Dame Josei Kilojarrah Blakros

sycophants on velvet sofas, lavish mansions, vintage wine
I am so much more than royal, snatch your chain and mace your eyes
if it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine
heroes always get remembered - but you know legends never die

female nagaji oracle of Lore 11
LN medium humanoid (reptilian)
Player Rei (4304-12)
Xp 31
Faction Dark Archive -> Sovereign Court
Prestige/Fame 17/54

Init +10 (+7 Cha, +3 competence)
Senses low-light vision, Perception +0

AC 23, touch 15, flat-footed 19; (+7 armor, +5 Cha, +1 natural)
hp 80 (11d8+22)
Fort +9, Ref +17, Will +11; +2 racial against mind-affecting, +2 racial against poison, +1 vs. poison and disease, Cha applied to Ref instead of Dex
Special Defenses 1/scenario retributive abjuration; 1/day can gain a +4 luck bonus on a single saving throw, must be used before roll is made

Speed 30 ft.
Melee +6
Ranged +7
Special Attacks

Spells known (CL 11th, concentration +21; * = mystery spell, ^ = curse spell)
5th (5/day, DC 22) - boneshatter, contact other plane*, life bubble, mass cure light wounds, wall of fire^
4th (7/day; DC 21) - blessing of fervor, communal protection from energy, cure critical wounds, debilitating portent (DC 23), freedom of movement, legend lore*, terrible remorse (DC 23)
3rd (8/day; DC 20) - borrow fortune, charitable impulse (DC 22), cure serious wounds, guarding knowledge, locate object*, prayer (DC 22)
2nd (8/day; DC 19) - align weapon, calm emotions (DC 21), cure moderate wounds, flaming sphere^, grace, hold person (DC 21), oracle's burden, scorching ray^, tongues*
1st (8/day; DC 18) — burning hands^, cure light wounds, identify*, liberating command, murderous command (DC 20), remove fear, shield of faith, sure casting
Orisons (at will) — create water, detect magic, detect poison, enhanced diplomacy, guidance, light, read magic, spark, stabilize
Spell-like abilities - hypnotism (1/day, DC 18)
Mystery Lore; Curse Blackened (-4 on all weapon attacks)

Str 10, Dex 12, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 10, Cha 24
Base Atk +8/+3; CMB +8; CMD 19
Feats Dilettante, Expanded Arcana (communal protection from energy, freedom of movement), Greater Spell Focus (enchantment), Noble Scion (War), Quicken Spell, Spell Focus (enchantment)
Revelations Focused Trance (7/day, +13), Lore Keeper, Mental Acuity, Sidestep Secret
Skills (ACP 0) Diplomacy +25 (11), Intimidate +21 (11), Knowledge (arcana) +22 (9), Knowledge (dungeoneering) +18 (3), Knowledge (engineering) +17 (2), Knowledge (geography) +17 (2), Knowledge (history) +20 (5), Knowledge (local) +18 (2), Knowledge (nature) +17 (2), Knowledge (nobility) +20 (1), Knowledge (planes) +21 (8), Knowledge (religion) +22 (9), Linguistics +6 (3), Sense Motive +1, Spellcraft +17 (11), Use Magic Device +22 (8)
Traits Dangerously Curious, Fiendish Presence
Languages Abyssal, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Infernal, Kelesh, Nagaji, Tien
SQ armored scales, hypnotic gaze, oracle's curse (blackened), resistant

