Kalloja Kahleet -hahmot

Aurinko Kaikennäkö

Male Undine0 Half-elf Elemental Wizard (water) 14
NE Medium Outsider (native) Humanoid Human Elf

Init +7 (+4 feat, +3 dex)
Senses Perception +5, Low-light vision

AC 19, touch 14, flat-footed 16; (+3 armor, +3 dex, +1 deflection, +2 natural)
HP 128 (14d6 +56 con +13 fc)
Fort +13 (con +4, class +4, res +5)
Refl +12 (dex +3, class +4, res +5)
Will +17 (wis +3, class +9, res +5)
Special Defences: 1/day reroll charm or compulsion; immune to magical sleep; +2 v. enchantment

Speed 30ft, swim speed 30ft
Melee mwk dagger +5 1d4-1 (19-20)
Ranged Ray of frost +10 1d3
Cold blast 1d6+7 cold + staggered 10/day ref DC 24
Wave4 7/day

Spells usually prepared (CL 14, SR +16, Concentration +22|+26)| +2 when Fireball
7th (3+1) (DC 25) - Empowered Intensified Dragon's breath (14d6x1,5) [DC 24], Greater arcane sight, Prismatic spray [DC 27], Steam ray fusillade [DC 27]
6th (4+1) (DC 24) - Empowered Intensified Fireball (15d6 x1,5) [DC 23], Cold ice strike [DC 26], Greater dispel magic, Cosmic Ray, Freezing sphere
5th (4+1) (DC 23) - Cone of cold [DC 25] (2), Overland flight, Communal stoneskin, Teleport
4th (6+1) (DC 22) - Empowered Scorching ray, Intensified (15d6) Fireball [DC 23] x2, Dragon's breath [DC 24], Communal protection from energy, Dimension door, Ride the waves
3rd (6+1) (DC 21) - Fireball [DC 23] (3), Dispel Magic, Protection from energy, Heroism, Water breathing
2nd (6+1) (DC 20) - Scorching ray, Resist energy, Mirror image (2), Glitterdust, See invisibility, Investigative mind
1st (6+1) (DC 19) - Magic missile (2), Shield (2), Hydraulic push, Mage armor (2)
Cantrips (DC 16) - Ray of frost, Detect magic, Read Magic, Mage hand

Spells known

  • 7th: Prismatic Spray, Steam ray fusillade, Greater arcane sight
  • 6th: Cold ice strike, Greater dispel magic, Freezing sphere, Cosmic ray, Disintegrate
  • 5th: Cone of cold, Overland flight, Communal stoneskin, Teleport, Feeblemind, Shadow evocation,
  • 4th: Dragon's breath, Dimension door, Summon monster IV, Confusion, Resilient sphere, Solid fog, Fleshworm infestation, Ride the waves, Detonate, Volcanic storm, Charm monster, Grtr. invisibility, Arcane eye, Bestow curse, Enervation, Phantasmal killer, Communal protection from energy
  • 3rd: Protection from energy, Fireball, Fly, Spiked pit, Summon monster III, Slow, Stinking cloud, Tiny hut, Animate dead (lesser), Unlife current, Water breathing, Dispel magic, Hold person, Ray of exhaustion, Vampiric touch, Heroism
  • 2nd: Flurry of snowballs, Bull's strenght, Invisibility, Resist energy, Mirror image, See invisibility, Command undead, Glitterdust, Acid Arrow, Scorching Ray, Summon monster II, Invisibility, False life, Create treasure map, Hideous laughter, Investigative mind
  • 1st: Burning hands, Mage armor, Magic missile, Hydraulic push, Break, Grease, Invisible servant, Shield, Identify, Interrogation, Summon monster I
  • Cantrips: all (but not Spark)

Str 11 Dex (17) 13 Con (19) 15 Int (24) 20 Wis 16 Cha 10
Base Atk 7; CMB +7 CMD 20
Feats Spell focus (evocation), Stealthy, Steam caster, Combat casting, Greater spell focus (evocation), Improved iniative, Spell penetration, Spell specialization: Fireball, Racial Heritage (Human) [undine], Skill focus: UMD, Opposition research, Intensify Spell, Empower spell


