Adventure & Campaign Seeds are short ideas, which might inspire you for a campaign or a scenario in your own games. There are at least three for each significant realm, organisation and theme. Most can be changed to any location.


Burn the Witch!

Witch hunts happen periodically on Ameracho, as occult forces are blamed for droughts, diseases and other disasters. There has been a terrible fire that claimed several buildings and lives. A charismatic preacher is immediately blaming witchcraft for the event. He blames a local herbalist for witchcraft and the angry mob is on its way. Is the herbalist really responsible, is the preacher simply opportunistic or covering up something? The characters are friends with the herbalist – or someone might even be romantically involved – and trying to save the “witch”. Does the preacher have a point though - was the fire actually arson?

Great Train Robbery

Imperial railroad is a great wonder, upon which wealth flows across the Empire. Trains transport grain, ore, slaves and various trade goods between the cities. Occasionally trains carry wage money for garrisons or merchant princes. Robbing a wage train would make a man extremely rich – and hunted for the rest of his life. The characters are planning such robbery or sent on their trail right after the hit. Maybe the train is carrying something more than money this time - something heretical that must be acquired and destroyed.

Imperial Intrigues

The Holy Emperor has lost his male heirs and the heiress is a widow. She has no male children. Whoever marries the princess becomes the emperor. The characters are involved in games of the high nobility as spies, courtiers and plotters. Blackmail, influence pandering and even assassinations are all part in the race for the throne. The next Emperor must be someone that can be used by the Church.

Sabotage & Shadows

An Imperial outpost deep in the Gloom has been subject to constant accidents. Now there have been several accidents that are hampering the local defenses. The Imperial navy is stretched thin after the war and no help is available. The local governor suspects sabotage. Perhaps infiltrators are preparing the way for an attack? The characters are tasked with investigating the events or alternatively, they are the saboteurs.

Slave Revolt

Masters of a mine located in the Torn Mountains have been treating their slaves especially brutally. Unable to take it anymore, they arise in a bloody uprising. After murdering their guards and masters, the slaves spill into the surrounding town. The characters are leaders of the revolt, who must guide their band to safety into the Dust Plains, to the rumored outlaw villages. Alternatively, they are trying to put down the revolt and, should it fail, evacuate notables.


Escape from Ancaloth

The world of ARIUS is unfriendly to dissident thinkers in general, but in Ancaloth, thinking differently is especially dangerous. The characters are dissident thinkers, who have somehow found each other. They have formed a conspiracy aiming to escape from Ancaloth. Paranoia follows them at every step – who knows if one of them is actually working for the clerics?

Forced Conversion

Ancaloth is a domain of violent heretics, who maintain a corsair fleet. The pirate ships range far and wide in search of prey. The characters were onboard a ship that fell to Ancalothian pirates, as crew or passengers. For some reason, they were not slaughtered like the rest. They are taken to the Dominion to be brainwashed.

Holy Terror

Ancalothians occasionally capture outsiders, brainwash them into fanatics and send them abroad to convert and terrorize other realms. Such terror cell has activated in a realm, whose authorities have sent the player characters to locate and capture the culprits. They could be anyone – some of the cells can lay low for a decade before activating... Alternative, the characters are Ancalothian converts striking against their former homes.

Ancient History

Beast Within

A scavenger has recently returned from exploring ruins of old, as the only survivor of his team. He is violently ill with Blight, but makes a sudden recovery. Soon after his personality seems to change and he is faster, stronger, healthier than ever… The scavenger then recruits a new group to go in for a second run. He tells them he has wonderful things to show them. The scavenger has a strange lump on his spine that occasionally moves up and down along it…

Blight, Blight, Blight

An isolated countryside town was shaken by an earthquake which caused little damage. The locals went on living their lives as before, despite a few fissures that were opened in the ground. During the following months, livestock and people have been getting ill. Several children have been born Blighted. There is something underneath the town now blowing Blight in the air. The characters are sent to investigate what old horrors are buried underneath...

Thicker Than Blood

There is an ancient water refinery with pipes pumping water from deep from the ground hidden in the wastelands. In the drying lands, water is more valuable than gold. Activating the refinery could turn the dying lands into fertile farmland once again. A local nobleman wants to claim the refinery as his, merchant princes plot to sell the water, fanatics wish to destroy it and Techmancers guard it against tampering. The characters get involved by finding a map showing the location – what shall they do once they find the refinery? Will anyone help the locals without a price attached?



