Age: 40
Height: 6' 2" (188cm)
Weight: 249lb (113kg)
Faction: Silver Crusade

Male Human Fighter 2 / Vigilante 2 of Kols
Neutral Good Medium Humanoid (human)
Player Feuran

Init +1 (+1 dex)
Senses Perception -2

AC 17, touch 11, flat-footed 16; (+6 armor, +1 dex)
HP 36
Fort +5 (con +2, class +3, resistance +0)
Ref +4 (dex +1, class +3, resistance +0
Will +1 (wis -2, class +3, resistance +0)
Special Defenses

  • +1 vs. fear (bravery)
  • Permanent endure elements against heat (boon)
  • Can cast endure elements on self (boon)
  • Roll attack twice / gain temporary hp (boon)
  • Reroll any single 1d20 (boon)

Speed 30ft, with armor 20ft
Melee two-handed PA Earth Breaker (MW silver) +8 (2d6+13), /x3
Ranged 10ft. Throw Earth Breaker (MW silver) +2 (2d6+7), /x2
Melee one-handed PA Sibat +7 (1d6+9), /x3
Ranged Longbow +5 (1d8), x3

Str 20 (4th) Dex 13 Con 15 Int 14 Wis 7 Cha 7
Base Atk 4; CMB 8; CMD 19

  • Point-Blank Shot (human)
  • Two-Handed Thrower (1st)
  • Power Attack (fighter 1)
  • Far Shot (3th), You only suffer a –1 penalty per full range increment (instead of -2) when using a ranged weapon
  • Precise Shot (fighter 2)


  • Companion to the Lonely, see Notes (social 1)
  • Returning Weapon: Throwing Greatsword, see Notes (vigilante 2)

Skills ACP (-5)

SkillTotal bonusRanksMisc. mod.
Disable Device1043+2
Escape Artist513
Perform Acting213
Sleight of Hand613

Traits Strong Arm, Supple Wrist, Student of Philosophy
Languages Common, Auran, Celestial
RSQ Extra Feat, Skilled

  • Dual Identity, social -> NG Arnold Schwrznggr, vigilante -> NN mundane senile old man
    • Seamless Guise, +20 disguise to not appear as other identity, 1 min to change identity
  • Vigilante Specialization, Avenger (BAB=lvl)

On person:
In backpack: Kit, dungeoneering's, Grappling Hook, x5 Alchemist's Fire
Potions/Oils: Invisibility (in wrist), CLW (in wrist)
Wands: Infernal Healing, CLW
Ioun Stones:
Encumbrance x lb. without backpack, x lb. with backpack (x lb. light/x lb. medium/x lb. heavy)

Wondrous Items

  • Head
  • Headband
  • Face/Eyes
  • Neck
  • Shoulders
  • Chest
  • Body
  • Armor Four-Mirror
  • Belt
  • Wrist x2 Spring-loaded Wrist Sheat
  • Hand
  • Ring
  • Ring
  • Feet

Companion to the Lonely (Ex): Whether religiously motivated, as are followers of Arshea, Calistria, or helyn, or for purely carnal reasons, physical intimacy helps the vigilante cope with the loneliness of his double life. Once per day, the vigilante can spend at least 1 hour engaged in acts of physical pleasure with a willing partner to gain a pool of morale points equal to his Charisma bonus or his partner’s Charisma bonus, whichever is higher. For the next 24 hours, the vigilante can spend a morale point as an immediate action to roll a Charisma-based skill check or a Will saving throw again after rolling the die but before learning the consequences; he must take the second result even if it is lower.

Returning Weapon (Ex): The vigilante has a signature type of thrown weapon that returns to him. Choose a type of thrown weapon, such as throwing axes. Whenever the vigilante uses that type of weapon, it automatically returns as if it had the returning property. At 14th level, if the vigilante chose a type of thrown weapon that is treated as ammunition, such as shuriken, and buys a set of 50 magic ammunition of that type, he automatically replenishes them at no cost and never runs out. If he chose a non-ammunition thrown weapon instead, he can apply the magical properties of the first weapon he throws in a round to any non-magical thrown weapons of that type he throws that round. This allows him to make a full attack with the benefits of his magical thrown weapon, even though it only returns next round.


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