Age: 57
Height: 5' 8" (173cm)
Weight: 170lb (77kg)

Male Human Vigilante 17 of Skymir
Chaotic Good Medium Humanoid (human)
Player Feuran

Init +6 (+6 dex)
Senses Perception -1

AC 38, touch 20, flat-footed 38; (+11 armor, +4shield, +5 dex, +2 natural, +1 dodge, +4 def)
HP 227
Fort +15 (con +6, class +5, resistance +4)
Ref +22 (dex +6, class +10, resistance +4, lightning reflexes +2)
Will +15 (wis -1, class +10, resistance +4, iron will +2)
Special Defenses

  • Inspiration, (immediate, +1d6 to saves)
  • Immune to the spells confusion and insanity, and similar effects
  • Greater Blind-Fight
  • Improved Blind-Fight
  • Improved Uncanny Dodge
  • Improved Evasion
  • Twist Away
  • Mobility
  • Offensive Defense
  • +2 vs. fear (trait)
  • +lvl against intimidation
  • cha/day reroll will save as immediate action

Speed 30ft, with armor 30ft, +10 longstrider
Melee one-handed Rapier (+3 Axiomatic Transformative) +21 (1d6+2d6+14), 18-20/x2
Melee one-handed Dagger (+2 Wounding) +20 (1d4+Bleed 1+13), 19-20/x2
Melee one-handed ALT. Dagger of Venom +19 (1d4+12), 19-20/x2
Melee one-handed ALT. Short sword (+1 Flaming) +19 (1d6+1d6+12), 19-20/x2
Melee one-handed ALT. Dagger (mithral +1 Bane Lawful Outsider) +19 (1d4+12), 19-20/x2
Melee one-handed ALT. Dagger (+1 Merciful) +19 (1d4+1d6+12), 19-20/x2
Melee one-handed ALT. x2 Talons of Leng (+3) +21 (1d4+14), 20/x3 + special
Melee full attack (TWF penalty -2) -> +19/+18/+14/+9 (Offhand -2 dmg)
Ranged Composite Longbow (str 2) +18 (1d8+2), /x3


  • 1/day Dagger of Venom DC 14, 1d3 con damage, 6 rounds, 1 save
  • Hidden Strike, 9d8 if target is unaware, 9d4 otherwise
  • Deal all types of precision damage against targets with concealment or total concealment
  • Greater Blind-Fight
  • Inspiration
  • Amateur Swashbuckler -> Derring-Do
  • C+O+M+B+O
    • Daredevil Boots+Up Close and Personal+Canny Tumble+Offensive Defence+Disorienting Maneuver
    • When trying to move THROUGH foe (not threatened squares)
      • if succeed, swift action to extra attack (target is unaware and flat-footed against this attack) with +5 att. and +9d8, and gain +3 att. to other attacks until end of your turn. Gain +9 dodge for one round
      • if fail, swift action to extra attack with +9d4, lose move action and provoke AOO
      • when moving through other threatened squares target is denied its Dexterity bonus to AC and you gain +2 to your next attack

Str 16 Dex 22 Con 22 (4th, 8th, 12th, 16th) Int 12 Wis 8 Cha 14
Base Atk 12/7/2; CMB 15; CMD 36


  • Intrigue Feats (Orator) (social 1)
  • Lethal Grace, add 1/2 level to dmg with weapon finesse (vigilante 2)
  • Social Grace (linguistics, disguise, dungeoneering, perform proberb), +4 to chosen skills (social 3)
  • Up Close and Personal, see notes (vigilante 4)
  • Companion to the Lonely, see Notes (social 5)
  • Rogue Talent -> Offensive Defense (vigilante 6)
  • Mockingbird, see Notes (social 7)
  • Evasive, gain Imp. Evasion (vigilante 8)
  • Many Guises, see notes (social 9)
  • Stalker Sense, gain Imp. Uncanny Dodge (retrained from Mighty Ambush) (vigilante 10)
  • Everyman, see notes (social 11)
  • Sure-Footed, move full speed with Stealth and Acrobatics without penalty, and across difficult terrain (vigilante 12)
  • Quick Change, identity change takes one full-round (hastily) or 2 rounds (complete) (social 13)
  • Strike the Unseen, Blind-fight feats, and precision damage against concealment or total concealment (vigilante 14)
  • Immediate Change, The vigilante can change identities as a move action (social 15)
  • Inspired Vigilante, pool size = lvl, never free inspirations (vigilante 16)
  • Any Guise (Su), use everyman social talent to disguise as any specific person, even a king or high priest (social 17)

