Champion (Paladin [Fighter dedication]) 4 of Sarenrae
Player Mustaparta (192672-2002) Training Swords
XP 36
Ancestry Human Half-elf, Background Demon slayer
Speed 30 ft., Perception +7•, low-light vision
Alignment Lawful good
Languages Common, Elven

Str 14, Dex 16, Con 12 Int 10, Wis 12, Cha 14

AC 23; (+6• armor prof, +2 armor, +2 shield, +3 Dex)
HP 52
Fort 9••, Ref 9•, Will 9••
Special Defenses Divine Ally (shield; hardness 7, hp 30 BT 15)

Melee +1 striking scimitar +9/2d6+2 S, Forceful, Sweep

Skills Athletics +10••, Diplomacy +8•, Demon lore +6•, Medicine +7•, Religion +7•, Survival +7•, Warfare lore +6•

Ancestry Abilities Elven verve1st
Class Feats Basic maneuver: Exacting strike4th, Deity's Domain (Sun)1st, Fighter Dedication2nd
General Feats Feather step3rd, Shield block1st
Skill Feats Assurance (Medicine), Experienced professional (Demon lore)4th, Recognize Spell
Class Features Deity & Cause (Paladin), Deific Weapon, Champion's Reaction (Retributive Strike, DR 6)
Champion's Code

You must never perform acts anathema to your deity (create undead, lie, deny a repentant creature an opportunity for redemption, fail to strike down evil) or willingly commit an evil act, such as murder, torture, or the casting of an evil spell.
You must never knowingly harm an innocent, or allow immediate harm to one through inaction when you know you could reasonably prevent it. This tenet doesn't force you to take action against possible harm to innocents at an indefinite time in the future, or to sacrifice your life to protect them.
You must act with honor, never taking advantage of others, lying, or cheating.
You must respect the lawful authority of legitimate leadership wherever you go, and follow its laws.

Spell Attack +8•, DC 18 Focus spells Dazzling flash, Lay on hands

Worn chain shirt, steel shield
Weapons +1 scimitar

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Seuraavat tasot:
5. Ancestral suspicion, skill increase (Religion), Weapon Expertise
6. Fiendsbane oath, Lead climber
7. Armor Expertise, Keen follower, skill increase (Demon lore)

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