The ruined castle of Eligosia has been taken over by ambitious bandits. They have enslaved people from the surrounding countryside to serve them. The post-war chaos on Aresia has left no interested parties in dealing with the situation. King Raoul has decreed whoever deals with the bandits will be named as the new Count of Eligosia. The characters are ambitious upstarts planning to claim the castle and the title – but it won't come without bloodshed.

Gold of Bransar

The town of Bransar was razed to the ground by Imperial troops as vengeance for the death of their crown prince. There are little but ruins there now and an Imperial army camp. Slaves lead by engineers are building a monument to the Lion of Aresia. Rumor has it that the treasury of Bransar was never found by the invaders. It was hidden during the siege. The characters have found hints about its location – all they have to do is find it stealthily among the military.

Promised Land

Many villages were looted and despoiled during the war. The people of one such village have had enough; they've put together everything they own and are leaving. They've heard stories of a fertile river valley beyond wastelands. The characters are local leaders and strongmen guiding the refugees through the blasted lands. They'll face many dangers and are responsible for more than just their own lives...


Book of Secrets

A creepy occultist hires the characters to infiltrate Booktown. They are to find the secret library, where the most rare and dangerous tomes are kept. He is interested in one very specific tome, a Pre-Burning book. Stealing the book will be a challenge – and the book itself might have interesting properties or knowledge characters might want to keep.


Gloomport of Asylum is a chaotic, mixed settlement with strange cults and societies abound. Many bizarre things happen in the Gloomport. Now a serial killer is on the loose. The killer leaves brutally cut victims on the streets apparently at random. Different esoteric sects are blaming each other for ritual murders and tensions are rising. The characters must investigate the murders and catch the culprit before religious violence erupts on the streets.

Thief of Time

Traveling through Asylum, the characters stay for a night in a village mainly inhabited by Blighted. In the morning, the village is completely deserted. Everyone – including all animals – have disappeared, leaving their things behind. Only the characters are left and it seems at least a week has passed. What happened and are the characters somehow affected?



Shepherds are above normal Church jurisdiction and answer directly to the Lord Seneschals and the Lord Regent. This gives them the independence to pursue their investigations as they see fit. On the other hand, it increases the chances of corruption. The characters are investigators trusted by the Grand Shepherd himself. He suspects the purity of one of the Archshepherds – that he and his underlings are collecting forbidden knowledge instead of destroying it. The characters must find the necessary proof to damn the culprits and identify the innocent. Alternatively, the characters are a cabal of heretical Shepherds hiding inside the monastic order.


Daughter of an influential noble has been acting strangely. The noble, a pious if a little simple man, have become convicted she is possessed. He has contacted clergy for help. The characters are investigating the matter. They are hounded by an overzealous Shepherd who is more interested in burning suspected witches than anything else. Perhaps the daughter has simply fallen in love, started using drugs or is there actually something strange going on?

Holy Politics

An influential Bishop died suddenly, leaving an important and lucrative position empty for the taking. Many local Presbyters are now vying for the position. The characters are the retinue of one applicant. They must do whatever necessary. No deed is too dirty for a holy cause.

Holy Warriors

The Holy Brotherhood is an order of monastic warriors dedicated to the Church. They are one of the most feared military organizations in the entire world. Sometimes they team up with the Shepherds to hunt down especially dangerous heretics. The characters are holy warriors sent to save a priest kidnapped by deranged cultists. The priest is related to a Lord Seneschal and must be recovered alive – and why was he taken in the first place?

Saintly Matters

Saints are important to the Ariusian doctrine as intermediaries between mortals and the divine. There are cults and monastic orders dedicated to each saint with their own mysteries. Now the preserved body of one of the saints have been stolen. The characters are sent to recover the saint and catch the thieves. Why would anyone steal the body? Are the culprits occultists or perhaps from a rival saintly order?



The characters belong to a faction who have banished them on Daedaros. They are told they can return when they have enough money to buy the ticket back themselves. The poor Gloomport offers little but menial work with no chance for riches. After toiling away for a while, the character hear rumors of a tribal treasure hidden somewhere in the jungle...

Great Hunter

Daedaros sports beasts unknown in all other realms. Sometimes hunters with more money than sense travel there just to catch a strange trophy. The characters face the wilds in such party – they are part of his retinue. They must keep the flamboyant, rich nobleman alive while he becomes increasingly annoying all the time. He won't stand for less than facing a Doombeast of legend and forces the expedition deeper and deeper in the jungles.

