Eli jälleen kerran eräs kokeilu, miten sivuja voisi asetella.

Toimii vanhoilla ja ongelmallisilla selaimilla (ie6/5) suhteellisen hyvin - huolimatta siitä, että näillä testaaminen ei ole juuri nyt mahdollista minulle ilman http://browsershots.org :ia

Esimerkkejä miltä sivut näyttävät skinillä


Try lt960 or return to the default look. Other skins will be made available on the page Skinner.

Optimally lt960 should be made pmwiki contrib. compliant and uploaded to main repository.

Issue tracker

This skin will be deprecated for lt20960. Open minor issues will not be fixed. --V

Color coding: Open minor issues, Open bugs and major issues, false reports and done tasks.

  • make tocstyles for >>info<<
  • fix green and red tone of changelog
  • Move "table.light" and "table.medium" to a wiki wide css
  • fix classnames of wikipage and PageContainer to more usable ones
  • Re-engineer the grid constraints to lt960-layout.css and remove grid.css
  • fix "li ol" and "li ul" to work as "ul ol" and "ol ul"
  • Implement print.css
  • fix BasicEditing. Compare with BasicEditing?skin=mod-pmwiki
  • Check source validity for updating to main repository
  • move site-wide pages from group Main to group Site, e.g., Main.Lt960-menu -> Site.Lt960-footer-left, Main.Lt960-index -> Site.Lt960-footer-middle, Main.Lt960-arc -> Site.Lt960-footer-right
  • Reset table layout
  • fix msie5.5 and 6.0 float and width-issues
    • Addendum: Issues where caused by erroneus margins of "lte ie6". Fixed with a coditional comment CSS-file.
  • fix hr to look like other lines
  • more space between paragraphs and (ordered, unordered, definition) lists,NimityksiäJaKäännöksiä, WikiSandbox e.g.,
    • Done, with some additinal (and still experimental) forced table styling.
  • fix font issues for non ms-operating systems.
  • p:empty, p and p.vspace cause some hard to trace rendering issues. This could be fixed by copy of original pmwiki/mod-pmwiki? trick.
  • footer/end of page breaks at TheFallOfThuldrinKreed
    • PMWiki bug. Replace !!!-> with !!!%indent% or wikistyle override.
    • Invalid HTML is not excactly repairable by the skin without JS. Any or all "fixing" would have to start with wrapper <table> or another block-level wrapper. This could possibly vause more issues it would fix.
  • fix padding of tailer

Pages used by Lt960

It is considerably easier to reach these pages through the links below.

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