Skills ACP (-1), skills (6+int+skilled+2background)

SkillTotal bonusRanksMisc. mod.
Acrobatics38(45*)173+2+6+4(+2+5+* move through foes)
Bluff(34)0(ling, no feint)
Diplomacy(34)0(ling, no gather info/making requests)
Disable Device32173+2+4
Disguise34(36)173+2+4+6(+5 fake illness)
Escape Artist34173+2+6
Intimidate(34)0(ling, no demoralize)
Linguistics34(36)173+3+1+2+4(+2 forgeries/cryptology**)
Perform (Proverb)22133+4
Sleight of Hand22133

*Acrobat's pillar, Elixir of Tumbling +10 competence / 1 hour
**Cyphering and decyphering takes x10 time with Cryptography book
Traits Crowd Dodger, Gifted Satirist (campaign, linguistics to class skill and +1, +2 vs. fear)
Languages Common, Infernal, Giant, Elven, Abyssal, Undercommon, Ancient Azlanti, Undercommon, Aklo, Ignan, Tien, Aquan, Varisian, Kelish, Hallit, Draconic, Necril, Auran, Shadowtongue
RSQ Focused Study (skill focuses at levels 1,8,16), Skilled

  • Dual Identity, social -> CG Idas Bunsel, vigilante -> CN Decro Dalla
    • Seamless Guise, +20 disguise to not appear as other identity, 1 min to change identity
  • Vigilante Specialization, Stalker (hidden strike 9d8 if target is unaware, 9d4 otherwise)
  • Unshakeable, +lvl against intimidation
  • Startling Appearance
  • Frightening Appearance
  • Stunning Appearance

On person:
In backpack: Dungeoneering's kit, Symptom kit, MW thieves tools/acrobatics/linguistics, Cryptography book, Book of letter (Cheliax), Light shield +1, Acrobat's Pillar, x15 Elixir of Tumbling
Potions/Oils: P invis
Wands: Longstrider
Ioun Stones: Pale Blue Rhomboid (+2 enhancement bonus to Strength)
Encumbrance ~50lb (light/58, medium/116, heavy/175)

Wondrous Items

Companion to the Lonely (Ex): Whether religiously motivated, as are followers of Arshea, Calistria, or helyn, or for purely carnal reasons, physical intimacy helps the vigilante cope with the loneliness of his double life. Once per day, the vigilante can spend at least 1 hour engaged in acts of physical pleasure with a willing partner to gain a pool of morale points equal to his Charisma bonus or his partner’s Charisma bonus, whichever is higher. For the next 24 hours, the vigilante can spend a morale point as an immediate action to roll a Charisma-based skill check or a Will saving throw again after rolling the die but before learning the consequences; he must take the second result even if it is lower.

Mockingbird (Ex): The vigilante can mimic almost any sort of voice, or even animal calls and sound effects, and he can throw his voice at a distance. This functions similarly to a combination of the ghost sound, ventriloquism, and vocal alteration spells. A vigilante must be at least 5th level to choose this talent.
Ghost Sound, Ventriloquism and Vocal Alteration

Many Guises (Ex): The vigilante can take on any number of mundane guises. Whenever he changes his identity, he has a third option (instead of social or vigilante): he can become mundane. The mundane identity is not a specific individual. Each one is created at the moment it is assumed, and quickly forgotten as soon as it is removed. While in a mundane identity, the vigilante does not gain the benefit of either his social or vigilante identity, but instead appears as a member of his race, usually a common laborer, farmer, or peasant of any gender. His alignment is treated as neutral when he is in his mundane identity. While in this identity, he receives a +20 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to appear like an ordinary member of his race. Spells and abilities that are looking for the vigilante in either of his other identities fail while he is in his mundane identity. He must build the appearance for this identity using whatever clothing and tools he has at his disposal. While he can use magic (such as a hat of disguise), his mundane identity can never be anything other than an ordinary member of a society or large group (subject to GM discretion). A vigilante must be at least 5th level to select this talent.

