Constant Arioch, the snowmask brother

N male plumekith weapon master 10
Prestige 27/54 [Osirion]; Xp 28
Init +7; Senses perception +22; darkvision 60ft

AC 16, touch 16, flat-footed 10; (Dex +6); +4 AC vs longbows
hp 94 (10d10+30)
Fort +12, Refl +12, Will +9; (+2 Fort vs death effects)
Resist acid 5, cold 5, electricity 5; endure elements (cold only)
Special defenses automatically succeed vs swarm's distraction, doesn't drop weapons when panicked or stunned

Speed 30 ft., fly 40ft.
Melee cestus +13/+8 (d4+5, 19-20/x2); cold iron, magic, B or P
Ranged longbow +20/+20/+15 (2d8+38 or d8+19, 19-20/x3); magic plus arrows
Special attacks clustered shots, point-blank shot, reliable strike, swarmbane clasp

Str 14, Dex 23, Con 14, Int 7, Wis 16, Cha 7
Base Atk +10; CMB +12; CMD 28; +11 vs effects that target wielded longbow
Feats arcane strike, clustered shots, deadly aim, greater weapon focus (longbow), improved critical, manyshot, point blank shot, precise shot, rapid shot, weapon focus (longbow), weapon specialization (longbow)
Traits lessons of chaldira, tomb raider

Skills acrobatics +8, fly +15, perception +22
Languages celestial, taldane
SQ celestial resistances (ex), darkvision (ex), mirror move (ex), reliable strike 2/day (ex), see invisibility 1/day (sp), weapon guard +3 (ex), weapon training (longbow) +4/+4 (ex)

Arrows blunt (13), adamantined cold iron (3), ghost salted cold iron (14), cold iron (40)
Combat gear air crystal, antiplague, antitoxin, oil of daylight, potion of aspect of the falcon, potion of cure serious woundsL, potion of fly, potion of feather step, potion of gravity bow, potion of invigorate, potion of remove blindness/deafnessR, potion of touch of the sea, smokestick, snapleaf, wand of infernal healing (23), wand of lesser restoration (3)
Equipment carpet of flying (5ft by 5ft), griffon mane monk's outfit, boots of speed, gloves of dueling, cold iron cestusL, adaptive +2 darkwood composite longbow w/ weapon cordL, belt of incredible dexterity +2, cloak of resistance +2, eyes of the eagle, swarmbane clasp, cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone, 2 cracked pale green prism ioun stones (saves, to-hit), 2 spring-loaded wrist sheathsL,R
Handy haversack crowbar, hammer, 4 pitons, grappling arrow w/ silk rope (200ft, knotted), wooden stake, 2 wandermeals, waterskin, and more arrows (27 blunt, 57 cold iron)
Money 4,422 gp; Enc 26; light (58 lb. or less); Size medium (5' 9", 145 lb.)

Hero of the Hold — +1 insight bonus on saves, ability checks, skill checks inside a dwarven Sky Citadel.
Owed a Favor — +4 circumstance bonus on diplomacy in Absalom.
Tapestry Fast Travel — all boons and vanities that apply to Absalom or Koldukar apply to both.
Shortcut to the Center of the World — any boon or vanity that applies to Absalom applies to Varisia, as well.
Curse-Breaker — when targeted by remove curse, treat the spell's caster level as 2 higher.
Accumulating an Army (Elven Uprooters) - secured the aid of a team of elven rangers.
Accumulating an Army (Mammoth Riders) - recruited a small, capable tribe of Kellid people.
Accumulating an Army (Riftwardens) - earned the respect and promise of aid the Riftwardens.
Hero of the Fey — automatically succeed in any charisma based check when dealing with the fey.
Spider's Captor — +5 bonus on any diplomacy check made to influence a government official in Andoran.
Unexpected Discovery — +4 circumstance bonus on diplomacy and intimidate checks when dealing with Pathfinder of your level or lower.
Hero of the Hold — +3 insight bonus on knowledge checks pertaining to Sky Citadels and dwarven history.
Koboldfriend — +2 bonus on any diplomacy check with humanoids of reptilian subtype.
Legend of Urglin — +2 on charisma-based skill checks with orcs in Varisia and countries bordering it.
2 Mendevian Commendations — +2 to any charisma-based check with any crusader of Mendev.
Exemplar of Falcon's Hollow — +1 to any charisma-based check with any citizen of Andoren.
plus Antagonized by Avalexi, Crystalhue Artisan, Debt of Kirin, Dragonkiller, Faerie Dragon Improved Familiar, Feast of Abadar, Ghalcor's Spellcraft, Jayorass's Ire, Kayle's Blessing, On the Trail of the Diamond Sage, Resources of Redemption, Riftwarden Magic, Risen Guard, Snowmask Induction, The Constant, Time in Dreng's Vaults, Your Reputation Precedes You, and Zonzon Doll

