1.The Collapsed TowerInvestigate the cause of the Witch Tower's collapse.1200 XP
2.Finding HunclayFind out whether Balthus Hunclay had anything to do with the Witch Tower's collapse.800 XP
3.Making Friends or EnemiesMake at least one of the families of Belhaim helpful or hosile towards the party.400 XP
4.Hero or VillainMake everyone in one of Belhaim's factions either friendly or better, or unfriendly or worse, toward the PCs1600 XP
5.Best Friend or Worst NightmareMake everyone in Belhaim either friendly or better, or unfriendly or worse.3200 XP
6.Belhaim HistorianLearn a great deal of Belhaim's history.800 XP
7.Finding the KellsLearn what became of the Kells.2400 XP
8.Kobolds' PrisonersRescue the locals the kobolds are holding prisoner.1200 XP
9.Wolf HuntingKill the wolf that's been raiding Abrassus Ranch.1600 XP
10.The Blood Vow KobolsDrive off or defeat the kobolds of the Blood Vow tribe.1200 XP
11.Helping NighttailHelp Nighttail take control of the Blood Vow tribe.800 XP
12.Exploring the EstateFully explore Hunclay's estate and ensure that it is safe for the baroness's clerks.1600 XP
13.Rescuing MaffeiRescue the shae prisoner2400 XP
14.Restoring MaffeiRestore Maffei's negative levels.2400 XP
15.Exploring Hunclay's CaveFind the location of Hunclay's hidden cave and explore it.2400 XP
16.The Monastery MysteryLearn what happened to the monks who once dwelled in the monastery.2400 XP
17.Exploring the Crypt of TulaExplore Tula's crypt and recover the powerful dragonslaying weapons that lie within.2400 XP
18.Sanctifying the Crypt of TulaPut the restless spirit of Tula's husband Arturic to rest.4800 XP


  • Kylän paikkeilla on viime aikoina liikkunut susia. Jälkiä on kuulemma löytynyt myös katoilta!
  • Hunclay palvoi paholaisia ja keräili PAHOJA KIRJOJA

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