Ritual of Passage

The characters are young tribals about to enter adulthood. As a rite of passage, they must enter sacred ruins and gaze upon a holy artifact. Unfortunately, they find out the sacred ruins have been just looted by outsiders. They must pursue the pale men to the Gloomport and get back what they stole. Encountering their strange society and technology will be a shock.


Damnation For Rent

The citizens of Denkhatar are infamous for their debauchery. Surrounded by extreme wealth, they fall from one vice to another to cure their jaded boredom. Recently, a deranged cultist escaped from Shepherds transporting him and fled to Denkhatar. He has now formed a coven using naïve citizens for money and sport. The characters are local Shepherds who get wind of the coven and realize it is more than just the common pleasure cult.


The incoming gladiatorial tournament has most splendid prize – the winners will receive citizenship of Denkhatar, ensuring wealth for the rest of their days. Many citizens and royal cousins are putting their finest slave fighters in for glory – and the slaves are eager to win the prize. Free men from other realms have arrived in droves to try their hand. As usual on Denkhatar, nothing is exactly as it seems and the background is filled with petty plotting. The characters are assisting a pious team to win or investigate various plots in the tournament.

Ticket to Utopia

The Omnium mines of Utopia are endless warrens, where slaves organize themselves as they like. New slaves, food and water are delivered down in deep, deep elevator shafts. Only Omnium rises back up. The characters are unlucky enough to end up in Utopia. In the elevator ride down they must think of a survival strategy – and perhaps dream of escape one day.


Aral Adventures

Aral Desert is one of the most inhospitable locations on Eurasia, a toxic wasteland filled with metal dust and poisonous sludge. Silver People occasionally take treks around the area as dares to prove their courage. Now a small Gloomship carrying an important cargo has crash-landed in the area. The characters are sent to recover the cargo. The expedition is composed of rotten apples; people who have deserved an extremely dangerous mission as a punishment.


Opening of the Eurasian Gloomports came as a surprise to most worldly powers. The stagnant realm had been closed off to all but Techmancers for generations. Now rulers, merchant princes and even the Church are busy sending envoys and spies to grasp the realm in their influence. The characters are spies or diplomats (or both) sent to the mysterious realm. They must find out intentions of the Gold People and ways to influence them. Alternatively, they are spies trying to infiltrate the realm, a deed most challenging due to the strange society.

Rotten School

In theory, Eurasia is a realm of equal opportunities. Aptitude shown as a child decides which of the three castes the person enters as an adult. In practice, some people are more equal than others. The characters are victims of institutional corruption. Children of Gold People were elevated to the highest caste, taking places they had deserved. Now they are trying to fight – legally and through intrigue – for what they think they deserve. Seeking change in the stagnant, dogmatic realm is very hard, even if the case I just.

Followers of Eserhaus

Deep Cover

The characters are a cell of agents implanted inside the heretics during the original exile. They've been slowly building trust and influence among the Followers. Now they must start working for their assignment. The characters must find out the main projects of the Followers, the location of their citadel and find a way to escape with the information.

Finding the Legend

The Eserhaus Circle believes the legendary rogue Techmancer Nikolai the Thrice-Damned is still alive. The characters hunt specialists from different factions sent to find and recruit him. Their first stop is Pallasia – from there, they will eventually end up on Asylum... On the way, untold horrors lurk and some characters have private assignments from their factions...

Ultimate Heist

The Forbidden Archives are filled with dark, ancient secrets. The characters are tasked with the impossible – to break in and steal everything they can. Even if they manage to get inside, escaping Arx Machinus with the loot will be very difficult.

Golden Dome

Family Matters

The characters are part of a merchant house down on its luck. Businesses are failing and several senior members are more interested in debauchery than making money. Other houses are now moving in for the kill. After a surprising inheritance, the characters become responsible for saving fortunes of their family. How to juggle these responsibilities with their duties as Shepherds?

Golden Opportunities

Many come to the Golden Dome dreaming of wealth, few manage to reach anything. The characters are recent immigrants or resident non-citizens who aim for a citizenship. They are not content to slave away for the citizens. Instead, they have a plan to gain the money necessary to buy a citizenship, either through life of crime or working for the merchant princes.