Everyman (Su): The vigilante can take on the appearance of a specific individual whenever he assumes a mundane guise using his many guises social talent. The individual must be a farmer, laborer, or peasant. While disguised as this individual, the vigilante receives a +20 circumstance bonus on Disguise checks to appear as that individual. Any spell or ability designed to locate the individual has a 50% chance of finding the vigilante instead of the actual individual, and divination spells and abilities used on the vigilante give results as if he were the actual individual. Although this doesn’t grant the vigilante any special knowledge of the individual, the vigilante’s training grants him a +10 circumstance bonus on Bluff checks to properly play the part of the individual. A vigilante must be at least 11th level and have the many guises social talent to select this talent.

Up Close and Personal (Ex): When the vigilante attempts an Acrobatics check to move through an opponent’s space during a move action, he can attempt a single melee attack against that opponent as a swift action. If the Acrobatics check succeeds, this attack applies the vigilante’s hidden strike damage as if the foe were unaware of the vigilante. Otherwise, the vigilante applies the hidden strike damage he would deal if the target were denied its Dexterity bonus to AC. Only a stalker vigilante of at least 4th level can select this talent.

Mighty Ambush* (Ex): Once per round, when the vigilante succeeds at a hidden strike, he can instantly drop the damaged enemy unconscious for 1d4 rounds. A successful Fortitude saving throw negates this effect (DC = 10 + 1/2 the vigilante’s class level + the higher of the vigilante’s Strength and Dexterity modifiers). Whether or not a creature’s saving throw is successful, it can’t be affected by that vigilante’s mighty ambush again for 24 hours. Only a stalker vigilante of at least 10th level can select this talent.

Quick Change (Ex): The vigilante learns to shift between his identities with ease. Instead of needing 1 minute to change his identity, he can now do so as a full-round action. If, after a quick change, he encounters any creature familiar with both of his identities, he must attempt a Disguise check to avoid the creature seeing through his hastily donned disguise and realizing that the identities are, in fact, the same person. The vigilante can spend 1 additional round adjusting and perfecting his appearance and persona to negate the need for this check. A vigilante must be at least 7th level to select this talent.

Any Guise (Su): A vigilante can use his everyman social talent to disguise himself as any specific person, even a king or high priest. Furthermore, if the actual individual wouldn’t normally be able to be found via magic (such as by being dead or protected from divinations designed to locate the individual), such divinations always find the vigilante instead. A vigilante must be at least 17th level and have the everyman social talent to select this talent.

---- Background
Idas Bunsel on jo hyvässä iässä oleva mies, luonteeltaan rauhallinen ja aina pyrkinyt elämään tavallista, turvallista elämää. Hän on asunut Kintargossa lähes koko ikänsä, ei ole lapsia, mutta on läheinen kahden sisaruksensa kanssa. Idas on kiinnostunut politiikasta ja valtion tapahtumista yleisellä tasolla, mutta ei ole ikinä pitänyt itseään vaikuttajana.

Vaikka hän ihailee ihmisiä, jotka uskaltavat sanoa suoraan mitä mieltä he ovat asioista, Idas valitsee sanansa varovaisesti. Elämää nähneenä hän tietää ettei todenpuhuja saa yösijaa. Ammatikseen hän tutkii eri kulttuurien sananlaskuja ja julkaisee niistä koottuja kirjoja. Lisäksi nimimerkkien ja valeasujen avulla hän on julkaissut useita toinen toistaan piikittelevämpiä satiirisia kirjoituksia. Kirjoitusten kohteena on ollut monia Cheliaxen ja Kintargon merkkihenkilöitä, mutta erityisesti huomiota on saanut Thrunen hallitus.

Barzillai Thrunen valtaannousu ja kaupungissa lisääntynyt pelon ilmapiiri on saanut Idaksen kipinän syttymään. Idas on aina toivonut parempaa Kintargolle ja vapautta sen ihmisille, mutta odottavan aika on pitkä ja nälkä on paras kokki. Hän on päättänyt valeasun turvin osallistua suureen Arian puiston mielenosoitukseen kuullakseen lisää tapahtumista ja yllyttääkseen väkijoukkoa väkivaltaan, jos muuta vaikuttamisen keinoa ei ole nähtävissä.

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