- +1 bonus on Knowledge checks attempted in the Grand Lodge (boon from #5-08)
- +1 vs. poisons and diseases (boon from Feast of Ravenmoor)
- +2 on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Intimidate in Magnimar and allied cities and towns (boon from Feast of Ravenmoor)
- free wayfinder (boon from #5-08)
- as a free or immediate action, can consider if a specific action would help realize the goals of the Society: the GM then tells if the action would be positive, negative, negligible, or if none of the above gives an answer of five words or less, one use (boon from #5-08)
- +1 to caster level and DC of any one enchantment or illusion spell cast, one use (boon from Murder's Mark)
- Diverse Training (1st-level, 1 GM star): once per scenario, can attempt a skill check as if trained in that skill, with a +10 bonus and no other modifiers (Student of Spells GM Star Reward)
- Retributive Abjuration (3rd-level, 2 stars): once per scenario as a swift action (Su), can redirect harmful energy as per the spell draconic reservoir; effect lasts 5 rounds and absorbs 15 points of damage
-Essential Field Agent (5th-level, 3 stars): wayfinder is decorated with special filigree that acts as slotless aegis of recovery that heals 2d8+6 damage when character next falls under 0 hp (used 21.8.2014)
- Vaults of the Ten: currently unused, will purchase wand of communal protection from energy (CL 7, 10 charges, 4200 gp)
- +1 on Charisma checks with any citizen of Andoran (boon from #43)
- can automatically succeed on one Charisma-based check when dealing with fey, one use (boon from #43)
- +5 circumstance bonus on one Knowledge or Gather Information (Diplomacy) roll, can make that Knowledge check untrained, one use (boon from #6-02)
- when next visiting Cheliax, receive a single potion, scroll, or elixir worth up to 250 gp, one use (boon from #6-02)
- when spending PP to gain a bonus on any one skill check while in Tian Xia, the bonus increases to +5, or in Goka to +6 (boon from #4-21)
- acquainted with Aslynn (boon from #5-09)
- Blakros Family Member: +1 to Knowledge (nobility), can use to roll day job checks; gain +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy and Intimidate rolls when dealing with members of high society in Absalom (vanity from #6-02)
- Sigil Wafer: +2 to Charisma until 1.4.2016 (boon from #4-10)
- Noble Title (Sovereign Court vanity): title of Dame, specialized in Knowledge (nobility)
- can cross off this boon to treat a Knowledge (arcana, history or planes) roll as if the end result were 25; alternatively, may instead gain a +5 bonus on the check
- Impossible Feat: may cross off this boon before attempting a skill check, saving throw, or attack roll to add 1d6 to the result; if the roll results in a 6, roll again and add to the previous result; this process can be repeated up to twice for +18
- as an immediate action, can gain a +4 competence bonus to CMD until end of next turn, one use
- can reroll a failed save against a demon's compulsion or possession effect, one use
- acquainted with 322
- Apparatus of the Mantis access
- Zey's Gratitude: using character level as caster level, using own Charisma score when determining DC, can cast one of the following: chain lightning, fireball, greater dispel magic, greater heroism, greater invisibility, stoneskin; one use sniiiiffff Zey don't love me no more
- access to Thuvian alchemist PrC
- Shield of the Sun Orchid: as an immediate action, can check a box to perform one of the following; grant yourself and any allies that can see and hear you a +4 morale bonus on a save against a fear effect; grant yourself and any allies that see and hear you 3d6 temporary hit points before they are dealt damage by a spell or effect, to last only until the effect has been resolved; or automatically succeed at any one check to direct a crowd or perform the aid another action; two uses
- Savior of Knowledge: once per scenario when adventuring in Osirion or Absalom, can gain a +5 insight bonus on one Knowledge skill check; can instead expend an use of this boon to attempt a trained Knowledge check with a bonus equal to twice your character level; five uses
- Always Welcome in Breezy Creek
- can upgrade Glorymane
- Political Aspirations: Senatorial Candidate (0/3)

On person courtier's outfit with gems (6 lbs.), mithral dagger, +1 burdenless mithral agile breastplate (12,5 lbs.), wand of magic missile (18 charges), wayfinder (slotted with cracked dusty rose prism ioun stone), cloak of resistance +3, ioun torch, 2x spring-loaded wrist sheath (vasemmassa potion of invisibility, oikeassa potion of touch of the sea), wand of cure light wounds (6 charges), wand of memory lapse (13 charges), wand of ice storm (10 charges), wand of prestidigitation (47 charges), wand of lightning bolt (16 charges), wand of lesser restoration (4 charges), headband of alluring charisma +4, circlet of persuasion, scarlet and blue sphere ioun stone (Intimidate, Sylvan), mnemonic vestment, lesser versatile metamagic rod, lucky horseshoe, pathfinder pouch (contains antiplague, acid flask, 3x holy water)
In mnemonic vestment scroll of anti-incorporeal shell, scroll of break enchantment (CL 11th), scroll of control summoned creature, scroll of dispel magic, scroll of fly, scroll of lesser restoration, scroll of make whole, scroll of remove paralysis, scroll of remove sickness, scroll of remove fear (CL 8th), scroll of resist energy, scroll of restoration, scroll of ride the waves, scroll of suppress charms and compulsions, scroll of blessing of fervor
At home pet raven (Greedyguts)
Wealth 116 gp
Encumbrance 33 lb. + pathfinder pouch contents 2,5 lbs. (49,5 lb. light/99 lb. medium/150 lb. heavy)

Lesser versatile metamagic rod: 3 charges/day, can be used to replicate the effects of Extend Spell, Merciful Spell, or Reach Spell (source: #6-98)