Tunnel Rats

The warrens underneath the Golden Dome are filled with tunnels. There are small service tunnels, mysterious machinery and even a whole train network. Only security patrols and Techmancers are allowed official access – but there are Blighted gangs who live in the tunnels. Lately, there have been strange disappearances near the warren entrances. The characters are sent to investigate. Alternatively, they are Blighted scum who come across something strange.

Guild Alliance

Any Means Necessary

Relationship between the Guild Alliance and the Trader Union have never been an easy one. Lately, the business rivalry has been escalating to outright hostility. The characters are intelligence agents tasked with sabotage and worse. They are assigned to run a false flag operation to implicate the Trader Union to poison their relationship with a major power. Alternatively, they are outsiders who run afoul of the conspiracy.

Deal with the Devil

The Guild Alliance don't like dealing with Techmancers; monopolies are against their ideology. The economic ramifications are likewise obvious. For this reason, they maintain clandestine schools for Techdabblers. The characters are dabblers engaged in a new training program. Their trainers are heretical Techmancers from the Followers of Eserhaus. Little by little, the training becomes more and more bizarre. Alternatively, they are Shepherds who run across such experiments.

Legal Wonders

The most challenging thing for guildsmen is dealing with the higher echelon guilds. They mercilessly exploit lower guilds with eldtrich deals and legal mumbo jumbo. The characters belong to a guild that has made a very bad deal with the management. They've been assigned to find a way to wiggle out of it, either by legal means or intrigue.

Inthadur Eletia

Breath of Freedom

Only some of the brothers and sisters ever see the world outside the monastery. They are carefully chosen by the Shepherds for their religious purity. Outside, they are at all times followed by an escort that may become their executioner. The characters are members of Inthadur Eletia who are plotting to escape. Alternatively, they are Shepherds hunting for escaped members.

Lost Brothers

During the War of Aresian Succession, several monks and nuns of the order disappeared. They might have fallen to the dangers of war... However, the Church have other concerns. Disappearances happened mainly after the Eserhaus heresy. It might be the heretic Techmancers have kidnapped the scholars to take advantage of their wisdom. The characters are investigators sent to find out what happened to the missing scholars.

Terrors of the Gloom

The monastery of Inthadur Eletia is in the darkest depths of the Gloom. There are a few Freeports deeper in the Outer Dark, but they are all desolate, terrible places. The monastery itself is ancient, with sealed, forgotten passageways. Strange things sometimes happen in the deepest vaults, where barely anyone ever goes. The characters are locals or visitors, who become aware of increasingly bizarre events. Things go missing, there are prophetic nightmares, whispers in the dark and strange encounters. All seem to originate from the sealed vaults underneath the monastery. What terrible secrets do they hide? Why is the monastery built like a fortress – against an attack from beneath?



Lucion is a terrible, dark realm, but there is Omnium underneath the frozen ground. The characters are outsiders who decided to go prospecting on their own. Then they got hit by a blizzard and are now hopelessly lost. Surviving in the extreme cold is hard and perhaps some of the stories about strange beasts are true...


The Church has a great interest in converting the Lucionites, for Omnium equals power. The characters are a missionary group trying to convert a small mining settlement. The locals are surly and unresponsive. In order to have an effect, they must impress the natives. Defeating the local shamans and oracle in showmanship would be a good start.

Trade Fair

The characters are Lucionites, whose kin and friends recently left for a trade fair. The trade group is first days and then weeks late. Finally, the settlement decides to send an armed patrol to find out what happened. The characters are chosen as part of of the investigation. What happened? Is one of the neighbouring settlements responsible?


Friends Forever

Family matters little in Lunarus, but friendships are cherished. The characters are friends with someone who fell in with the wrong crowd. Now he has gone completely missing after failing to pay for gambling debts. The characters must descent in o the dark side of Lunarus to find out what happened to their friend.

Just Business

Lunarus is of all great interest to all three major merchant organizations. Each maintain a presence and play games with the local merchant princes for coin and Omnium. The characters get involved in a business plot between two merchant houses, aimed at driving the other bankrupt. As the plot proceeds, it becomes apparent the stakes are higher than the fortunes of one merchant house. Guildsman money is involved and all pawns are expendable...


Eserhaus Heresy hit the Grand Duchy hard. Many Techmancers left Lunarus and the rest have taken a paranoid bent. There rumors of caverns filled with abandoned machinery and Omnium for those daring enough to go looking. The characters have received a map to one such cache. They only need to face untold traps and golems to get the loot.

