioun Stone (+2 skill) 0 lb, Belt of Physical Might con/dex +2 1 lb, Efficient Quiver 2 lb, Cracked Dusty Rose Prism Ioun Stone (+1 init), Incandescent Blue Sphere Ioun Stone (+2 wis, Blind-Fight)(slotted in Wayfinder) 0 lb, Wayfinder 1 lb, Ring of Protected Life * 2, Potion of Reduce Person, 2 Scrolls of Protection from Evil
In Efficient quiver Greenwood composite longbow 3 lb, 10 Silver blanch Cold Iron Arrows 2,2 lb
In Pathfinder's Pouch Pirated Wooden Holy Symbol 0 lb, Lesser Metamagic rod of extend 5 lb, Rod of Splendor 5 lb
In chest Medium Chest 50 lb, Cleric's Vestments 6 lb, 27 arrows 4 lb, Silver Cestus 1 lb, Clothes set 20 lb, some SB-CI arrows, Backpack 2 lb, 2 Alchemical Fire 2 lb, 2 Smokestick 1 lb
Mount Camel, Saddle, Saddlebags
Wealth 2083g + 7747 - 9000 = 830 + 23237 + 10796 = 34863 + 11892 = 46755 + X, mostly in chest.
Encumbrance 31 lb (33 lb. light/66 lb. medium/100 lb. heavy)

---- Notes

Land of originKyoninHeight5'5"
EthnicityHalf-ElfWeight110 lb.
CategoryPathfinder Society -hahmot

Meldanya on syntyisin Kyoninista, mutta vanhempiensa kuoltua Pathfinder-loosin tuhossa suuttui haltioihin ja siirtyi Irorin oppeihin ja alkoi kannattaa Cheliaxin oppia "Järjestys hinnalla millä hyvänsä".

Punaiset hiukset ovat yleensä puolipitkällä poninhännällä, vihreät silmät katsovat ylimielisesti lähes kaikkia. Hän on ulkomuodoltaan viehättävä, ja hymyillessään varsin hurmaava, mutta kiukkuisuus ja ylimielisyys haittaavat usein.


Rodof the Rabbit


Vaatelajitelma on hankittu muotitietoisen homon avustuksella. Kaikki ovat viimeisimmän aatelisen muodin mukaisia, mutta selkeästi Irorin papittarelle kuuluvia. Kuvioina mm. Irorin käsi, Chem Chem eli Celestial White Tiger ja mitä nyt symboleita onkaan.
Arkipäiväpuku, papin kaavut koristeilla.
Juhlapuku, juhlava versio papinkaavuista. Häihin, hautajaisiin yms.
Iltapuku tanssiaisiin tms. Kuitenkin Irorin väreissä ja Irorin koristein.
Näytöstaisteluasu, näyttävä asu joka sopii rintapanssarin kanssa.
Koruja (nämäkin Irori-teemalla) riittävästi jotta sopivat asuihin.

Resurrect Once half price on any type of resurrection spell
Intimidate Against cultists of Lissala +2, once/encounter move action. +4 when dealing with society members own level or lower. +2 if crusader of Mendev. One scenario +5 to influence Chelish nobles, government or Hellknights. +1 if Gnome.
Rerolls Once attack/save/skill after roll, before result, must use second roll.
Diplomacy +4 when dealing with society members own level or lower. +2 if crusader of Mendev. One scenario +5 to influence Chelish nobles, government or Hellknights. +1 if Gnome. One scenario in Absalom +4.
Spells Once recall a spell cast. Added Burst with light, Detect demon, righteous blood to available spells. Once +3 to overcome spell resist of demons, before roll. Once, cast summon monster II to get evil subtype or fiendish template creature, or gain +2 to con&str to summoned creature. Magic weapon & Magic vestment cast 1 lvl higher
Knowledge +2 constant to one (religion)
Charisma-skills & checks +2 if crusader of Mendev. +1 if Gnome.
Feats Once against Demon or Mendev crusader, gain Coordinated Defense, Escape Route, Paired Opportunist or Precise Strike, for cha/int mod + 1 rounds. Once gain use of mythic version of feat as if spent 1 mythic power, for 1 round.
Weapon damage +1 against demons.
Purchases -10% if item requires good descriptor spell. While in Mendev or Worldwound, outside settlement over 5000, reduce prestige cost by 4. Once for one scenario non-consumable magic item up to 4000g for use.
Spellcasting service Remove curse cast at CL 12.
Items Once per scenario, when unattended object within reach is targeted, can treat that as in your possession. Once force a creature to reroll sunder to a object in possession with -5 penalty.
Army A group of Riftwardens in Azir.
Torch Clearly seeking Torch's downfall.
Initiative Once +10

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