Confirmed kills (110)
32 humans (1 barbarian, 2 clerics, 2 commoners, 1 druid, 4 fighters, 1 ranger, 5 red mantis assassins, 4 rogues, 1 sorcerer, 10 warriors, 1 wizard)
13 kobolds (1 alchemist, 2 rangers, 1 sorcerer, 9 warriors)
9 undead (1 advanced ghoul, 2 mummies, 2 skeletons, 2 wights, 1 dire bear plague zombie, 1 human plague zombie)
8 demons (1 abrikandilu, 1 babau rogue, 2 brimoraks, 1 kithangian, 1 schir, 1 succubus, 1 vermlek)
5 advanced giant scorpions
4 rust monsters (1 advanced, 3 normal)
3 advanced fiendish dire bats
3 hobgoblins (2 fighters, 1 oracle)
3 giant advanced frilled lizards
2 allips (1 oracle, 1 advanced)
2 fiendish aurochs
2 devils (1 bearded, 1 chain)
2 elementals (1 large air, 1 elder lightning)
2 jinkins
2 giant leeches
2 leech swarms
1 animated object (1 wired mannequin)
1 bulette
1 ceustodaemon
1 darkmantle
1 dhampir fighter
1 rabid riding dog
1 dwarven cleric
1 fungus queen
1 half-fiend gargoyle
1 goblin alchemist
1 guardian (unique)
1 freshwater merrow
1 lamia matriarch
1 otyugh
1 advanced reefclaw
1 mutant scum
1 tiefling ranger
1 worg
1 xill

Shopping list
+3 cloak of resistance (5,000gp)
jingasa of the fortunate soldier (5,000gp, ueq)
advanced player's guide (apg), adventurer's armory (aar), blood of angels (boa), character traits web enhancement (ctw), faction guide (fag), inner sea world guide (iwg), legacy of fire player's guide (lof), pathfinder society field guide (fig), seekers of secret (sos), ultimate equipment (ueq)
aasimar, boa0 ; antiplague, ueq100 ; cestus, ueq25 ; cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone, sos46 ; eyes and ears of the city, lof9 feather step (ignore difficult terrain for 10 min), apg221 ; gloves of dueling, ueq236 ; grappling arrow, ueq65 ; griffon mane, ueq51 ; infernal healing (fast healing 1 for 1 min), iwg295 ; invigorate (suppress exhausted and fatigued for 10 min), apg230 ; keros oil, ueq108 ; plumekith, boa23 ; swarmbane clasp, ueq261 ; snapleaf (invisibility for 5 rds and feather fall), ueq319 ; touch of the sea (swim speed 30ft for 10 min), apg250 ; wandermeal, ueq97 ; weapon blanch, ueq105 ; weapon blanch (ghost salt), fig48 ; weapon cord, ueq75 ; weapon master, apg109 ; wrist sheath, spring-loaded, aar9 ;

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