Kolmesti Kirottu Ankh-Set-Hor

Champion (Tyrant) of Zon-Kuthon 7
Player Nostrix


Ancestry Half-elf (mummy), Background Able carter
Speed 40 (35 in armor), PerceptionT +11, Darkvision
Alignment LE
Languages Osirian, Elven, Necril

Str 19, Dex 10, Con 16
Int 10, Wis 14, Cha 16

AC 28; (+12 armor, +0 Dex, +6 trained) / 30 (+2 shield)
HP 106 (8 human, 70 champion, 21 con, 7 toughness)
Fort +14E, Ref +9T, Will +13E
Special Defenses
Basic undead benefits, Iron command
Weakness: Fire 3, Resist: slashing 3

Melee +1 striking fist +16 2d6+6 B
Melee +1 striking khopesh +16 2d8+6 S

Divine Spell Attack +12, DC 22
Rank 2 (1/d) - Blood vendetta
Rank 1 (1/d) - HarmS
Cantrips (at will) - Guidance, Needle darts
Focus Spells pool: 2
1st: Touch of corruption, Savor the sting


  • Acrobatics
  • Arcana
  • AthleticsM +17
  • Crafting
  • Deception
  • DiplomacyT+12
  • IntimidationE +14
  • Lore (Graydirge)T +9
  • MedicineT +11
  • NatureT +11
  • Occultism
  • Performance
  • ReligionT +11
  • Society
  • Stealth
  • SurvivalT +11
  • Thievery

Ancestry Abilities Natural ambition, Nimble elf
Bonus feats Mummy dedication1, Basic oracle spellcasting4, Mummy's despair
Class Feats Deity's domain (pain)1, Iron repercussions1, Oracle (bones) dedication2, Aura of despair4, Attack of pportunity6
General Feats Toughnessm, Fleet3
Skill Feats Hobnobber1, Stitch flesh1, Titan wrestler2, Assurance (athletics)4, Intimidating glare6
Class Features Iron command, Divine ally (shield)

Bulk Limit: || Worn + Weapons = || All =
Worn Full plate, sturdy shield
Weapons khopesh
Wealth ? gp
At base


  • Let no one who is lesser than you wield power over you or lead you.
  • Mercilessly enforce established hierarchies of masters and servants. Topple or seize control of illegitimate hierarchies, such as democratic governments or the arrogant echelons of the celestial planes, and fill power vacuums by taking that power for yourself.
  • Bind the weak to serve you. This tenet doesn't require you to spare foes' lives if you think they would be disloyal if pressed into servitude, nor does it require you to keep more servants than you find practical or useful.
  • You must never perform acts anathema to your deity or willingly commit a purely good act, such as giving something solely out of charity, casting a good spell, or using a good item.
  • You must never put another person's needs before your own, and you must never put your own needs before those of your deity. Though you can perform acts others might consider helpful, it must be done with the expectation that it ultimately furthers your own goals or those of your master.
  • Edicts bring pain to the world, mutilate your body
  • Anathema create permanent or long-lasting sources of light, provide comfort to those who suffer

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