Merchant League

Killer on the Loose

Trademaster Jonathan Balda of Lunarus was assassinated recently. He was a jovial, charitable man, who was well liked among guildsmen and locals alike. Balda lead a quiet life and was not involved in politics. The characters are looking for the killer. Are other guildsmen responsible or is it a personal matter?

Missing Ships

Despite its lack of hierarchy, the League looks afters its own. Several member ships have gone missing in roughly the same area during the last few years. The characters are sent to investigate. Are the culprits common pirates, Ancalothian raiders or something far worse?


The Merchant League have been lately plagued by sabotage, assassinations and missing ships. It is clear there is an organized attempt to destabilise the League. A Trademeet will be called together soon, where the members shall choose a Warmaster. He will be tasked with leading the League through these bad times. The characters are a hopeful candidate and his retinue.



A local nobleman has a wife with unhealthy interest in the occult. She convinced him to hire a weird monk as a tutor and a healer. Now he is starting to regret the decision, but is unable to just discharge the monk. The noble hired the characters to kill the monk, but the act must be subtle to avert a scandal. The monk turns out to be unnaturally resilient. Every time the characters are certain they killed him, he appears again in the court next morning, unharmed... What is his secret?


There are many local legends in the world, some suppressed by the Shepherds and other ignored by the Church. One local myth details a supernatural beast that will raise to haunt the area, only to be defeated by a hero. The hero in turn is prophesied to become a great leader, a lost member of an ancient noble lineage. The characters come across local storytellers recounting the tale in great fervor. Soon after, strange attacks start and the survivors describe the culprit as the beast of legend. A young man appears, brandishing a fancy sword and declaring he will go after the beast. Are the characters witnessing prophecy in action or is it all a ruse?

Sins of the Fathers

A chain of gruesome suicides is troubling a countryside town. For a couple of months now, there has been a suicide every week. The victims have complained about terrible nightmares a few nights before their deaths. The locals have turned to the clergy for help. A scholarly priest found out all the dead are distant relatives through a common ancestor. He took a leap from the church tower shortly after... The characters are Shepherds summoned to investigate the matter or locals looking into it on their own. Perhaps they lost a relative to the ailment; perhaps they've had strange dreams themselves... Something about fell deeds committed by their forefathers.

Order of Techmancers


Presence of the God-Machine is broadcast through the Gloom by special relay stations. Most of them are in desolate places, sealed and hidden. Eserhaus Heresy has brought worries that the heretics might tamper with the relays. The characters are a team sent to investigate the status of several old, hard to find stations. While accessing the relays, they'll have an opportunity to use them for personal gain...


The Order of Techmancers do not innovate; they only preserve. Often this is to the letter, so faulty designs stay the same for generations. This leads into all kinds of problems. Every now and then, creative Techmancers come ahead with suggestions on how to improve old designs. Such innovation is met with hostility at best. The characters are a group of frustrated Techmancers who have found a critical flaw in some old design or system. They must battle crushing organizational inertia to get it changed.


The Order has become aware of the impossible happening – a Techmancer has had a child. The child is just not any child, but one who has inherited Conduit-like abilities. The characters are sent to investigate the matter. Should the child be recruited or destroyed? Is the child actually just an empty husk taken over by a Mekanima? How was the parent not sterilized?


Golden Cage

The capital of Pacificus is a magnificent city completely isolated from rest of the realm. In the Forbidden City, everything is beautiful and orderly. People live in luxury unheard of elsewhere in the realm. It is a showcase city for the benefit of the foreigners and the people themselves. The characters are foreigners or people born to the highest elite, who have resided only in the capital. They find themselves whisked away to the real Pacificus and subject to the harsh realities. Will they survive their fall from grace?


The society of Pacificus is organized into groups of ten, including group marriages. Group members are required to watch each other for signs of unfaithful thinking. Criminal responsibility is likewise shared. The characters are members of a ten, whose ten-brother is on the run for a crime. They must find and apprehend him or they will all be punished for the deed.


Occasionally, disgruntled people manage to escape rule of the Golden Lord. The characters are a such group – or possible lead a larger group of refugees. They must slip through the border and then head to the Border Wastelands. Trek through the terrible, blasted landscape will be long and hard. They dream of reaching Eurasia and gaining entrance... not knowing refugees are not welcome.


