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All things considering the art pieces, located right of the main text area. The images are used to promote the artists and add color to the setting and genre of the game. All images are used from public domain, or in accordance of open source / Creative Commons license.

The collection...

The pictures and images collected to portray the feeling of the game are used under various licensing schemes, that are not necessarily 100% compatible with the license of Harhapolku. Therefore each image has a separate copyright marker, and link to original source. All images are used in accordance of the license granted by their respective creators (as listed on this page).

A public domain example image, by Sir John Tenniel.

Purpose of the images is twofold. Open licenses make it possible to show them alongside the text (as a Collective Work) and therefore to use them to add feeling and color to the game text. However - these images serve another purpose: they are collected to promote talented and interesting artists, whose artwork I like very much. As such I hope that the use of images does not seem inappropriate by the creators and would like the creators to contact me directly at vitkukissa (at) if they wish to have the images removed from the site.

I give my sincere thanks to the creators and copyright holders for making it all possible.

Ville Takanen / Harhapolku

Creative Commons works, licenses and references

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someday-evermore and Ville Takanen

vhm alex








Original works

These images are produced by the Harhapolku project, and are released under the same Creative Commons Lisence as the game text.

Public Domain works

Some of the images and pictures are from the Public Domain.

Sir John Tenniel


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