Seppo Rönkäinen

Male Human
Experience 10/20
Hindrances: One Eye (Major), Enemy (Minor), Pacifist (Minor)
Edges: McGyver

Strenght: d4
Smarts: d10 (3ps)
Agility: d4
Spirit: d8 (1ps, 2hd)
Vigor: d6 (1ps)

Charisma: -1
Pace: 6” (+1d6” running)
Toughness: 5
Parry: 2

  • Barter (Smarts) d4 (1ps)
  • Explosives (Agility) d4 (1ps)
  • Healing (Smarts) d10/d12 (4ps/+1Doctor's Bag)
  • Investigation (Smarts) d4 (1hd)
  • Notice (Smarts) d10 (4ps)
  • Repair (Smarts) d10 (3ps+1hd)
  • Science (Smarts) d10 (4ps)
Equipment:              Cost:   Weight:  Notes: 

In person:
Pistooli                300     3       12/24/48 range. 2d6 dmg. Semi Auto
PIS ammuksia 3+7
Throwing Knife          20      1       5/10/20 range. St+4d dmg. Piercing
2x Molotov Cocktail     2x45    2x2       10/20/40 range. Dmg 2d6. Med Burst Template
Mentats                 12      -       +2 die type Sm, +2 to Notice rolls, +1 Ch, duration 24h, addictive
Winter Boots            100     1
Lighter                 2       -
Backpack                50      2 + 14  W/o backpack no encumb.; w/ -1

In backpack:
Doctor's Bag            200     10      +1 die type Medicine
Duct tape               10      0,1
Bedroll                 25      4       Sleeping bag, winterized
{-Rotgut, bottle        15      2-}
2 x Candle              2       2       Light in 2” radius
5 x trail rations       10      5       Keeps one week
Tobacco &               5       -       Very low-quality	
cigarette papers

Coins                   3

Total cost:            439

Load limit: d4*5 =20 pounds


Vanttera, matala ääninen jössikkä.


Puhuu suomea, murtaen forssalaisittain.


Tabula Rasa


  • Enemy (Minor)
    Someone out there hates the character and wants him dead. The value of the Hindrance depends on how powerful the enemy is and how often he might show up. A Minor Enemy might be a lone gunslinger out for vengeance. A Major Enemy might be a supernatural gunslinger who wants your hero dead.
  • One Eye (Major)
    Your hero lost an eye for some unfortunate reason. If he doesn’t wear a patch or buy a glass replacement (typically $500), he suffers –1 to his Charisma for the grotesque wound. He suffers –2 to any Trait rolls that require depth perception, such as Shooting or Throwing, jumping a ravine or rooftop, and so on.
  • Pacifist (Minor)
    Your hero absolutely despises violence. Minor pacifism means he only fights when given no other choice, and never allows the killing of prisoners or other defenseless victims.


  • McGyver
    Requirements: Novice, Smarts d6+, Repair d6+, Notice d8+
    This character can improvise something when the need for a tool arises. He suffers no negative penalties on Trait rolls for lack of equipment in most situations. In addition, given a few simple tools, props, or devices, he can generally rig devices to help escape from death-traps, weapons to match some bizarre need, or otherwise create something that’s needed when such a thing isn’t actually present. The extent of this is completely up to the Game Master, but creativity should be rewarded, particularly in dire situations where few other answers are possible.

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