Pre-Burning technology differs greatly from post-Burning Techmancery. While Techmancery is explicitly mechanical to the point of unnecessary complexity, Pre-Burning artifacts are biological. The items made by the Apostates are living, biological things. This makes them visually and sometimes functionally wildly different from Techmancery.

The equipment generator below is for randomly creating Pre-Burning items. You can use the ordinary Equipment Generator, if you wish, to mix and match results. Pre-Burning items as a whole are extremely rare. They might be found from ancient ruins, outer Gloom or created by deranged sorcerers. Techmancers usually destroy them or take them to the Forbidden Archives.

Pre-Burning artifacts have no Mekanima; they are thus unaffected by Techmancer Ars. Mekanima usually react to the artifacts with loathing or hatred, urging the destruction of the said items on sight. In combat situations, swarms and swarm-effects always target such biological constructs first, ignoring other potential targets.

Functionally such items are identical to a Techmantic item with a same purpose. Thus, when creating fleshy artifacts, select a desired Techmantic item as a base. Then use the associated generator to flesh it out. The resulting item might, for example, be a quivering and breathing appendage shooting bony spikes, but regarding game mechanics, it is still equal to a clockwork pistol.

Excellent quality items receive two rolls from Advantage table. Improvised quality items receive two rolls from Flaw table.

Appearance describes the general look.

Details bring up two special features which stand up from the whole. They can provide +2 TN or -2 TN under special circumstances.

Flaw is a weakness inherent to the item. It is a result of bad design or wear and tear.

Advantage is a special quality inherent to a particular item.

Armor Generator
11CancerousWingsReacts strangely to farseeingExotic maintenanceRegenerates
12Small animalHornsCovered with flayed skinFlammableHidden weapon
13OozeGreat teethCovered with holy scripturesVery noisyEasy to repair
14Lifelike headMultiple handsCovered with obscenitiesNeeds foodHidden compartment
15Slick tumorBeastly clawsSlithering maggotsBrittleExotic sensor
16Bony growthOogling eyesCovered with bloody scratchesLeaks BlightGrappling lines
21InsectoidMultiple antennaePuffs steamVery heavyIncreased carrying capacity
22ReptilianSlimy tendrilsBillows constant black smokeWhispers CorruptionEmergency medkit
23AvianThousands of eyesWeeps oilDrinks bloodAmmo feeder
24HirsuteWhispering mouthConstantly squeaking jointsIncurs weaknessAblative shielding
25FishlikeBlinking lightsPounding heartCauses insomniaCamouflage
26PlantlikeBlooming flowersWhistlesPoor gripExtra pockets and holsters
31Constantly mutatingExhumes gasDischarges electricityAttracts BlightedProjects communications
32Human organsBleedsDrips waterInflexibleClots wounds
33Scarred lumpPlays musicTrembling veinsVulnerable to ArsVery flexible
34FungusGrowls randomlyWhispers prayersVulnerable to coldEnvironmental protection
35Disturbingly beautifulDrips ichorLicks userVulnerable to heatAttachment slots
36Imitates enviromentPuffs smokeInscribed with ancient lineageVulnerable to waterAdditional sensor
41Spasming musclesOccult symbolsGrows quickly rootsAttracts animalsGuides if lost
42Disturbing massMutters prayersAttracts insectsScares animalsTracking system
43Organic wasteFractal inscriptionsSquirms constantlyVery slow to removeEmergency air supply
44Rotting bodypartsGlowing numbersChanges randomlyCauses pain to userReflex booster
45Skinned lumpIncurs nightmaresBadly maimedAttracts MekanimaEmergency shelter kit
46Insect swarmPagan relicsRotten stenchReflects light stupendouslyDeflects energy weapons
51Bubbling liquidOvergrown with vinesDelicious smellSpoils OmniumNon-lethal weapon
52Parasitic attachmentStudded with fake gemsExaggerated sexual featuresVery unreliableInternal toolkit
53Flesh-burrowing thingMirrored surfaceAncient advertisementsSpoils foodPheromone sprayer
54Mewling embryoFeatheredMold & rustNoisyTranslator
55Human limbOld battle woundsRotating searchlightVulnerable to grit and dustWater recycling system
56Bony exoskeletonBad burn marksMetallic tentaclesOversensitive sensesIncreased unarmed damage
61Symbiotic attachmentLaughs occasionallyMoving featuresSlows down the userTrailblazing tools
62Biological implantMonstrous faceAncient insigniaScrambles farspeakersTargeting system
63Moist, pulsating skinStrips of flayed skinSaintly relicsCauses wound infectionsRiver crossing equipment
64Biomechanic clockworksDrips toxic oilExpands with useDies instantly in GloomEmergency beacon
65Necrotic tissueHums strange musicSaintly haloCan only be removed surgicallyElectrified surface
66Chitin and boneSpinning spiralsSmoking exhaustsCauses addictionProximity alarm

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