Full title: Dame Josei Kilojarrah Blakros, Trusted Pathfinder, Shield of the Sun Orchid, Perfect Defender of Jalmeray, Hero of Magnimar and Savior of Ravenmoor, Exemplar of Falcon's Hollow and Hero of the Fey of Darkmoon Wood, Friend of the Dark Archive, True Ally of the Lantern Lodge, Researcher of the Impossible, Savior of Knowledge and Ally of the Jeweled Sages, Favored Student of Master Zey and Bearer of His Gratitude, Master of Enchantments

Josei ei ole tietääkseen koskaan nähnyt Nagajoria: hän ei ole varma, onko hän syntynyt Cheliaxissa vai onko hänet tuotu sinne niin nuorena, ettei hän muista tapahtunutta. Sen Josei kuitenkin tietää, että hän on aina ollut orja. Hän on ollut erään aatelishuoneen omaisuutta koko elämänsä, ja on itse asiassa sitä edelleen - hänet on luovutettu väliaikaisesti Tiennäyttäjäjärjestön "käytettäväksi" kiitoksena palveluksista, joista suku on ollut velkaa tiennäyttäjille. Hän ei ole erityisen innostunut ajatuksesta, että hänestä tulisi palkkasoturi ja seikkailija, mutta noudattaa silti herransa ja mestarinsa ohjeita.

Ennen siirtymistään Dekamviraatin palvelukseen Josei toimi eräänlaisena diplomaattina ja seuralaisena etenkin vieraileville tianilaisille assosiaateille, sillä eksoottisen nagajin toivottiin luovan neuvotteluihin kotoisampi tunnelma. Nagajien kieltä Joseille ei tosin koskaan opetettu, koska ketään kyvykästä opettajaa ei kyetty järkevään hintaan paikantamaan. Alkuperäinen tarkoitus nagajia ostaessa oli ollut saada hyvä, kuuliainen henkivartija, mutta Josein kasvaessa rotevan soturin sijasta hentoluiseksi kaunottareksi omistajan suunnitelmat muuttuivat, ja hänestä koulittiinkin jotain aivan muuta.

Josei on jopa nagajien mittapuulla varsin androgyyni, mutta hänen vaatteittensa ja panssarinsa leikkaus pyrkivät luomaan illuusion kurvikkaammista muodoista, jotta hänen ulkonäkönsä vetoaisi myös yleisempiin humanoidirotuihin. Hänen silmänsä ovat huomattavan kirkkaan turkoosit, ja hänen kasvoillaan on yleensä pieni, ivallisuuteen taipuva hymy. Nagajineidon suomujen pohjaväri on suurelta osin kirkkaanvalkoinen, mutta siinä on myös suuria ruskeankirjavia laikkuja, jotka muistuttavat kuvioinniltaan pytonkäärmeen suomuja. Suurin osa muista näkee vain sen, että hänen kasvonsa ja päänsä ovat suurimmaksi osaksi ruskeat, mutta hänen hartiansa ja kaulansa taas valkeat muutamaa pienempää laikkua lukuunottamatta. Hänen käsivartensa ovat kyynärpäihin asti mustuneet ja kesivän näköiset.

Luonteeltaan Josei vaikuttaa äärimmäisen myöntyväiseltä ja johdateltavissa olevalta, onhan hän sentään paikkansa tietävä palvelijatar. Nuoren nagajin taipumus olla täysin muiden komennettavissa on itse asiassa lähes häiritsevä. Hymyileväisen ja lempeän oloisen ulkokuoren alla on kuitenkin lujatahtoiseksi kasvanut nuori nainen, joka mielellään palvelisi jumaliaan omilla ehdoillaan: Thrunen huoneen hallintokauden mukaisesti hän palvoo näennäisesti Asmodeusta, mutta sydämessään hänelle tärkeimmät voimat ovat Huorakuningattaret. Nagajiksi Josei on myöskin älykäs ja nauttii opiskelusta: erityisen kiinnostunut hän on kirjallisuudesta, tarinoista, ja kaikesta mahdollisesta muusta, joka antaa hänelle mahdollisuuden oppia jotain historiasta tai Golarionista. Mitenkään poikkeuksellisen terävä hän ei silti ole, mutta tuntuu omaavan omituista intuitiota siihen, mikä informaatio voi olla jonain päivänä merkityksellistä ja mikä ei.

Fluffy Information
Age 22
Hair Not applicable
Eyes Bright turquoise blue
Height 6'0"/183 cm
Weight 170 lbs./77 kg
Deity Whore Queens, especially Ardad Lili
Homeland Egorian, Cheliax; relocated to Absalom


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