Juliet Aulamaxa

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Female Human Bard(Chelish Diva) 7 / Noble Scion 10
CG Medium Humanoid(human)
Player Filadeus
Favored Class Bard (+5 sp, +2 hp)

Init +8/+12
Senses Perception +24

AC 32, touch 17, flat-footed 27; (+9 armor, +2 deflection, +4 dex, +1 dodge, +2 nat, +4 shield) Ha+Sh
hp 195(17d8+85+17+2)
Fort +19, Ref +20, Will +19 Ha+He
Special Defenses

Speed 30/60 ft
Melee +2 human-bane longsword +19/+19/+14, 1d8+23+1d6(sonic)+bane(2+2d6) 19-20/x2, S Ha+He+IC+AS+PA
Melee +1 Whip +22/+22/+17, 1d3+9 NonLethal x2, S Ha+He+IC+AS
Ranged Shortbow +22/+22/+17, 1d6+5 x3, P, 60' Ha+He+IC+AS
Special Attacks
Inspire Courage(+3/+3, +1d6 sonic, move action), Devastating Aria(1d4+11), Arcane Strike(+2 dmg)

Spells known (CL 10, Concentration +16)
3rd (CD 20, 5/day) — Daylight, Dispel Magic, Displacement, Good Hope
2nd (DC 19, 10/day) — Heroism, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Tongues
1st (DC 18, 6/day) — Charm Person, Disguise Self, Saving Finale, Unseen Servant
Cantrips (DC 17) — Detect Magic, Ghost Sound, Light, Message, Prestidigation, Read Magic

Str 16(10), Dex 18(12), Con 20(14), Int 18(16), Wis 10(8), Cha 24(22)
Base Atk +12; CMB +20; CMD 32
Feats Noble Scion of Aulamaxa, Persuasive, Skill Focus(Diplomacy, Sing, Dance), Spellsong, Stealthy, Masked Renown, Leadership, Lingering Performance, Great Fortitude, Prodigy(dance, sing), Scholar(Know(nobility,local)), Toughness, Improved Initiative, Discordant Voice, Rhetorical Flourish, Arcane Strike, Power Attack
Skills (ACP -2) Acrobatics +43[1], Bluff +44[2], Climb +9[1], Diplomacy +47[17], Disguise +32[17], Escape Artist +12[1], Fly +43, Intimidate +36[17], Know(Arcana) +28[17], Know(Local) +37[17], Know(Nobles) +40[17], Know(Other) +12[1], Linguistics +17[8], Perception +24[17], Perform(Dance) +43[17], Perform(Sing) +44[17], Sense Motive +44[2], Sleight of Hand +10[1], Spellcraft +16[7] Stealth +19[8], Use Magic Device +32[17]
Traits Child of Kintargo, Operatic(Cheliaxin)
Languages Abyssal, Aquan, Auran, Azlanti, Celestial, Common, Draconic, Elven, Halfling, Infernal, Shadowtongue, Strix, Sylvan
SQ Bardic Performance(39/day, move)(Su), Countersong, Distraction, Fascinate(4 target, DC 22), Inspire Courage +3, Devastating Aria(1d4+10)(Su), Scathing Tirade, Inspire Greatness, Famous +2(Kintargo), Prima Donna(Ex), Costume Proficiency(Medium)(Ex), Greater Leadership, Affluent(7500 gp), Aristocratic Erudition -5(Ex), Prestigious Influence(250 gp/week), Peerless Patrician(Ex)

On person Shortbow, +2 mithral chain shirt, Noble's outfit with 1000 gp jewelry, Signet ring, +1 whip, Cloak of the manta ray, boots of levitation, circlet of persuasion, belt of physical perfection +6, ring of protection +2, cloak of resistance +5, handy haversack, +2 human-bane longsword, headband of mental superiority +2, golden tiara of the opera, horn of blasting, ring of wizardry II, book of infinite spells, +2 shadow mithral chain shirt, celestial armor, amulet of natural armor +2, Glove of Storing
Wands CCW(11), Maximized Magic Missile CL10(10), CLW(34+50), Hold Person(8+10), Shield(50), Protection from Evil(50), True Strike(50), Glitterdust(50)
Potions Acid(2), Alchemist's Fire(2)
Metamagic Rods Lesser Extend
Wealth ~400 000 gp
Encumbrance ~30 lb. (58 lb. light/116 lb. medium/175 lb. heavy)


Height: 5'5 / Weight 115 lb.

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