Fox forms demo

Mekanismi now supports Fox forms for various cgi-form-like operations. You may use Fox to enable unregistered users to post comments (on public or restricted pages), or as a registration tool for games.

An example of comment-form can be found from Ropecon's feedback form:


This demo works only if you are registered (can edit pages)

A Fox form can only be added to a page enabled in Fox's configuration. Currently, only this demo page is enabled. If you need a form, ask the admins to enable additional pages.

Example form

This example form posts its contents to three diffent outputs, using three different templates (the sources are visible in edit mode).

  1. raw data to page Main.FoxdemoResult using Main.FoxdemoTemplate
  2. CSV-formatted data to Main.FoxdemoResultCSV using template Main.FoxdemoTemplateCSV.
  3. HTML-table formatted data to Main.FoxdemoResultTable using template Main.FoxdemoTemplateTable.

The CSV and table output can be copy-pasted directly to Excel or Calc. Look for the "Edit / Paste special" function, with semicolons as field delimiters in the case of CSV.

Posting to a wikipage gives us user authorization, changelog and history data "for free".

(:fox formname redirect=Main.FoxdemoResult:) (:foxadd Main.FoxdemoTemplate=>Main.FoxdemoResult:) (:foxadd Main.FoxdemoTemplateCSV=>Main.FoxdemoResultCSV:) (:foxadd Main.FoxdemoTemplateTable=>Main.FoxdemoResultTable:)

Input some text to the text area please!

Put a check to a box?
A checkbox with name "checkboxname" and value "checkboxison"

Some radio buttons with name "radioname"
coose value "value1"
choose value "value2

(:foxend formname:)

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