Cattle Trade

Arranged marriages are usual among all social classes in the world. Among the high born they matter the most – they are the prime tool of alliances and agreements. The women have especially little to say in the matter. Two of the characters have been engaged to each other in such alliance, but they both despise each other already. Thus they unite in an unholy alliance to sabotage the marriage before it happens and somehow break the engagement, with the help of their trusted servants and allies. Perhaps this is how they become Shepherds?

Lost Heir

The local high society is buzzing through to the sudden appearance of a young man claiming inheritance to a recently deceased reclusive. The dead had quite privileged position in the society, with titles and wealth to inherit. Distant relatives claim the heir is a liar and claim the inheritance. The characters are ordered to prove the right of his claim against all odds. Why is the Church getting involved?

Secrets, Secrets, Secrets

During the course of their other actions, the characters became aware of a terrible secret. They find out irrefutable evidence showing how a very powerful person or family is involved in very dark deeds. The evidence would make a good base for blackmail – or they can use it to shake the entire realm. What will they choose and why?


Bad Blood

It is widely believed that the blood of Promes is tainted by otherworldly heritage. The characters are distant relatives with no known Prome blood – either they are Imperial settlers or live in another realm entirely. As they age, they start showing strange signs and abilities. Seeking the origin of these things, they eventually track a family link on Prometheon. There they must find out the true origin of their ancestors and what their inhumanity truly means.


There is wealth on Prometheon, albeit well hidden. The characters hear of a Prome tomb filled with riches. Finding the tomb is a challenge and it is filled with fiendish traps. After the characters finally get the loot, they are soon troubled by bizarre unluck. Is the treasure actually cursed or is there a mundane explanation?

Only the Best

A long time ago, Promes had reputation as the best Gloomnavigators available for hire. Since the Imperial occupation, they have been all but forgotten. The characters have been sent by an eccentric patron to acquire a Prome navigator, the best of the best. In order to secure one, they must pass through bizarre trials set by the locals. Alternatively, they can just kidnap one...



Much of Redmoon have never been properly explored and mapped. The characters are explorers hired by local nobility to map the cold hinterlands. While out in the wilds, they stumble upon an important find – ancient ruins or a rich vein of ore. What shall they do with the information? Perhaps the find is protected by ancient machines or strange beasts.


The Empire won't simply allow Redmoon to slip free. A military expedition is incoming to return the Freeport to the fold and punish the guilty. The characters are Imperial agents sent to prepare grounds for the attack. They must investigate defences, make political connections and sow dissent. Alternatively, they are Gideon's security agents looking for such infiltration.


The people of Redmoon are a superstitious lot. They believe malevolent creatures of the Gloom lurk, unseen, among the living. An isolated mining village has been taken over by a magus who claims supernatural powers. Locals have elected him their mayor and live in terror of his claimed abilities. The characters are asked to help free the village. Does the magus have true powers and if he does, are they simple Techmancery used to awe the locals?

Segmentum Minorus

Blood Feud

Vendettas and feuds are a fact of daily life in Segmentum Minorus. The characters are members of a minor clan, who have been away on a trading mission. As they come back to the clanhold, they find it desolate and despoiled. All the people are dead or taken as slaves. As the last members of their clan, it is their duty to avenge this foul deed. First they must find out who was responsible.

High Ambition

In Segmentum Minorus an ambitious man can become a petty lordling, no matter how he was born. The characters are ambitious clanless or foreigners with their eyes set high. They are set on taking over a freehold and starting a clan of their own. First local leaders must be subjugated and after that, the real trouble begins...


Pallasia is a legendary, haunted ruin. Reputedly it is filled with the walking dead, horrible Techmancery traps, ghosts and even Gloom Devils. Clansmen avoid it, but occasionally the mad or the desperate go in for treasure hunts. Few come back. The characters are bounty following a fugitive to Pallasia. While trying to find him, they must face the terrors of the haunted place – and perhaps find its secrets and treasures.


Mystery Merchant

The characters come across a merchant selling various exotic items. Among them are a few items of Techmancery that catch their eye. There merchant doesn't seem to know their true value and sells them very cheap. Later strange things start happening that seem connected to the item(s). The merchant has disappeared mysteriously – his stall is gone or the shop abandoned for years. Asking locals provides no help – it as if he never existed...

