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Kuunvarjo "Moonshadow"

End is on it's way one way or another.

Cleric of Count Ranalc / Occult Sorcerer 5
Player Swyrlyn (112455-2007)
Pathfinder Training: Spells: 3

Ancestry Sprite, Background Former Aspis Agent
Speed 20, Perception +13••
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Languages Common, Sylvan, Draconic

Str 8, Dex 16, Con 14
Int 12, Wis 19, Cha 16

AC 21; (+1 armor, +3 Dex, 2+5 trained)(+2 shield)
HP 56 (Sprite 6, Cleric (8x5=40), Con 10)
Fort +11••, Ref +12••, Will +13••
Special Defenses

Melee Dagger +10 1d4-1 P (Agile, Finesse, Thrown 10 ft., Versatile S)
Special Attacks Spell Attack +11 or +10

Divine Spells (Cleric)
3rd (2/day) — Concordant Choir ◆-◆◆◆, Heal ◆-◆◆◆, Harmful Font: 4xHarm:◆-◆◆◆
2nd (3/day) — Concordant Choir ◆-◆◆◆, Sound Burst ◆◆, Heal ◆-◆◆◆1st (3/day) — Fear ◆◆, Healx2 ◆-◆◆◆
Cantrips (lvl 2) — Chill Touch◆◆, Daze◆◆, Disrupt Undead◆◆, Shield◆, Stabilize ◆◆
Spell Attack +11• , DC 21•
Primal Spells (Sorcerer)
Cantrips (lvl 2) — Detect Magic, Telekinetic projectile
Spell Attack +10•• , DC 20••

Sorrow Domain Spells Focus pool: 1
1st - Lament ◆◆ (30 ft cone): You let out your negative emotions in a guttural wail that shakes your enemies’ hearts and deals 1d8 mental damage (basic Will save). If you have any harmful conditions imposed by emotion effects, lament deals additional mental damage equal to the counteract level of the highest-level effect.


  • Acrobatics(Dex) +10• - Cleric Class skill
  • Arcana(Int)
  • Athletics(Str)
  • Crafting(Int)
  • Deception(Cha) +10• - Background
  • Diplomacy(Cha) +10• - Cleric Class skill
  • Intimidation(Cha) +13•• - Sorcerer Dedication
  • Aspis Consortium Lore Lore(Int) +8• - Background
  • Academia Lore (Int) +8• - Pathfinder Training
  • Medicine(Wis) +13•• - Cleric Class skill
  • Nature(Wis) +11• - Sorcerer Dedication
  • Occultism(Int)
  • Performance(Cha)
  • Religion(Wis) +11• - Cleric Class skill
  • Society(Int)
  • Stealth(Dex) +10• - Cleric Class skill
  • Survival(Wis)
  • Thievery(Dex)


  • Ancestry Feats:
  • Corgi Mount(1): The smallest of fey have ridden corgis as mounts since time immemorial, leading to a pattern on corgis' backs called a “faerie saddle.” You have formed a magical connection with a corgi that can serve as your mount. Your corgi familiar is Small rather than Tiny, and it's appropriate for use as your mount, unlike most familiars. It has the scent ability, which counts against your limit for familiar and master abilities as normal. Furthermore, it can never gain a familiar ability that grants it any Speeds other than a land Speed. If you're a pixie, you can't ride a corgi due to your Size, but you can take this feat to gain a corgi familiar.
  • ??(5):
    Cleric Feats:
  • Domain Initiate (1): Your deity bestows a special spell related to their powers. Select one domain (Sorrow) —a subject of particular interest to you within your religion—from your deity's list. You gain an initial domain spell for that domain, a spell unique to the domain and not available to other clerics. Each domain's theme and domain spells can be found here.
  • Sorcerer Decication (2): Choose a bloodline (Shadow). You become trained in the bloodline's two skills; for each of these skills in which you were already trained, you become trained in a skill of your choice.
  • You cast spells like a sorcerer. You gain access to the Cast a Spell activity. You gain a spell repertoire with two common cantrips from the spell list associated with your bloodline, from the spells granted by your bloodline, or any other cantrips of that tradition you learn or discover. You're trained in spell attack rolls and spell DCs for your tradition's spells. Your key spellcasting ability for sorcerer archetype spells is Charisma, and they are sorcerer spells of your bloodline's tradition. You don't gain any other abilities from your choice of bloodline.
  • Sorcerer Dedication: Basic Blood Potency -> Dangerous Sorcery (4): Your legacy grants you great destructive power. When you Cast a Spell from your spell slots, if the spell deals damage and doesn’t have a duration, you gain a status bonus to that spell’s damage equal to the spell’s level.
    General Feats:
  • Canny Acumen (3): Reflex save to expert.
    Skill Feats:
  • Group Coercion (1):
  • Intimidating glare (2):
  • Continual Recovery (4):
  • Assurance: Medicine (PFS School)
    Class Features: 1 Ancestry and background, initial proficiencies, deity (Count Ranalc), divine spellcasting, divine font (harmful), doctrine (Cloistered Cleric), 2 Cleric feat, skill feat

Bulk Limit: 4 || Worn + Weapons = 4 || All = 5
Weapons Dagger(L)
At the Lodge


Bandolier, 1sp Adventurer's Pack, 7sp, 2 Healer's Tools, 5gp, 1 Dagger, 2sp, L Light Mace, 4sp, L

The smallest of fey have ridden corgis as mounts since time immemorial, leading to a pattern on corgis' backs called a “faerie saddle.”
Size Small
AC 21
Hit Points: 25 or 35 if Tough
Fort +11••, Ref +12••, Will +13••
Senses low-light vision, scent (imprecise, 30 feet)
Speed 25 feet

  • Pelatut pelit:
    • 1: AP #153 Level 2
    • 2: #2-19: Enter the Pallid Peak Level 2.1
    • 3: Module: Troubles In Otari Level 3.1
    • 4: #2-23 An Agent's Obligation
    • 5: #3-02 The East Hill Haunting Level 4
    • 6: #3-03 Echoes of Desparation
    • 7: #3-05 Inheritor's Rite
    • 8: #3-10 Delve the Pallid Depths Level 5
    • 9: #3-13 Guardian’s Covenant

Exp: 48

Edicts Work in shadows, hide your nature and motives, plot betrayals or revenge for betrayals Anathema Ask for forgiveness, create permanent or long-lasting sources of light Areas of Concern exiles, shadows, betrayal, and the betrayed

  • Divine Ability Dexterity or Charisma
  • Divine Font harm or heal
  • Divine Skill Stealth
  • Favored Weapon rapier
  • Domains confidence, darkness, sorrow, travel
  • Cleric Spells 1st: penumbral shroud, 4th: private sanctum, 5th: shadow walk
  • Walking Cauldron

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