Knudepunkt 2007

Takes part in Helsinge, Denmark. Check the facts at

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  • The payment deadline is gone.
  • Sverok is organizing a bus trip from Stockholm to Helsinge.
    • Leaving 15.2. at 08 from the Stockholm City Terminal
    • Back in Stockholm 18.2. at 15:00
    • Price: one-way 300 SEK, return trip 400 SEK.
  • If you are interested, ask about contact details. --Pervilä 2007-01-18 22:56

Getting there

Please keep this page posted on how the situation changes. Be meticulous with the details, as they may change the prices and ticket possibilities quite a lot.


SAS is big in Denmark, and the cheapo flights we took in 2003 were flown by Blue1.

Currently the price is 158,69 EUR for the following flights: Sat 10.2.2006 - Sun 18.2.2006. Flight times are still quite flexible, but this will change as the dates get closer.

Buying via SAS' web site yields almost the same flights, but for a total price of over 200 EUR. There are less options for the cheapest flight from Helsinki to Copenhagen.


Currently the cheapest Finnair flight is 185,99 EUR, applies every day at the moment. - Heiccu

  • This price applies with the following conditions: outward flight on Thursday 15.02., return on Sunday 18.02.
  • Another possibility is flying outward on Friday 09.02, Saturday 10.02 or Sunday 11.02., return on Sunday 18.02.
  • There doesn't seem to be a discount if the traveller fits into the youth category (24 or less).
  • Finnair got currently some discounts, outward Sunday 11.2. and returning on Sunday 18.2. costed about 133 euros. Check under "messutarjous." There were also other possibilities. -Riffi


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The deadline is gone. Everybody who made is on this list: KP07Participants

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