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Tass' Dar

Wrikreechee Outlaw Mystic 9
CG Medium Monstrous humanoid (Aquatic)
Player Mustaparta (192672-705)
Xp 24
Faction Second seekers (Ehu Hadif)
Homeworld Bretheda

Init +3
Senses Perception +13; Darkvision 60 ft.

KAC 21, EAC 19 (+8/+6 armor, +3 dex)
SP|HP|RP 72|58|8
Fort +5, Ref +6, Will +10; +2 to saving throws against inhaled poisons or other airborne toxins, +2 enhancement bonus to saving throws against fear effects
Defensive Abilities Sheltering, acid resist 4, Reactive resistance (Su)

Speed 20 ft., swim speed 30 ft., fly speed 30 ft. (average)
Melee holy tactical living staff +7 (1d6+10 crit Bind, powered (20 charges), block, reach)
ranged called whisper sonic suppressor +9 (2d4+4 sonic, crit Stifle DC 17)
Ranged breath weapon 9d6 electricity, 15 ft. cone, Reflex DC 16

Str 12 (+1), Dex 17 (+3), Con 14 (+2), Int 14 (+2), Wis 18 (+4), Cha 10 (+0)
Base Atk +6; AC vs CMB 27
Skills Acrobatics +11 (5), Athletics +2 (1), Bluff +7 (4), Culture +9 (4) (Reduce the DC to know about criminal underworld by 5), Diplomacy +9 (6), Engineering +4 (2), Life Science +15 (7), Medicine +9 (4), Mysticism +16 (9), Perception +13 (6), Profession (smuggler) +11 (4), Sense motive +12 (5), Sleight of hand +10 (4), Stealth +9 (3), Survival +18 (8)
Feats Barricade (Combat), Combat casting, Coordinated shot (Combat), Skill synergy (Acrobatics, Stealth), Spell focus
Languages Common, Wrikreechee, Brethedan, Aquan, Elven, Kalo, Shirren
SQ Amphibious, Cooperative, Healing touch (45 hp, 1/pv), Connection (xenodruid): Speak with animals (Su), Grasping Vines (Su) Reflex save DC 18, Animal Adaptation (Su)

Spells known (CL 9th)
3rd (4/day, DC 18) Charm monster, Dispel magic, Entropic Grasp*, Mystic cure, Summon creature
2nd (5/day, DC 17) Fog cloud*, Force Blast, Mind thrust, Predict foe, Spider climb
1st (6/day, DC 16) — Acidic mist, Comprehend Customs, Detect thoughts, Life bubble*, Reflecting armor, Seeking shot
Orisons (at will) — daze, detect magic, psychokinetic hand, stabilize, telekinetic projectile

Fame 30
Boons Scoured stars veteran: Rescued Starfinder

You can start a new character who begins at 2nd level. This new PC begins play with 3 XP, 2,160 credits, 5 Fame, and 5 Reputation with the faction that character selects a faction boon for. You must keep a copy of this Chronicle sheet with the character.
Overcome the Past (Slotless; Limited-Use): You have returned to the Scoured Stars, beat back the jinsuls, and spiritually conquered the star system that nearly doomed the Starfinder Society. You gain 4 Fame. Alternatively, if you advanced to 2nd level as a result of the Scoured Stars Veteran boon, you can instead gain 3 XP, 5 Fame, and 5 Reputation for the faction whose champion boon you have slotted. Apply this XP 1 point at a time, each time earning additional credits based on the subtier most appropriate to your level.

Combat gear Freebooter armor II w/ Jetpack, battlestaff, thunderstrike sonic pistol
Other Gear Industrial Backpack, flashlight, Environmental Clothing (Heat climate), Binoculars, Titanium alloy cable 10 ft.
Augmentations Eternal hope graft (brain), Respiration compounder (lung), Personal upgrade +4 DEX, Acid Resistant hide mk 2, Standard Dragon Gland (throat)
Wealth ~12100 kr


  1. #1-07: The Solar Sortie 1.12.2019
  2. #1-32: Acts of Association 7.12.2019; mukana Belu, Helade, Jammaralla
  3. #2-21: Illegal Shipment 25.5.2020 (roll20); mukana Doctor Ragun, Nisen Kleen, Ol-Thump, Psip
  4. #2-23: The Edge of Cadascon 29.6.2020 (roll20); mukana Miska
  5. #3-01: Crash Down 13.7.2020 (roll20); mukana Devi, Miska, Ol-tam, Ottia
  6. #2-00: Fate of the Scoured God 25.7.2020 (Roll20); mukana Marita, Gran'nok, ThulroxUgritz
  7. #3-11: Into the Veskarium 4.1.2021 (Roll20); mukana Ankor Fel, Rair ja Bez Tolpin
  8. #3-12: The Vast Experiment: First Flight 18.1.2021 (Roll20); mukana Acor, Ankor Fel, Gran'nok ja Rair
  9. #1-98: Into the Perplexity: The First Trial 20.4.2021 (Roll20); mukana Ilneg, Jelppi, Ol-thum ja Rair
  10. #4-04: Mission Not Found 1.8.2021 (Roll20); mukana Doctor Ragun, Iseph, Jelppi, Livewire 5.2 ja Ol-thum
  11. #4-06: Combatant's Concerto: Prelude to Revolution 20.9.2021 (Roll20); mukana Hartsi, Marita, Ol-thum, Pravlam ja Psip
  12. #4-12: A Festive Operation 18.1.2021 (Roll20); mukana Ankor Fel, Anya Blackwing ja Mir
  13. Adventure Path #4: The Ruined Clouds Kricekillä 29.10-3.12.2020 (Roll20)
  14. #4-15: Feuding Faiths 11.4.2022 (Roll20); mukana Doctor Ragun, Kaiperhonen, Navasi, Ol-Thum ja Rair
  15. GM exp: #5-07: Planar Bloom Outpost VI: Strange-ish Things!, paizon foorumipeli 25.2.-23.5.2023
  16. #6-07: Race for the Dustwarren Cup 9.10.2023 (Roll20); mukana Doctor Ragun, Gran'nok, Serogen ja Tomas

Background Tass' Dar toimi nuorena ekoterroristijärjestössä ja kiinni jäätyään tuomittiin vankilaan. Ehdonalaiseen pääsy vaati sitoutumista työpalveluun, johon Tähdenetsijöiden seura hänet palkkasi. Ensimmäinen tehtävä oli retki Kulotähtiin, jonne jäätiin vangiksi vuoden ajaksi.

Seuraavat tasot:
10. Corrosive haze*, Death ward, Soul surge
11. Unsinkable caster

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