Oracle (Tempest) 16
Player Nostrix

Ancestry Human (aasimar), Background Hermean expatriate
Speed 35, Fly 35 w/celestial wings PerceptionE +24
Alignment CN
Languages Common, Draconic, Hallit, Celestial

Str 10, Dex 18, Con 18
Int 16, Wis 18, Cha 20

AC 37; (+3 armor, +4 Dex, +20 trained)
HP 216 (8 human, 128 oracle, 64 con 16 Toughness)
Fort +26E, Ref +26E, Will +28M
Special Defenses


Oracle Divine spells Attack +27, DC 37
8th (3/d) - Canticle of everlasting grief, Moment of renewal Signature:Vital beacon
7th (3/d) - Eclipse burst, Regenerate Signature:Haste
6th (3/d) - Righteous might, Scinitillating safeguard Signature:Chain lightning
5th (3/d) - Breath of life, Death ward Signature:Hydraulic push
4th (3/d) - Air walk, Freedom of movement Signature:Hydraulic torrent
3rd (3/d) - Heroism, Life connection Signature:Searing light
2nd (3/d) - Blood vendetta, Faerie fire Signature:Dispel magic
1st (3/d) - Command, Bless Signature:Heal
Cantrips (at will) - Electric arc, Disrupt undead, Guidance, Message, Shield, Stabilize

Sorcerer Arcane spells Attack +25, DC 35
6th (1/d) - Elemental confluence
5th (1/d) - Telepathic bond
4th (2/d) - Invisibility Signature:Slow
3rd (2/d) - Invisibility sphere, Haste
2nd (2/d) - Hideous laughter Signature:Magic missile
1st (2/d) - True strike, Fear
Cantrips (at will) - Telekinetic projectile, Ray of frost

Focus Spells pool: 3
1st - Pushing gust, Tempest touch
2nd - Vision of weakness
3rd - Thunderburst
Scroll trickster 5th: See invisibility, 4th: Status, 3rd: False life, 2nd: Faerie fire, 1st: Command


  • AcrobaticsT +22
  • ArcanaM +27
  • Athletics
  • Crafting
  • DeceptionT +23
  • DiplomacyM +29
  • IntimidationL +31
  • Lore (dragon)T +21
  • MedicineT +24
  • NatureT +22
  • OccultismT +21
  • Performance
  • ReligionT +22
  • SocietyT +21
  • StealthT +22
  • SurvivalT +23
  • ThieveryT +22

Ancestry Feats Celestial eyes1, General training (fleet)5, Celestial wings9, Purge sins13
Class Feats Reach spell2, Divine access (Besmara)4, Advanced revelation6, Vision of weakness8, Quickened casting10, Divine access (Hei Feng)12, Mysterious repertoire (Haste)14, Forestall curse16
Archetype Feats Sorcerer dedication2, Basic sorcerer spellcasting4, Basic blood potency (Dangerous sorcery)6, Bloodline breadth8, Scroll trickster dedication (trick magic item)10, Expert sorcerer spellcasting12, Basic scroll cache14, Expert scroll cache16
General Feats Toughness3, Diehard7, Incredible initiative11, Uncanny acumen15
Skill Feats Intimidating glare2 Bon mot4, Battle medicine6, Battle cry8, Terrified retreat10, Quick identification12, Recognize spell14, Scare to death16
Class Features

Bulk Limit: || Worn + Weapons = || All =
Worn +2 Gr. resilient fortification leather armour, Gr. Hat of the magi, Gr. Healer's gloves, Messenger's ring, Gr. demon mask, Boots of speed
Weapons Major staff of divination
Stowed Wand of longstrider (L2), 2xDust of appearance, Wand of manifold missiles (L5), Healer's tools 2xScroll of remove curse (L7)
Wealth 490
At the Lodge


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