  • Acrobatics
  • Appraise +12 (1)
  • Bluff
  • Climb
  • Craft carpentry +26 (14)
  • Diplomacy
  • Disable device
  • Disguise
  • Escape artist +21 (14)
  • Fly +7 (1)
  • Handle animal
  • Heal +21 (14)
  • Intimidate
  • Knowledge (arcana) +25 (14)
  • Knowledge (dungeoneering) +25 (14)
  • Knowledge (engineering) +12 (1)
  • Knowledge (geography) +12 (1)
  • Knowledge (history) +19 (8)
  • Knowledge (local) +12 (1)
  • Knowledge (nature) +25 (14)
  • Knowledge (nobility) +12 (1)
  • Knowledge (planes) +25 (14)
  • Knowledge (religion) +12 (1)
  • Linguistics +25 (14)
  • Perception +5
  • Perform
  • Profession
  • Ride
  • Sense motive +17 (14)
  • Sleight of hand
  • Spellcraft +25 (14)
  • Stealth +5
  • Survival
  • Swim +5
  • Use magic device +20 (14)

Traits Ship's surgeon1 Water Shaping2 Oathboundb
Languages Common, Aquan, Ignan, Terran, Auran, Aklo, Goblin, Polyglot, Infernal, Abyssal, Draconic, Celestial, Cyclops, Ancient osirian, Sylvan, Tengu, Aboleth, Elven, Azlant, Strix, Nekril, Halfling, Kelish, Osiriani
SQ Helf stuff, Arcane bond (volcanic rock)

On person: Healer's kit, Handy haversack
In backpack:
Scrolls: Alter self, Blur, Colorspray, Daylight, Touch of idiocy, Fly (2), Life bubble
Wands: Produce flame (45), Gust of wind (6)
Miscs: Hospitality's hammock, Pearl of power I, Lesse exted rod
Ioun Stones:

Wondrous Items

  • Head
  • Headband Headband of vast intelligence +6 (UMD, Escape artist, Sense motive, Cyclops, Strix)
  • Face/Eyes
  • Neck Amulet of natural armor +2
  • Shoulders Cloak of resistance +5
  • Chest
  • Body
  • Armor
  • Belt Mighty constitution & dexterity +4/+4
  • Wrist
  • Hand Bracers of armor +3
  • Ring Ring of Protection +1
  • Ring Ring of the iron skull
  • Feet


  • 0
  • 1 You have spent time discovering the ways how water makes its ways around humanoid bodies and even innocent beings of flora and fauna. With a knife. A sharp knife.
  • 2 You know how to bend waters will and make it your slave. Whenever you cast a spell or use a spell-like ability that has the cold or water descriptor and affects an area, you can choose one square within the area. The spell or spell-like ability does not affect that square or creatures in it.
  • b You have made a solemn oath, and you pursue that oath with headstrong determination. Once per day, you may reroll a saving throw against a charm or compulsion effect. You must take the second result even if it is worse.

Things to buy


  1. World domination
  2. Profit
  3. ??? (Possibly a super-volcano)
  4. All water dies

4Wave (Su): At 8th level, you can create a wave of water that starts at your location and moves 30 feet per round away from you in a direction of your choosing. Creatures struck by the wave might be knocked down and pushed away. Make a caster level check against the CMD of each creature struck. If you succeed, the creature is knocked prone. If your check exceeds the CMD of the creature by 5 or more, it is carried with the wave during the wave's movement this round. You receive a +5 bonus on this check if the creature shares its space with the wave at the start of your turn (when the wave moves). Creatures carried in this way can move out of the wave on their turn if they succeed on a Strength check (DC = 10 + 1/2 your caster level + your Intelligence modifier), but they cannot breathe while sharing space with the wave. The wave is up to 20 feet high and up to 5 feet long for each wizard level you possess. Nonmagical fires hit by the wave are automatically extinguished. Magical fire effects are unaffected. You can use this ability for a number of rounds per day equal to 1/2 your wizard level.

Kylmä, pimeä; ei toivoa. Aurinko antoi lämmön. Aurinko toi valon. Aurinko antoi tehtävän. Kylmästä vedestä on sinun noustava, kaivosta kohti valoa kiivettävä. Kylmät ja liukkaat kivet kosteuden, veden peitossa. Kylmä kuu nauramassa. Haastamassa. Julmat pilvet peittämässä valon ja lämmön. Vaan aurinko näkee. Pilvet tuovat sateen, jälleen vesi. Aurinko tuo elämän. Pilvet ovat veden haamu. Vesi on kuolemaa. Kaiken veden on kuoltava. Aavikko on puhdas vedestä, valtameri on saastan lähde. Valtameren on kuoltava.

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