New Weird Thing

A genius Techdabbler has invented something extraordinary – a new weapon, a new Gloomship engine, a strange new Golem… something strange, new and precious. Now agents of several factions hunt him. Techmancers want to destroy the invention and lock him up, fanatics want to burn him as a heretic, the Guild Alliance and the Followers of Eserhaus want to recruit him…

Rogue Spirit

Mekanima vary vastly in intelligence and willfulness. The difference is based on the machine they inhabit and their age. Some machines spirits are centuries old... and their true nature is unknown even to most Techmancers. The characters are contacted by a rogue spirit possessing a golem or other advanced creation. It implores them to help it escape pursuit by Techmancers. In exchange, it promises to lead them to great treasures... but can they trust an inhuman creature?

Trader Union


During the war, lack of naval patrols bolstered piracy. The Trader Union lost many ships and cargoes to raiders. The characters are operatives sent to track down those responsible. Those who prey upon the Trader Union must be eliminated so a message will be sent. At the same time, manipulating other pirates to strike against the Guild Alliance would be an excellent outcome.

Aresian Connections

The Aresian nobility borrowed heavily from the Trader Union during the war. Now the Union is pressing the nobles for repayment with uncharacteristic impatience. It seems driving Aresian leaders to further poverty is part of some greater scheme. The characters are agents of the Trader Union tasked with finding out any hidden wealth of the indebted. At the same time, they must make repayment of the debts as hard as possible... Alternatively, they are Aresians struggling against the Trader Union and their great economic demands.

Risky Investment

The characters are a new Trader Union member and his closest associates. They must prove their worth to the Trader Union by providing a healthy profit. For this end, they have made a risky investment, such as bought a plantation on Ventharn. They must risk local conditions, fend off competition and above all, provide a steady profit. Will their gamble succeed or will it simply make them disillusioned about the Trader Union?



During the war, many Ventharnians took up arms to fight in the wilderness against the warlords and Imperial troops. The characters continue the fight even after the war is over. Perhaps they have grievances to repay to local factions or they are vigilantes hunting down roving bandits. Perhaps they are bandits themselves!

Last Warlord

During the war and the later revolution, most of the warlords were killed or driven into exile. The characters are retinue of one of the few remaining warlords. He is still holding on to his fief and thanks to his fair rule, the locals support him. Regardless, the time of warlords is over. Sooner or later, the revolution will come knocking on the door. Will the characters somehow find place for their liege in the republic, will they have to flee or will they betray their master?

Revolutionary Politics

The new republic is taking its first steps and much is still uncertain. Constitution of the new state is now under debate. Will slavery be abolished? Will there be guaranteed rights upon all men? Will voting be tied to land ownership, wealth or is it universal? The characters are involved in the republican movements. They must use intrigue and diplomacy to lobby for their views.


Lesser Evil

The characters become somehow involved in a struggle against a sinister cult. The cult seems to worship Gloom Devils with bizarre, bloody rituals. As their conflict escalates, the characters start receiving help from mysterious patrons. They are provided information and occasionally Techmancery. Eventually they find out they are being helped by the Gloomwalkers through a proxy. Why are the Gloomwalkers helping them? Is there a price tag attached?

Man Plus

The characters take a journey in a Gloomwalker ship. The trip goes as usual; they sleep for the duration and arrive at their destination safely. Shortly after, they find themselves possessing strange, inhuman abilities. They have clearly been improved for an unknown purpose. Why have the Gloomwalkers meddled with the characters? Do they plan to use them in some fiendish plot?

Unmapped Territory

A trip to the Far Shores goes terribly wrong. Instead of their intended destination, the characters wake up on an unknown island. They are left in the wilderness with no living being in sight. They must explore their surroundings to survive. Will they manage to get away or will the strange new land be their new home?



A certain high-born has become a national hero for famous antics during the war. He is widely celebrated and has gained fame and fortune. The characters are the only ones who know the truth. They are the real heroes behind the deeds; their glory has been stolen. It is time for a payback. They must find a way to bring the “hero” down in flames.


During wartime, imprisoned noblemen are generally ransomed to their families. Prisoners without wealthy relatives or friends face far worse fate. If they are not executed, they are generally enslaved in hard physical labor. The characters are stuck in a prison camp. They must plot together to survive – and ultimately, to escape.

Rogue Captain

The peace agreement between Ameracho and Pacificus is brittle and volatile. Any incident might spark the war anew – a result several factions would love to see. An embittered Gloomship captain has gone rogue, taking his warship with him. He plans to stage several incidents to force his realm back into the war. The characters are sent to hunt him down before the war is renewed.

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