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  • Core, Alien Archive ym. rodut ovat sallituja
  • Kaikki Character Operations Manualin optiot ovat sallituja
  • Core teemat (ks. alla assembling the crew osio), liäksi Kolonisti
  • Kampanjassa on aika paljon avaruustaistelua, koitetaan tehdä siitä mielekkäämpää kuin societyn puolella... mutta varautukaa siihen että hahmoilla on jotain tekemistä avaruustaistelussa.


  • Pelin alussa teillä on oma Tier 1 Avaruusalus (55 rakennuspistettä). Kampanjan kehittyessä, tulette saamaan lisää pisteitä sen kustomointiin.
  • Aluksen rakentamisen suhteen ei ole rajoituksia kunhan seuraa sääntöjä Täältä löytyy
  • Jos avaruustaisteluun palaa käämi, heivaamme sen mustaan aukkoon, mutta katsotaan nyt miten pelittää.

Assembling the Crew (copypasta kirjasta 1)

The characters have two motives for heading into the Vast to the colony world of Nakondis. The first motive is purely profit. The PCs are transporting a load of mundane supplies on behalf of AbadarCorp. The supplies themselves aren’t worth much except to the colonists, and the colony’s head administrator, a lashunta priest of Abadar named Madelon Kesi, is contracted to pay the PCs 4,000 credits upon delivery of the supplies to Madelon’s Landing. Any PC affiliated with AbadarCorp or sympathetic to the hard life of colonists (perhaps with the new colonist theme presented on page 45) might have a more personal investment in this delivery, but it’s expected that the PCs are making this delivery primarily for the money.

The PCs’ second motive is personal. Each PC is a friend of an android named Cedona who retired to the colony. The PCs’ reasons for a visit might vary; some suggestions based on themes follow. If the PCs don’t want to have several disparate ties to Cedona, or if they want an additional connection for the group, you can explain that Cedona found the sale listing for the PCs’ starship in an impound lot and helped negotiate a rock-bottom price for it; the PCs quite literally wouldn’t have their starship without her.

Connections by Theme

A character’s connection to Cedona based on that character’s theme can be chosen from the list below.

Ace Pilot: A few years ago, you received an emergency commission from an android named Cedona. She needed quick transport into an asteroid-choked section of the Diaspora, no questions asked, and couldn’t find anyone else able to navigate the complicated route quickly. Cedona was impressed with your flawless piloting and contacted you a few times for other jobs, even when another pilot would have been more convenient for her to hire.

Bounty Hunter: You had a high-paying job that seemed to have gone bust, as your quarry had slipped away to another planet without leaving behind any clues. You were about to admit defeat when Cedona contacted you with some information—your quarry’s location. You collected your quarry and your pay without any difficulties. Cedona has provided you with unexpected but useful information from time to time ever since, and the two of you have become friends, although she hasn’t ever revealed her information sources.

Icon: Cedona happens to be a fan of your type of performance or field of study. The android is polite and friendly, and the two of you have bonded based on her appreciation of your work. She asked that you come visit her in Madelon’s Landing if you ever found yourself out in the Vast. You could tell that she didn’t really think you’d find the time in your busy schedule to get out that far, and you look forward to surprising her with your presence. Mercenary: You took a job a few years ago clearing some invading forces out of a ruined factory, and one of the mercenaries working alongside you was an android named Cedona. It became clear to you that she was no ordinary mercenary but was seeking a particular individual you later learned was an escaped convict. Regardless, Cedona was cool under fire and very professional, and you appreciated that. She saw the same in you, and the two of you became friends. You have an ongoing, good-natured dispute about which of you could take the other in a fight, but you’ve never pushed it to the test—deep down, you might worry that you’ll lose.

Outlaw: Despite your back-alley dealings and efforts to avoid legal entanglements, you kept running into an android named Cedona. You might have thought she was a bounty hunter or a police officer, as she so frequently seemed to know where to find you, but she didn’t seem interested in capturing you. She was more interested in finding out why you were charged for your crimes, and whether you had done illegal things for the right reasons. Cedona seemed to actually like you, when so many others were willing to cast you aside or turn you in, and you struck up a friendship with her. She once showed up to provide you a transit pass and fake identification documents when forces of the law were closing in on your home, and you feel like you still owe her for that.

Priest: Cedona was a friend of a friend whom you tended through a difficult illness. Although Cedona doesn’t share your religious conviction, you learned over long hours at your mutual friend’s bedside that she is a good and caring person. When your friend passed away, you and Cedona both agreed to keep in touch, but you drifted apart nonetheless. You heard she retired to an AbadarCorp colony in the Vast, and you resolved to rekindle your friendship.

Scholar: You attended a short series of lectures a few years ago about the business of religion, but you found the presenter’s conclusions ill-founded and lacking in intellectual rigor. You met another attendee—an android named Cedona—and struck up a friendship while complaining about the lectures. Cedona was primarily interested in learning about AbadarCorp colonies; she hoped to join one of those colonies once she retired from her current job, although she didn’t mention what that job was. When she was approved to join AbadarCorp’s colony on Nakondis, Cedona asked you to come visit her when you could, to see “religion and business in the field.”

Spacefarer: You’re the reason Cedona came to Nakondis in the first place. You’ve been to the system before, although it seemed to have little to recommend it to anyone. Sure, Nakondis is lush with beautiful, healthy forests and thick with sparkling fog, but you aren’t the sort to consider settling down planetside. Your acquaintance Cedona agreed it seemed pleasant, and you weren’t surprised when you heard she retired to the AbadarCorp colony there. You would like to see her life on the planet you first introduced her to.

Xenoseeker: You chafed at the confines of civilization in the Pact Worlds, finding your center in remote gardens or little-traveled wildernesses. On these journeys, you occasionally encountered an android named Cedona. She never told you what she did for a living, but she talked often about how she was looking forward to retirement on a wilderness planet far off in the Vast. When she was approved to join the colony on Nakondis, she invited you to a going-away party to celebrate her good fortune, and she asked that you look her up some day.

Themeless (or Other Theme): You were Cedona’s neighbor for a few months, and she was the only person in the neighborhood you really considered a friend. She had a pet named Cubber—a vulpine creature known as a squox (see Starfinder Alien Archive 2)—that she occasionally asked you to feed while she was away for work. You never learned what Cedona did professionally, but she seemed glad to retire from it. She was happy when she told you she’d been accepted to join an AbadarCorp colony on Nakondis, although it meant she’d have to find a new home for Cubber. Whether you now own Cubber is up to you.

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